How Much Does A MAACO Paint Job Cost?

Last Updated on May 24, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

The paint on your car is the element that gives the identity of the vehicle. And it is the main feature by which we recognize a car. But, most of the time, the car’s paint is overlooked and considered an element of the car that does not require attention. But nothing could be further from the truth. Cars have been painted since their existence in the 1875s. Even steam vehicles built a century earlier were painted. And that’s because people have realized that metal, if not protected, will rust.

MAACO is a car shop where you can get your vehicle painted by a professional at an affordable cost. There are more than 500 MAACO locations all over the world.

How Much Does A MAACO Paint Job Cost?

The cost of a MAACO paint job is anywhere between $320 and $1,550 and would depend on the size of the car and the complexity of the job. The costs can be even higher if your vehicle is in really bad condition and needs great paint services which translates into bigger labor costs. On the other hand, the average cost of a basic painting/coating package should not cost more than $310 to $550.

Factors that affect the MAACO car paint job costs

There are several factors that will affect the amount of money you are going to pay in order to get your car painted at a MACCO car shop. We are going to talk about each of these in the following lines.

Selected package

You can choose between three different paint packages at MAACO. The cheapest is the basic one. With this one, you will refresh the topmost coating of your car. The most preferred is the upgraded package as the paint quality is slightly adjusted to make the vehicle more resistant to scratches and chafing.

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MAACO’s premium paint job package offers more longevity and accuracy and involves a dual-stage paint job. Also, it has the prettiest outward appearance, but it is the most expensive.

Type of vehicle

It is obvious the cost of a car painting will be different than the cost of a truck painting. As there are different types of vehicles, these will need different types of treatment and aftercare. You can expect to pay less or more, depending on the type of vehicle. For instance, it would be much cheaper to paint a car than a truck because the sheer surface area is smaller.

It would be more affordable to paint a Ford Mustang than a Chevy. Also, Toyotas or Hondas are cheaper to paint compared to the first two because these don’t need any special treatment. However, regardless of the type of your car, you will have to spend at least $310.

Outward appearance

A key part of the paint job is the outward appearance. You may want to add some additional artistic aspects to the original coating and these will come at an additional cost.

Also, you will need to pay more if you want to change the original color of your car while repainting because multiple coatings will be necessary to cover the first color.

The overall cost will be influenced by the quality and color of the auto paint as well.

The rarity of the vehicle

The cost of a paint job will be higher for the classic Ford Mustang or Chevy, than the usual Toyota or Mitsubishi. Though, if you own a pricey car you may be able to save some money for the painting work with your insurance. Contact your car insurance company and ask about what and how much is covered.

Getting recycled parts

If you need to do some repairs to your car, take into consideration purchasing recycled parts. For example, MAACO may offer a recycled but completely functional bumper at half the cost.

The quality of the vehicle

The quality of your car will affect the cost as well. In case your vehicle is somewhat damaged, it should be repaired before painting. So, be prepared to be charged extra by MACCO for the grunt work.

If the vehicle is in very good condition, then the professionals will get right to the paint job.

Repair work

As we already mentioned, the cost of the painting will be affected by the repairs that need to be done beforehand. If there are only a few blemishes or scratches, the cost will not be influenced that much. But if there are many hidden body damages you may have to spend a lot of money and time.

Consecutive package discounts

In case you need to make more repairs and improvements to your car at once, you can do all of them at a MAACO service. They may even offer a discount for contracting multiple packages and this way you can save some money.

The cost of the MAACO paint service by type of car

MAACO charges differently depending on the make and model of the car, its size, and its rarity. This is where we are going to talk about the paint job costs for various types of vehicles.

Sports cars

After a MAACO Paint JobSports cars require special services and care as these are full of technicalities. In these situations, regular paint jobs will not even cover the bare minimum. Expect to spend more than $1,000 for a sports car paint job at MAACO because it needs a rust-proof and scratch-proof exterior finish.


As these vehicles are much larger, the cost of the MAACO paint job will be higher in this case. The minimum cost for painting an SUV would be $500 to $600. In case you need to do some additional repairs, the cost may rise to $1,000.


These vehicles are stylish and sleek and require a proper glossy finish to maintain that appearance.

If you own a Sedan, you should go for the premium package and get that extra glossy look. Plan on spending anywhere between $350 and $850 to paint your Sedan.

Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles are part of the company’s image and need to look impeccable all the time. Expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 for a luxurious finish and aftercare services.

Commute vehicles

You don’t need to spend too much on painting a commute vehicle as you use it every day for commuting services. Plan on spending $300 to $450 to make your regular Toyota or Honda look decent again.

Prices of a DIY Paint Job

Getting Appropriate Materials

You will need certain materials in order to paint your car on your own. These cost anywhere between $350 and $450, or even more, and include:

  • Glass cleaner;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Paint roller;
  • Enamel paint;
  • Spray paint;
  • Rust stripper;
  • Masking tapes;
  • Powder sander;
  • Expandable clothing/towels;
  • Glue dissolver;
  • Quality fillers;
  • Proper gloves;
  • New paint maskers;
  • Goggles and masks.

Rust removal

It is impossible for the car to be perfect after several years of use. Rust stains, sheet corrugations, or other defects are very natural. The removal of rust is done with great care, so as to remove absolutely all traces of wear that appear in this way.


After the dust removal, you should apply the primer. You must follow the instructions on the label when doing this. For best results, it is best to apply three coats of primer, then wait 12 hours for drying.


Sand the surface and apply the urethane paint coats. Sanding can continue even after the paint layers have been applied, as imperfections may occur. A bucket of clean water is extremely necessary for the sanding process, as occasional cleaning of the sandpaper is required.

Apply the paint

According to specialists, it is good to apply several coats of paint, so as to reach the desired color. After applying all the layers, the car is left to dry for at least 24 hours. Later, the car can be reassembled, a process that is often much more difficult than disassembly.


It is the final stage and has the role of ensuring the shiny appearance of the car. Also, the role of the protective layer is to protect the body car. For successful varnishing, this must be done in 2 successive layers, generous in terms of the amount of varnish.

Obviously, all these steps take several hours or days and are very detailed, involving a lot of other actions. That’s why a paint shop is always the right choice.

Should I paint the car by myself or hire a pro to paint a car?

You can paint your car at home yourself, but the results will not be the same as when you get your car pained by a professional.

MACCO offers quality and may save you money in the end if you don’t have all the necessary materials for the DIY project.

Moreover, MAACO offers five years warranty for the premium packages and one year warranty for the basic packages. Also, they offer proper insurance and if anything goes wrong during the painting process, they are obligated to pay you compensation.

In case you need a car while yours is in service, MAACO has a rental car program that may help you. Also, they offer towing services for their clients. So, they can send a truck to pick up the car from you and return it after it is painted.


How Can I Ensure The Longevity Of The MAACO Paint Job On My Car?

If you want to ensure the longevity of the MAACO paint job on your car you should go for waxing. This little trick is simple but effective and should be done 4 to 6 months after the painting.

The procedure must be repeated every three to four months.

Is It Worth It To Invest In Paint Maskers?

Yes, it would be a good idea to invest in paint maskers because they will make the difference between a crispy clean and a sloppy paint job. You will avoid making a big mess during the painting process.

Can I Use Any Type Of Wax For Aftercare?

It is recommended to use only automotive wax for the aftercare sessions. For example, MAACO uses Mothers for waxing.

Does The MAACO Paint Cost depend On The Type Of Paint?

Yes, MAACO charges differently depending on the type and quality of the paint.

How Important Is It To Prepare The Car Personally In Advance?

It is very important to prepare the car personally before painting if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You can clean your car and do the grunt work yourself to save on your final costs.

Why Is MAACO Cheaper Than Similar Servicing Companies?

Cheaper is not the right word to use here, but affordable. MACCO has lower costs compared to other car shops thanks to their regional popularity and well-spread reputation. Moreover, they offer many car services, which bring down the overall costs.

On Average, How Long Does It Take To Paint A Car Or Truck At MAACO?

It would take two to three business days for a simple paint job, but if grunt work is involved the whole procedure may take three to five days. Also, if heavy reconstruction and repairing work are required, it would take much longer.


If you would like to paint your car you should definitely go to a MAACO service because their prices are affordable and their professional workers will make sure that your car will look brand-new.

Car painting is only not necessarily due to the desire to change the color of the car, but due to the appearance of defects such as rust stains or body car scratches. Car painting is a complex process that requires a lot of attention and professionalism. All stages must be considered and their order must be respected in order to obtain the long-awaited result and quality work.

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    Iv’e been watching recent utube videos, and read articles about people getting $ 500, $700, and up simple paint jobs at Maaco. { no body work, or next to none} but when I called the office the other day, he told me that the least expensive would be about $1,700 dollars. People showed step by step videos of their cars being done for $ 500 TO $ 900. THESE WERE RECENT JOBS , LIKE A MONTH OR TWO AGO. The man on the phone said that those prices are from years ago. I now that he is wrong, because of all the utube people showing their paint jobs , and what they paid for it.


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