Blue Marlin Fish Cost

How Much Does Marlin Fish Cost?

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Marlin fish is a ferocious predator, recognizable by its fine, scaleless skin, crescent-shaped tail fin, and sword-shaped elongated jaw. It can reach 20 feet in length and weigh over 1760 pounds. Its name comes from Greek and Latin (fish and sword).

This fish lives in temperate tropical waters in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, where they can be found on the surface at depths of 1805 feet. A common Marlin fish reaches lengths of 10 feet.

People are not that interested in the price of Marlin fish because this is not often served in restaurants or at a family dinner. This is because Marlin fish contains unhealthy levels of mercury, plus other toxins that may affect human health.

How Much Does Marlin Fish Cost?

One pound of marlin fish costs around $32,000, but this price is typically associated with fishing competitions rather than commercial sales. Marlin meat is not often served in restaurants or at family dinners due to its high levels of mercury and other toxins. However, it’s a prized catch for fishermen.

This isn’t a fixed price even in competitions, as catching a certain type of marlin while competing could give it a value of up to $2 million. These high prices are influenced by the fact that it is very hard to fish a Marlin, this species has an endangered status, but also the fact that many fishing competitions offer high prizes for catching this type of fish.

There are four main species of Marlin fish: Striped, Blue, White, and Black.

The cost of Marlin fish by type

Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin fish can be found in the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Compared to Blue or Black Marlin this type prefers colder waters. In almost 80% of the videos where you can see a Marlin jumping, it is a Striped Marlin as this type likes to jump in the air more compared to the other species.

This Marlin fish is not available for sale, and the only price you can expect to pay which is related to this fish is the one you pay for the experience to catch the fish.

Because it is rare to catch, the costs will be higher compared to the other types of Marlin fish.

The price of a catch fishing trip is almost $1,550 per day. In case the angler is lucky enough to catch a fish then they will have to pay additional fees to the boat owner because of their efforts to help them with fish catching.

Blue Marlin

Compared to other types of Marlin fish, the Blue one tends to swim deeper. Its weight is around 300lb and the price is similar to the one already mentioned above ($32,000 per pound).

White Marlin

White Marlin fish prefers tropical waters and can be found in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. This type is very fast and weighs around 220lb.

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Similar to the Striped species, the only available price for this fish is the one related to the fishing catch trips that cost around $1,550 per day.

Black Marlin Cost

The Black Marlin fish can be found in the waters of the Pacific and tropical Indian oceans. Compared to the Blue Marlin, Black Marlin is bigger. This fish weighs around 1,600lb and some fish from this species were caught in Mozambique, Australia, and Panama.

Black Marlin fish can not be found on the market either, and the only costs related to it are the ones for catching fish trips.

Expect to pay around $1,550 per day for a catching fish trip in a place like Canada or Costa Rica, but without any guarantee that you will catch a fish.

Marlin fishing prices by country

The cost of fishing for this fish in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is located pretty far away from the African coast and thanks to this you will have more chances to catch a Blue Marlin there.

There aren’t all that many charter boats available for catching fish trips, so the cost will be a little bit high. The cost of a full-day trip is around $1,350, while for a 4-hour trip, you will have to pay around $800.

Marlin fishing cost in Honolulu

Blue Marlin in WaterYou are already extremely lucky if you are in Honolulu as there are so many wonderful places to see and if you like fishing you should go for a catching fish trip.

The price of trips made to catch Marlin fish in Honolulu depends on the amount of time you want to stay fishing and the size of the boat. Plan on spending anywhere between $550 and $950 for a 6 to 9 hours catching Marlin fish trip in Hawaii.

Fishing cost for Marlins in New Zealand

The most caught type of Marlin in New Zealand is the Striped Marlin and it is also considered the hardest to catch.

Here the costs of trips for catching fish are much lower compared to other geographical areas. Expect to pay around $190 for a 4-hours trip. If you are a fisherman or you just like the adventure plan on spending around $7,100 for a 3-days trip offered by some boat charters.

Marlin fishing cost in Mexico

The Marlin fishing season in Mexico starts in March and ends in July. Here you will have to pay around $550 for a 6-hour trip of catching fish. In some cases, the boats will come with extra services such as cooking, for which you will have to pay an additional price.

The cost of fishing for this fish in Panama

The cost of a catching fish trip in Panama is around $680 for seven hours, but if you like to have some privacy you can rent a boat for yourself for around $830.

The minimum price of a smaller boat charter is around $410 for a 4-hour trip, while the maximum price can go up to $750 for a 7-hour trip.

Marlin fishing cost in Miami

If you are in Miami and think about going fishing Marlin, plan on spending around $710 for a 4-hour sports fishing trip, $920 for 6 hours, and $1,250 for ten hours of fishing.

Fishing costs for Marlins in Australia

The best places to catch Marlin fish in Australia are Port Stephens and Sydney. Here you can find some of the black or blue marlins.

The costs of catching fish trips here are a little bit higher, but taking into consideration the great chances to catch a Marlin it will all be worth the price. Be prepared to pay around $920 for a 6-hour trip, around $1,350 for a 10-hour trip, and around $2,550 for a full day and overnight stay.

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