Marmoset Monkey Cost

Marmoset Monkey Cost

If in the past purse puppies were the most coveted pets, now the hierarchy has changed. The marmoset monkey is the size of a finger and wreaks havoc all over the world.

This tiny, hyperactive primate is the smallest monkey in the world – a squatting marmoset monkey would fit in a man’s palm. The marmoset lives in the dense bushes and dense vegetation at the lower level of the forest, hiding from predators such as other monkeys, forest cats, hawks, and snakes.

They are exceptionally agile and, despite their small size, can jump up to 16 feet.

How much does a marmoset monkey cost?

Some of the factors that determine how much a Marmoset monkey costs are if it is male or female, its age, and where you get it from. On average, the price for these monkeys starts somewhere at $720 and goes to as high as $4,600 depending on all of the above-mentioned aspects.

Themonkeywhisperer.com sells baby male and female marmoset monkeys for the cost of $2,550 each.

Another breeder with prices listed online is Jandaexotics.com, which sells Marmoset monkeys for the price of around $2,550 as well.

If you’re interested in buying a Marmoset monkey, CannonAds.com is the place to go. The website has listings for exotic creatures like Marmosets that cost between $630 and $1,570 depending on how old they are.

Marmoset details

When buying a monkey in most cases it will be only eight weeks old.

It is important to be aware that most monkeys come with certain requirements. For example, they need to be fed by hand for about two months until they can feed on their own.

Before you take a monkey home, it’s important to know that they live up to 15 years and require lots of attention. They should be dewormed and raised by hand with the intention of socializing them well for their entire life. The breeder will also provide all necessary materials such as food samples or hand-feeding materials, but in addition, an owner should provide support once purchased, which is crucial.

Most Marmoset monkey males and females are within the average range of 10 to 16 ounces in weight. Both genders tend to be around seven inches long when fully grown.

The miniature monkey feeds on insects, berries, and tree bark. They are a master of camouflage and their fur is a combination of colors, especially yellow, brown, and green.

What are the extra costs?

Taking care of a marmoset is not always cheap. In fact, on average you can expect to spend between $20 and $35 every week to feed your new pet. When it comes to diet, captive monkeys usually eat baby cereal, yogurt, or formula mixed with monkey-specific protein powder.

A small cage can cost as little as $120 to a maximum of around $350, and the price will depend on its size. A typical recommended cage size is at least 7` x 7` x 4`.

The cost of a hammock for the cage is somewhere around $45.

Like human babies, monkeys also need to be potty trained. This means that the diapers will cost around $25 – $45 per month just like in the case of a baby.

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For a Marmoset monkey, it is important to have lots of activities because they love being stimulated. To keep your pet entertained you can include toys in the cage and around the home.

If you can’t find the time to take care of your monkey during the day, consider hiring someone who is qualified. A professional will usually charge somewhere between $25 and $45 per visit.

If you choose to purchase the pet online, it will cost around $250 for shipping.

Monkeys are cute, but they can also be expensive. The vet bills may only cost $320 to $550 a year if you have a healthy monkey; however, the costs increase drastically with other problems such as diabetes that monkeys sometimes suffer from.

Interesting things to consider

If you want to buy a marmoset monkey, do not purchase one from an unlicensed breeder. The licensed ones will usually keep the parents on premises during breeding and know how to tether train your new pet.

Marmoset SpecimenMonkeys are one of the most popular pets. They come in all shapes and sizes. You should know that marmoset monkeys have their own food that you should only feed them if they’re your pet. You can buy this kind of specialized monkey food from a specialty store or online – just don’t expect to find it at regular grocery stores.

Though marmosets are seen as exotic pets, it is important to know they need social interactions. They should not be kept in isolation because it can lead them to become very sick and even die over time.

When a marmoset is sexually active, it can become aggressive.

As an exotic pet owner, it is important to find a veterinarian with experience dealing with animals like marmosets. Before picking up your monkey take it in for a check-up at the vet’s office so you receive the health warranty when signing over ownership of your marmoset.

If you want to buy a marmoset monkey, make sure your Class 3 Personal Permit is in hand as the permit application can take up to three days.

The legality of owning this type of animal varies by location. Proceed with caution and make sure it’s allowed in your area before purchasing one.

Questions to ask a potential breeder

Before bringing my marmoset monkey home, could you spay the scent glands?

What kind of vaccination is necessary?

Can the Marmoset monkey live along with other animals?

Can you offer support in obtaining the Class 3 personal pet permit?

How can I save money?

To get your Marmoset monkey, purchase it in the US. It’s illegal to import monkeys from outside of the country since 1976; don’t break this law. Monkeys are also protected and they can only be sold by USDA-licensed breeders so you need to make sure that when purchasing a pet like this one, they’re coming with all their health documents and paperwork ready.

With a bit of haggling, you might be able to get a good deal from the breeder.

You should never take on free monkeys. They are more trouble than they’re value.

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