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Last Updated on February 26, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Originally created in the United States, the home of powerful engines and imposing cars, the Monster Truck is the ultimate off-road vehicle for which there are no obstacles.

If in the early days of this branch of motorsport, in the ’80s, a monster truck was a simple production vehicle with a modified chassis, suspension, and engine, the evolution of technology and the potential for advertising revolutionized the field. Thus, we are currently talking about trucks built from scratch, with expensive technologies and generous sponsors, the adrenaline caused by the races over piles of dirt, and the crushing of cars in front of the crowd being of maximum interest to the public.

How Much Does a Monster Truck Cost?

Expect to pay a lot of money for a monster truck as every aspect related to these vehicles is really expensive.

In general, a monster truck costs about $255,000. This great sum of money is because of the components from which it is built. For instance, the body design costs around $52,000, and for the engine, you will have to pay almost $43,000. The costs related to maintenance are also pretty high.

Compared to your average truck, the monster truck is wider and bigger, so every aspect related to this vehicle will be larger.

You will never see an exact cost for a new or used monster truck. There are some drivers who put their monster trucks on sale, but most of the drivers prefer to build their own monster trucks in order to save some money.

Average people will not be able to afford a monster truck that has all the premium sets of characteristics. Professional drivers invest large sums of money into their monster vehicles.

The cost of a larger size monster truck

If we are taking a look at all of the components and accessories of a larger size monster truck, we can observe that these all are large in size and that justifies the high costs.

This great vehicle will need a lot of strength to move, so only for the engine, you will have to pay around $43,000, depending on the quality.

If you are buying a new truck, you will not have to worry about this cost, but if you are thinking about building your own truck you will have to consider a lot of independent costs, but it will be more powerful.

It is not easy to find the perfect components for a monster truck and drivers spend almost half of their life getting information about these vehicles and the way they work. However, building the monster truck yourself will be cheaper than buying a new one already made.

Different costs related to the monster truck

The weight of a normal monster truck will be anywhere between 9,000 and 12,000 pounds. Its body’s weight is very important on the tracks because if it is too large the vehicle will not perform very well.

The monster truck will be faster if it will not be that heavy, plus it will be easier to drive.

If a pre-made monster truck has a fixed body quality, weight, and performance, a monster truck made by you will have customized features and, probably will look much better.

The cost of the monster truck engine

The fuel consumption of a normal monster truck is around 2.5 gallons of methanol per 250 ft. You will have to change the engine of a professional monster truck five times a year. Expect to pay around $43,000 for an engine.

The cost of the monster truck body

The material a monster truck is made of is fiberglass. Be prepared to spend around $52,000 for the initial body design. If you would like to remake the body then you will have to spend another $3,500 on average. Also, many companies charge large sums of money for custom-made frames.

The cost of the tires for a monster truck

The average size of a monster truck tire should be 66 inches tall and 43 inches wide. Only one monster truck will need around eight pairs of tires each year. These tires can be customized in order to adapt to the conditions of the ground, but their lifespan depends on the driver. However, most of the tires will resist around 50 hours. Be prepared to spend anywhere between $2,200 and $3,500 for the monster truck tires.

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The cost of the monster truck shocks

The majority of the monster trucks use nitrogen gas shocks and most of them use two shocks for tires, but there are also some that use only one gas shock. One normal shock package will contain a spring and a call-over shock kit. Expect to pay around $1,300 for every normal monster truck shock.

The cost of the monster truck paint

You will have to paint the body of the monster truck in order to cover and protect the fiberglass. Now, you have the possibility to draw any specialized artwork or add logos, but it will add to the final costs. Though, expect to pay around $3,800 if you want to paint a monster truck. There are drivers who choose to use vinyl labels in order to cover the body of the monster truck.

The costs presented above are related to building a monster truck yourself, from scratch. It gives you the possibility to customize this vehicle according to your preferences. Moreover, it will look cooler and most probably will be more performant. Its strength depends on the pieces installed on it, and as these are all customized its performance will be improved.

What are the extra costs?

There are some other costs related to a monster truck besides the ones already mentioned above, which are pretty high for an average person.

In general, these costs are hidden and are never brought into discussions when people are talking about monster trucks. But there are some costs and fees that should be taken care of if you want your monster truck to work properly.

Professional drivers take care of their vehicles every day before taking them out for a run. As this is a large vehicle the maintenance costs will be large as well.

The maintenance costs of a monster truck

Superman Monster TruckMonster trucks are not made to be driven on normal roads, but on terrains with obstacles. These vehicles have to move permanently in a circuit to face all of the obstacles and this will lead to wear and tear, plus considerable damages.

There are drives who say that the maintenance costs of a monster truck are even greater than the initial price.

It will be hard for one person to handle the mechanical work associated with a monster truck and professional drivers have a team that will make sure the truck is functioning properly.

Parts such as tires, shocks, engine, or body have to be checked every year and replaced when the expiration date arrives.

Truck maintenance is vital for the drivers as its life depends on the tuning of the truck and on single damaged piece may lead to a possible accident.

The costs to move a monster truck

Another cost that is often ignored, but you should consider is the movement cost. These vehicles will not move on their own power from one city to another. They will need a lot of fuel to move around and are not built to be driven on average streets.

So, you will need a Tow vehicle to move a monster truck from point A to point B and you should budget some money also for this operation. In most cases, this is the most expensive part in a circuit day.


People have a lot of options when talking about monster trucks. There are some who choose to buy a premade truck equipped with all the essential parts in order to work properly.

But, on the other hand, there are some who choose to build their own monster truck and customize it according to their needs and preferences. Moreover, a custom-made monster truck will be more powerful but will cost more.

However, the majority of people prefer to make their own monster truck instead of purchasing a premade one. They want to express their personality through these vehicles.

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