How Much Does a Moon Pod Cost?

Last Updated on January 14, 2024
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The Moon Pod bean bag chair has exploded in popularity thanks to its unique design and claims of superior comfort. But with a high price tag hovering around $651, is the Moon Pod worth it? In this Moon Pod review, we’ll break down the features, benefits, and costs to see if this beanbag lives up to the hype.

Described by the company as “part beanbag, part mattress, part work of art,” the Moon Pod aims to provide next-level ergonomic support and deep relaxation. Its unconventional shape adapts to your body in ways no ordinary bean bag can. But is the elevated price justified? Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Moon Pod so special.

How Much Does a Moon Pod Cost?

The Moon Pod costs roughly $399 on the official website store for the basic model, although there is currently an ongoing offer enabling you to get it for just $299. Adding a Crescent costs another $139, a Lunar Lift feature costs another $139, while an extra cover will set you back $74.

This takes the price of a Moon Pod with all features included to about $651. Worldwide Shipping is included in this price.

As you’d expect, the sophisticated filling material and extensive design process represent significant portions of the cost. Overall, while expensive, the price can be justified given the unique technology inside the Moon Pod.

Why Are Moon Pods So Expensive?

Several unique features make the Moon Pod bean bag chair cost more than the average beanbag.

  • Custom Fill – The proprietary beads and foam combination isn’t found in standard bean bags. This proprietary fill allows the pod to adapt to your shape.
  • Ergonomic Design – The pod’s freeform silhouette provides ergonomic neck, back, and body support missing from most beanbags.
  • Adaptability – The fill material loosens or firms up to perfectly fit your body position and offer stability.
  • Portability – Weighing only 8 lbs, the Moon Pod is easy to move to any room and transport for travel.
  • Durability – The outer covers are double-stitched and made from durable polyester-blend fabric.
  • Washability – Covers can be removed and machine washed periodically, extending product life.

Considering the innovative filling material, structural engineering, and overall quality, the higher cost of the Moon Pod becomes more understandable.

Is the Moon Pod Worth the High Price?

Whether the Moon Pod bean bag chair is worth the roughly $651 price depends on your budget and needs.


  • Unmatched comfort from ergonomic design
  • Adapts to provide proper support in any position
  • Relieves back and neck pain for many users
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Easy to move around and clean


  • Very expensive for a bean bag chair
  • Limited color and fabric choices
  • Size may be uncomfortably small for some
  • Must fluff filling regularly to maintain shape
  • Loose beads require care to prevent leaks

The Moon Pod makes a compelling case with its innovations in comfort and support. For those seeking a premium beanbag experience, the benefits may justify splurging on a Moon Pod. It excels at providing deep relaxation.

However, the high costs put it out of reach for many budgets. And some users feel traditional bean bags work fine at a fraction of the price. Consider trying one in person when possible.

An Overview of Moon Pod Bean Bag Chairs

Moon Pod makes a variety of beanbag chairs and accessories featuring their signature amorphous shape. The beads and memory foam filling mold to your body’s contours, delivering comfort without compromising support. Here are some standout Moon Pod products:

  • Original Moon Pod – The standard model with sturdy outer shell and high-density bead fill. Comes in various colors like Lunar Rock or Neptune Blue. Around $299 for the basic model, $651 for the full one.
  • Super Moon PodA larger version with more fill for bigger users. Approx. $499 for the basic model.
  • Moon Pod Crescent – A crescent shape for lounging. Can attach to Original Moon Pod. About $139.
  • Covers – Additional outer covers in different colors and fabrics. Around $74 each.
  • Accessories – Extra bead refill packs, sleeves for storage/travel, and platform bases to elevate your pod. $49 – $299 range.

While not cheap, the quality and engineering apparent in Moon Pod’s products help explain the premium pricing. Next, let’s look at the benefits they provide.

The Moon Pod’s Ergonomic Design

The Moon Pod doesn’t look like your typical bean bag, and that unique design is key to its ability to adapt to your body’s contours. The proprietary fill material and spherical body shape work together to provide ergonomic support missing from standard beanbags.

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More specifically, the high-density bead and foam fill surrounds your body to offer cushioning while also remaining firm. This gently cradles your shape rather than engulfing you like memory foam. Targeted support and adaptive flexibility reduce tension in the neck, shoulders, back, hips, and knees.

This dynamic support system self-adjusts as you change positions. The fill material loosens or compacts where needed to maintain stability as you go from sitting upright to reclining. Reviewers consistently praise the Moon Pod for comfortably supporting postures that leave them sinking or unstable on regular bean bags.

It’s this expertly engineered fill-and-flowing form that enable the Moon Pod to deliver unparalleled ergonomic benefits.

Comparing Standard Bean Bags to the Moon Pod

Super Moon PodTo better understand the Moon Pod’s advantages, it helps to compare it to a traditional bean bag chair. Standard bean bags use round beads that offer no conformity to your body. This can leave gaps causing insufficient support in some areas.

The small Styrofoam pellets also tend to compress and compact down. Over time, they lose their loft and ability to disperse your weight. This leads to awkward sinking and misalignment of your back, hips, and neck.

In contrast, the Moon Pod’s beads interlock and interact to create a dynamic surface that reshapes based on your positioning. The foam provides a springiness that prevents excessive compression and sinking. Combined together in the spherical pod, these materials offer comfort traditional bean bags just can’t match.

Many reviewers mention tossing out their old bean bags after getting a Moon Pod because the support and comfort was so much better. The custom filling and shape truly make a difference.

Enhancing Your Moon Pod with Accessories

One advantage of the Moon Pod system is the ability to customize and expand your experience through accessories. Here are some popular add-ons:

Extra Covers – Change up the look and feel with additional washable covers in colors like Lavender, Sea Salt, Cosmic Ash, Rose Quartz or Moon Indigo. Prices range from $99-$149.

Platform Bases – Elevate your pod with a hardwood or acrylic platform base. Adds 8-14 inches of height for around $199-$299.

Crescent Moon Pod – Attaches to the round pod for oversized lounging. Fills space between floor and chair. Approximately $299.

Moon Pod Sleeve – A thick padded sleeve that protects the pod for travel and storage. Available for $129.

Bead Refill Packs – Get replacement beads to replenish flattened pods. Come in handy 5 lb packs costing $49.

Between extra covers, platforms, crescent lounges, travel sleeves, and bead refills, you can really optimize your experience. While not mandatory, these accessories further elevate the enjoyment and capabilities of the Moon Pod.

The Customer Support Experience

Given the Moon Pod’s premium pricing, it’s reasonable to expect excellent customer service as well. Overall, the company provides a solid support experience:

Product Warranty – All Moon Pods come with a 2 year protection coverage for defects and damage.

Return Period – You can return a Moon Pod within 30 days of delivery, minus a 20% restocking fee.

Responsive Team – The customer service department receives positive reviews for timely and helpful responses.

Free Shipping – Orders over $100 ship free within the contiguous U.S. Expect 5 – 7 day delivery.

Exchanges – If issues arise after 30 days, you can often exchange for a replacement pod.

For a smaller startup company, Moon Pod does an admirable job delivering responsive support and reasonable policies. Their efforts enhance the overall customer experience.

Should You Buy the Moon Pod?

Here are a few factors to help decide if purchasing a Moon Pod makes sense for you:

  • Do you have chronic back or neck pain? The ergonomic design targets these issues.
  • Will you use it frequently for relaxation, reading, or work? The more you sit in it, the more value it provides.
  • Do you want easy portability? The lightweight Moon Pod moves smoothly between rooms or floors.
  • Is your budget flexible? While not cheap, it may be worth the investment if you can afford it.
  • Do you need a seating surface for a child? Traditional bean bags often work fine for kids.

Take your specific needs into account. For shoppers seeking ultimate relaxation and pain relief, the benefits of the Moon Pod may merit its lofty price. But more casual beanbag users can likely find satisfactory options for much less.

Final Verdict: The Moon Pod Delivers on Comfort

At the end of the day, if you’re seeking the pinnacle of bean bag seating, the Moon Pod delivers an exceptionally comfortable and supportive experience. The imaginative filling conforms to your body in ways no standard bean bag can match.

For those with back pain or who simply want to luxuriate in a sensation of weightless relaxation, the Moon Pod provides a compelling option. No other bean bag succeeds so thoroughly at mimicking a floating experience right from your living room.

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