Cost to Reupholster a Chair

cost to reupholster a chair

Many people say that reupholstering a chair is very expensive. Is that true?

Let’s find out exactly how much does it cost to reupholster one chair before you start working on remaking your home or living area.

The first question you should normally ask yourself is what kind of re-upholsterer will take care of the job.

Not only the actual re-upholsterer but the shop he`s working in, its location, and its reputation will all influence the final cost of reupholstering your chair because each shop has its own prices and ways of doing its job.

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In order to spend less, be sure to ask around for people that do these kinds of jobs for a lower price. But be sure that before you actually pick someone, you check out previous projects they worked on and pictures to be sure you’ll only receive quality work.

To reupholster means repairing an older, damaged object, so be sure you have an old chair that requires a reupholstering.

Always reupholster chairs that have a good shape and will last their time.

You shouldn`t choose not to reupholster a chair just because you don’t like the color of its fabric, because you can change that later. If you don’t have an old chair and want to buy and reupholster one, try not to spend too much on that chair so you stay within a normal budget when adding the reupholstering costs.

The next step will be to figure out exactly how much material will it take to reupholster your chair.

It will cost more to cover a bigger chair or one that needs to be covered by material entirely.

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Also, take a look at the chair and try to figure out exactly how complicated it really is to reupholster it, because a more complicated piece will take more time and will cost more in the end. Some shapes could end up costing more than the actual chair, just to get them reupholstered.

Based on the type of material you’re going to use, expect to pay anywhere from $80 to $150 for a mostly wooden, hard-backed dining room chair.

If should cost you $600 or more if you want to have an armchair reupholstered, the fabric is again very important.

Some tips to save money on reupholstering:

Usually, if you want to spend less, you should look for small shops in small neighborhoods or shops that are made in someone’s house, in a back room.

It`s sometimes hard to find people that do this on their own for many years and are known to do a great job, but finding someone like that will surely make it worth the time you spent looking. These kinds of people usually ask for a lot less and deliver much better results than big stores. The only downside to using these types of reupholsterers is the fact that you won`t receive any guaranty on their services.

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As you already know you could and should try to reupholster a chair that doesn’t require too much work. This will make you spare money that can be later used to cover the chair with your desired material.

People that really need to cut down the costs buy the material themselves, and so, spend just a little less. This means that you have to figure out exactly how much material you need and then go to the store and get it yourself.

From time to time you could even find fabric on clearance or promotions and discounts which will make you spend even less.

If you`re thinking of a DIY project, you have to know that reupholstering a chair yourself isn’t too difficult as well. All you need is patience, the ability to continue even after a few fails, and a little artistic talent, to get the job done yourself and save a lot of money.

DIY reupholstering a chair

Doing this job by yourself will surely worth the time and you`ll probably notice that you, like most people, won`t go through too much trouble to do it. That’s an option when you have multiple chairs to try this on. If you only have one old chair that has emotional value, DON’T just try your luck with it! Some mistakes can’t be undone so be careful what you get into.

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How will the cost of reupholstering a chair hit our average Joe’s budget? It won’t be something you couldn’t recover from and it will surely worth it in the end. Searching online for some DIY courses and attempting to do the reupholstering yourself is also an option especially if the budget is limited.


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