Movie Theater Birthday Party Cost

Movie Theater Birthday Party Cost

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A movie theater birthday party can be an experience that can not be lived in most of the other places where events can be planned. Not only will the kids receive beverages and also treats, but the celebrated girl or boy will also be able to pick any movie that they want and the group will get a cinema room all to themselves.

Just how much does a cinema birthday party cost?

The expense of renting a movie theater for a birthday celebration is most likely to depend upon the cinema chain, the moment of the year, the day, as well as the number of individuals that will be attending the party. Typically, renting a movie theater for a birthday party is likely to have a price that varies anywhere from $350 to as much as $550 per hour for around 20 individuals. For each guest after the first 20, it will usually set you back around $5 to $12 per extra individual. This is the rate for a private screening.

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Nevertheless, if you do not want a private screening, basic birthday celebration events will vary in price anywhere from $8 to $13 each. This will include the movie you’re going to watch along with the movie treats and also the beverages, however, it will not get you a movie theater only for you.

Some movie theaters might have an outdoor celebration area that enables access to the theater. This kind of package would set you back around $50 to $150 for the area service as well as an extra $7 to $12 each for the admission ticket and the treats.

For instance, Cinemark provides a quote for 20 individuals that can anywhere from $300 to $500 for a private screening.

Regal Cinemas, one more prominent cinema chain, notes that it might set you back anywhere from $15 to considerably more than $35 per kid, depending upon the bundle you go for. These rates would not include a private screening, but a public movie watching, together with birthday celebration additions such as treats, and sometimes, bowling.

Carmel Cinema, situated in New York City, bills $225 for celebrations of 12. For every extra kid, the expenses will increase to $12 each.

Movie Theater Birthday Party Overview

Popcorn Movie Parti EntertainmentThe usual movie theater is most likely to include at the very least one hour of time in a party area, a movie treat pack that consists of snacks and sweets, a beverage, as well as the movie of your choice. Payments will need to be made at the very least 3 days beforehand to get the testing.

Much like a normal movie screening, celebrations can either be private or with the general public. Throughout a private screening, the party group will have the space to themselves, having the ability to see any kind of motion picture that is currently being available to be watched. A public screening will be no different than the typical movie theater experience. The only difference will be the celebration package that generally includes the beverages and also treats.

The majority of cinema will certainly have 1 or 2 assistants that will certainly deal with your team. These assistants will certainly help you with the celebration area, obtain all the treats and also beverages for the children, as well as tidy up when the celebration mores than.

What are the additional expenses?

As pointed out above, a lot of movie theaters will have a set rate for a group of people. When you look at this allotted amount, they will bill an added fee for each individual. This cost will vary from $5 to $12 per guest, typically.

Any type of damages that will take place during the celebration will be the responsibility of the celebrated individual.

3D films can be an added fee.

Cake and other treats might be brought to the event at your expenditure, along with any decorations or party favors.

Some cinemas have an extra celebration area that can be rented out for an added cost; these charges normally vary anywhere from $30 to $60 per hour.

Some movie theaters might not include the snacks or beverages, or any other bonuses for that matter.

If you have an attendant that aids you to run the event, you might want to think about tipping that person.

Tips to keep in mind

Some time periods will not be open for a party. Make sure to contact your local movie theater to see what days and times will be available. The earlier you can book the event, the more likely you are to find room and your preferred date and time.

You should try to plan your birthday party during a time that will not be as busy with the general public. This will make it much easier to manage the group of kids.

Supervision by an adult usually is required for birthday parties for kids.

The majority of cinemas will have a minimum amount of individuals needed before they schedule an event.

Just how can you save some money?

Try to contact at the very least 3 to 5 cinemas in your location. A lot of them are most likely to be more than happy to provide you with a quote over the phone or send you to their official site that provides the costs.

Renting out an area is most likely to be extremely pricey in contrast to just going to the cinema. If your event is likely to be of less than 20 kids, you might want to go to the movie as if you would for any other movie and then return to your house to open presents and enjoy the cake.

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