How Much Does Nose Piercing Cost?

Nose Piercing Price

After ears and navels, noses are the next most common places to get pierced. Most piercings of the nose are performed through the side of one of the nostrils. Although rare, there are people that want to pierce the cartilage separating the nostrils, known as septum piercing. The surface piercing of the skin at the bridge of the nose is another very rare and interesting type of nose piercing. As opposed to piercing earlobes, where piercers use professional machines, for nose piercing they will usually use needles.

How much will you be charged for a nose piercing?

  • A common, normal nostril piercing will cost you anywhere from $40 to $90. You should ask what’s included before paying, before some piercers will charge you an additional $20 to $60 for a nose ring or stud, while others will have the jewelry included in the initial price. As an example, a piercing studio in Portland might charge $50 for the piercing, a nose stud and any additional jewelry, while a studio in Massachusetts will charge $40 for the nose piercing, without the jewelry, that will cost an additional $20-$55.
  • A piercing placed through the skin situated at the bridge of the nose is called a bridge piercing and is pretty rare. Depending on whether the jewelry is included in the final price, a bridge piercing can cost anywhere from $50 to $90. For example, a studio based in Minneapolis would charge $50 for the bridge piercing, but you’ll have to buy the jewelry yourself.
  • You’ll pay a little more for a septum piercing than for the more common nostril piercing, anywhere between $50-$100, depending on whether or not you’ll pay for the jewelry yourself. Philadelphia studios, for example, charge around $40 for the septum piercing, but you’ll have to buy the jewelry yourself.

What will you get for your money?

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Nostrl Screw LookA normal nose piercing usually includes the piercing itself along with the jewelry used and information on what you should do as aftercare. Common nose piercings will need as jewelry a stud or nose ring. For septum piercings you’ll usually have to get a captive-ball type of ring as jewelry. Barbells, straight or curved will be used as jewelry in a bridge piercing.

Are there discounts you could take advantage of?

As for any other products or services, crowded places, where competition is strong, usually offer the best prices. You can find discounts and offers in big cities, where there are a lot of piercers offering their services. Don’t go for the lowest price though. Be sure to pick a piercer that works in a clean environment and offers the best service with great reviews. When it comes to piercing, customers would be wise to place safety and cleanliness above finding the best deal.

Another discount you might be eligible for is the one for repeated piercings. Some studios even offer you a discount for bringing extra clients in, so be sure you ask about all these before you pay.

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Each state has its own piercing laws and the Association of Professional Piercers tracks the legislation of each state. They also have a database of members that can be checked. Before thinking about the price, look for piercers that have certifications and operate in clean environments. According to the National Institute for Health, the probability of contracting staph infections is much higher in cases if septum piercings.

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