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NutriMost is a popular weight loss and wellness program that promises to help people lose 20-40 pounds or more in just 40 days. But before signing up, it’s important to understand the costs involved with the NutriMost system.

This article provides a detailed breakdown of NutriMost pricing, fees, and expenses so you can determine if it fits your budget.

NutriMost uses technology to create fully customized weight loss and wellness plans for each client. The program starts with a comprehensive body composition analysis to identify your metabolic rate and nutritional needs.

You’ll also work with a personal health coach to set weight loss goals and design meal plans using whole, natural foods.

The NutriMost system provides access to recipes, diet tracking tools, supplements, community support, and more. The company claims that clients lose an average of 30 pounds in just 6 weeks on the program.

How Much Does NutriMost Cost?

The base cost of the NutriMost program is typically around $700-$800 for the initial 6-week session if you pay upfront. This covers the cost of the body composition analysis, personalized meal planning, access to diet tracking tools and the NutriMost online community, supplements, and coaching.

However, NutriMost often runs special offers that reduce the upfront cost to $300-$400 for new clients.

Are There Monthly Fees After the Initial Program?

Yes, NutriMost has an ongoing monthly membership fee after completing the initial 6-week session. This maintenance program costs around $300 per month.

These monthly fees provide continued access to:

  • Personalized meal plans and recipes
  • Health coaching and nutrition counseling
  • Diet tracking tools and the NutriMost community
  • Metabolic testing every 90 days
  • NutriMost supplements and shakes

What About Additional Supplements and Tools?

On top of the base membership fees, clients may need to pay extra for proprietary NutriMost supplements, bars, or shakes. These can cost $50-$150 per month.

NutriMost also offers additional tools and testing services that require added fees, such as:

  • Fitness and activity trackers: $25-$150
  • DNA genetic testing: $99-$299
  • Food allergy testing: $325
  • Sleep monitors: $98-$200

Does Insurance Cover Any of the Costs?

Unfortunately, NutriMost is considered a lifestyle program, not a medical weight loss plan. So health insurance companies will not cover any of the costs.

NutriMost does not currently offer any financial assistance programs either. You have to pay 100% out-of-pocket for the system.

Some clients have reported negotiating lower fees or staged payment plans by speaking directly with a NutriMost representative. But there are no guarantees.

How Does NutriMost Compare to Similar Programs?

Compared to other customized weight loss programs, NutriMost is priced competitively:

  • Jenny Craig costs $500-$700 upfront, plus $15-$25 per day for meals.
  • Weight Watchers costs $20-$50 per month, plus $280-$500 for personalized coaching.
  • Noom costs $60-$100 per month for digital diet plans.
  • Optavia costs $600 upfront, then $350 per month, plus meal costs.

However, less expensive options like MyFitnessPal ($5-$10 per month) or Healthie ($20 per month) provide diet tracking tools and community support without the high upfront fees.

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And commercial diet plans like Keto and Paleo can be followed for minimal cost if you prepare your own meals.

Is NutriMost Diet Plan Worth the Cost?

NutriMost ReviewsFor some clients, paying $700-$800 upfront plus $300 per month provides excellent value if it delivers promised weight loss results of 20-40+ pounds quickly. An average NutriMost client loses 13% of their body weight in just 6 weeks.

The personalized meal planning, health coaching, community support, and customized supplements can help supercharge results compared to generic diet plans.

But for clients with more modest weight loss goals of just 10-15 pounds, the high NutriMost fees may not offer the best value. And some clients report regaining weight after finishing the NutriMost program if they don’t sustain personalized eating and exercise habits.

So it’s important to weigh the costs versus your specific weight loss and wellness needs when deciding if NutriMost fits your budget.

As of the current information available on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, NutriMost LLC does not have any customer reviews or complaints listed. The company is accredited by BBB since October 8, 2019, and holds an A+ rating.

This information suggests that while NutriMost is recognized by BBB, there is a lack of customer feedback provided on the BBB platform. For more details, you can visit the BBB website.

In 2017, the FTC settled with this company, telling the company to stop “making deceptive and unsupported claims about its innovation and supplements.”

In the end, the FTC warns people that while weight-loss programs might be enticing, absolutely nothing will ever beat a simple workout and dieting.

The ZYTO scan, as pointed out above, will not take place till you dedicate yourself to the program, paying in full. There are no refunds when you sign the agreement in question.

FAQ Answers

How much weight can you lose on NutriMost?

According to the company, the average NutriMost client loses 20-45 pounds during the initial 6-week program. However, results can vary widely depending on factors like your starting weight, age, metabolism, and how closely you adhere to the NutriMost meal plan and supplements regimen.

Some clients may lose less than 20 pounds while others may lose 50 pounds or more in 6 weeks if they have a lot of weight to lose initially. The key is sticking closely to the customized diet and lifestyle changes in your NutriMost plan to achieve maximum weight loss.

Does NutriMost work?

For many clients, yes – NutriMost provides rapid weight loss results in as little as 6 weeks. The customized meal plans, calorie calculations, health coaching, and metabolic testing allow NutriMost to create tailored weight loss and fat burning protocols for each person.

This personalization along with the motivational community, tools, and accountability measures can produce real weight loss for motivated clients.

However, some critics argue there is nothing proprietary in the NutriMost system that you can’t replicate with calorie counting and healthy eating on your own. Maintaining weight loss long-term after completing the program also requires permanent diet and lifestyle changes.

Other people argue that only getting 800 calories a day is not a sustainable approach.

Are there any additional fees or expenses associated with the NutriMost weight loss plan?

Yes, potential additional costs beyond the upfront and monthly fees include:

  • Proprietary NutriMost supplements, shakes, and bars ($50-$150 per month)
  • Enhanced fitness and diet tracking tools like activity monitors and food scales ($25-$150)
  • DNA and food allergy testing services ($99-$325)
  • Initial bloodwork and medical tests if not covered by insurance ($100-$500)
  • Sleep monitors to track sleep quality ($98-$200)

So new clients should budget for an additional $100-$500 or more in related expenses when starting the NutriMost program. Talk to a NutriMost representative to understand all the potential costs. Some expenses may be optional or negotiable.

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