Oriental Shorthair Cat Cost

Oriental Shorthair Cost

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Known to be an outcome of manufactured cross-breeding between the Siamese, Abyssinian, and the Russian Blue breeds, the Oriental shorthairs share a reasonable amount of characteristics from all 3. It has a lovely shade (the type of which has more than 300 color mixes) of the Russian Blue.

This breed, known to be among the most intelligent cat types, is 100% allergy-free to human beings. Also, its fondness for companionship, love for play, and long conversations are characteristics of a Siamese.

Interested in owning one? Here’s just how much it costs.

Oriental Shorthair Cost

There are 2 ways in which you can get an oriental shorthair feline. Either you get your cat from a breeder or you can adopt it from one of the many shelters or rescue groups spread all over the United States.

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Buying from a breeder is the more pricey alternative. Upon purchase of the oriental shorthair, some breeders would usually include a toy or 2, food to last for a couple of days, and a health warranty.

This offers you an assurance that the breeder would take your feline back should it have an illness that was not declared before the sale. With all of these, you should be ready to spend about $600 to $2,000.

If you are interested, organizations like the CFA (Feline Fancier’s Association) can be really useful in finding a breeder near you.

Getting an oriental shorthair from shelters or rescue groups could be the less expensive alternative, however, it might lack a couple of things that a breeder can offer. Aside from the normal toys, cage, and the occasional feline food, breeders have the ability to give you the oriental shorthair’s lineage.

However once again, adopting will cost a lot less. A kitty can cost you $130 for those 6 months of age or younger. An adult oriental shorthair will cost $100, while a senior would cost around $50.

There is likewise a non-refundable deposit for kitty cats that costs anywhere from $50 to $100. Kitties are likewise not enabled to be embraced by houses that have kids 6 years and more youthful.

Adopting will come with rabies vaccines good for a year, a microchip and registration, leukemia test results, shelter ID tag, and age-appropriate vaccinations.

Extra Expenses to Pay Upfront

Transportation and Shipping

You’d be fortunate if the breeder or shelter would be right around the corner from your location. What if it is in the opposite part of the country?

Delivering your oriental shorthair from one location to another within the United States can cost you anywhere from $225 to $425. This, obviously, would depend upon the location.

If it is going to Guam, it might cost much more as it’s pegged at $600.

Oriental Shorthair KittyFlying your feline from the breeder or shelter is another alternative. When opting to fly with your feline, you should be ready to pay anywhere from $75 to as much as $175. This is just for felines traveling inside the cabin.

Some felines might be too big to travel inside the cabin. For this reason, for oriental shorthairs traveling as checked luggage is recommended. This would cost you $225 per way.

When taking a trip with your feline inside the cabin, your oriental shorthair should be comfortable inside a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. This would cost you around $28 or more, depending upon the brand name and the quality of the carrier.

If your feline travels as checked luggage, a larger and tougher carrier is required.

As an extra safety measure, you should talk to the airline company ahead of time, before the dates when your cat can travel. Some airline companies would only permit a particular number of animals per flight and the faster you check and book, the better.


The majority of oriental shorthairs from breeders would already have been given the most important vaccines. These should all be gone over with you prior to bringing your cat companion home.

For all other vaccines, go over with your veterinarian first before choosing which ones to administer. Bear in mind that particular vaccines like the one for rabies (cost $24 per shot), and FVRCP (costs $24 per shot) are needed.

Other vaccines might not be required by veterinarians. The administration of such vaccines would depend upon your feline’s way of life and environment. One example is cat leukemia which costs $27 per shot.

Microchip and Registration

No matter how much we take care of our oriental shorthairs, the unavoidable can in some cases happen. Among these is losing them.

The feline might stray through an open door or might have been taken by a good-hearted (or not) person. Whatever the case might be, having your feline good friend microchipped and signed up is suggested.

A microchip is implanted by a veterinarian into your cat. Your oriental shorthair is then registered in a database for easier tracking of ownership in case the cat gets missing.

There is a one-time payment that totals up to around $65 in New York City, however, it can be less expensive in other places. This would already consist of the expense of the chip and lifetime registration of your feline.

Oriental Shorthair Upkeep

Feline Food

Much like their larger and wilder variations, oriental shorthairs will have to be fed food that is high in fat and protein (particularly meat). They need to be given fewer carbs to lower the danger of diabetes.

When it comes to the food itself, oriental shorthairs require a balance of wet and dry food. You should be ready to spend as low as $6.44 for Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Natural Dry Cat Food, Chicken with Lentils & Salmon Dish for a 3-lb. bag, and as much as $25 for a bag of Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food, 30 pounds.

Wet cat food for adults would cost you anywhere from around $5 for 12-pc. 5.5-oz cans of variety pack wet feline food to as much as $31 for “I and love and you” Salmon Chanted Evening Stew Wet Feline Food 3-oz (24-pk).
You should also keep in mind that kitties have a different diet plan than that adult felines. Dry food for kitty cats can cost you around $12 for 16 pounds and as much as $21 for a 35-lb. bag.

Some brand names can also be more costly than the others and might cost $34.99 for a 15.5-lb. bag of dry kitty food such as Hill’s Science Diet Kitten Healthy Development Chicken Recipe Dry Feline Food.

Similar to any adult cat, your oriental shorthair kitty also needs to have a balance of wet and dry food as part of its diet. A box of 24 cans (3 oz each) costs $12.

Keep in mind that kitty cats, as they grow, will need more fat and protein. Adult felines need about 25% fat and 40% protein. Older felines do not need as much protein as they get less active over the course of time.

Grooming Costs

The majority of feline parents tend to overlook (or usually forget) that felines need regular oral cleaning. The oriental shorthair, much like any other breeds, requires routine oral care, too.

In fact, oriental shorthairs will need it more than any other breed as they are more prone to gum illness than the other types of cats. As such, feline parents need to pay close attention to their oriental shorthairs’ routine oral checks.

Such oral checks can cost you about $40.25 monthly or $483 annually at Cotner-Superior Petcare in Nebraska.

Toothpaste and toothbrush especially created for felines would also be extremely useful. For these 2 totaling up to about $6, you can brush your oriental shorthair’s teeth yourself.

Felines are exceptionally tidy family pets. They like to lick themselves the majority of the time.

They also dislike dirt. Nevertheless, no matter how much they clean themselves, they would also require some bathing every now and then.

Felines have more delicate skin than people and therefore you and your feline can never share one brand of hair shampoo. A feline’s hair shampoo can cost around $7 or more, depending upon the brand name and the bottle size.

Oriental shorthairs would also like it if you brush their hair at least once a week. Brushes made for felines can cost you a minimum of $5.

From time to time, oriental shorthairs also deserve a treat. Get your feline companion relaxed and spoiled in a grooming salon for $65 to $100 for a luxurious bath.

Rates differ depending upon the breed, kind of coat, and other additional services you opt for. Extra services can consist of ear cleaning (will cost $10), nail trim (will cost $15), nail painting (will cost $20), and even tooth brushing (will cost $10).

Medical Expenses

Your oriental shorthair will need routine monitoring. A physical check will cost $30. Depending upon the kind of vaccine, it might cost you $15 to $17 per shot.

An extra $12 is to be spent for felines 4 months old and older that are not spayed or neutered. Spay/neuter of a male feline costs $50 while it is $60 for females.

What to Expect From an Oriental Shorthair Feline

Oriental shorthairs, much like their predecessors, the Siamese felines, like being regarded. They talk as much as the Siamese does.

Although oriental shorthairs are not as loud, still they tend to need a lot of your time. Be ready for them to also follow you around the majority of the time.

They are also incredibly curious. Prepare to have moments when you find your pet feline inside a bookshelf, a cabinet, or tangled in wires.

Oriental shorthairs will need a lot of your time and dislike being alone. Either you go home early from work every day or you find your oriental shorthair a companion. However, they would be pleased with you brushing its fur at least once a week.

If you are the type of individual who does not have all the time in the world for pet care, you might wish to think about getting another breed instead.

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