PC Repair Cost

PC Repair Cost

Last Updated on December 22, 2022 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on March 19, 2016 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

You can find at least one personal computer (PC) in most households. Most people don’t even realize the number of threats that lurk all around the internet, while they are surfing. It usually takes just one mouse click to fill your computer with unwanted viruses, adware or spyware. These are just some of the treats to your software, but what about the hardware, the physical components of your PC? They can get damaged in many ways. For example, it happens pretty often that clumsy or sleepy people spill their drink over their laptop or desktop keyboard. So how much does it cost to repair a personal computer with software problems or damaged hardware?

There are several factors that will have an impact on the final cost of using the services of a professional to repair your personal computer. Calling for service at your home will cost more depending on the time it takes for the professional to repair your computer. The price for a visit will cost you $40 to $80 for the time spent inside your house, and that includes any waiting time.

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The advantage of ordering delivery to the repair shop is that it will save you money – it will cost between $7 to $15, which is a lot less than what you’d spend on a home visit or on a taxi that will take your PC to the shop. Another advantage is that the repairman has tools and computers at his office that can be used to test and diagnose your PC. Fixing your PC won’t be a fast task, so don’t expect to take it home in a few minutes, or even the same day. Depending on your computer’s problems and on the repair man’s time, it can take a few days before you can get your PC back and working.

If your PC has a software problem, then you need to know that not all software-related issues are harmless. Some of them are extremely dangerous and can steal financial or personal information or even damage hardware components of your computer. You shouldn’t wait until your computer crashes. If you notice any odd behavior, then you should contact a professional. Repairing software problems will depend on the damage they have already done to your computer. This is what you should expect to pay for malicious software removal:

  • Removal of malware (adware, scamware or spyware) from your PC $40 – $60
  • Removal of Virus (Worm, Trojan, and alike) $50

As for hardware problems, one of the most common ones is spilling by accident any sorts of liquids on hardware parts, while your PC is running. If this happens, expect to get charged for battery socket and/or keyboard repair or replace. If the pieces can be dried, it might take up to 48 hours until your computer can be used again. Other problems might include:

  • Supply and replace power socket (laptop) $70
  • Replace power supply unit (PC) $45 – $70
  • Keyboard replacement $10-$200 (dependable of keyboard manufacturer)
  • Monitor replacement on a laptop $35-$100

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Having Issues With Your Keyboard?There are some situations where your computer is too slow to operate, even without malware or viruses. This can be due to your operating system being clogged with unnecessary software or a damaged hard drive. Installation of a new Operating System on your computer will cost you between $50 and $150. Professional PC repair shops will install additional anti-malware or antivirus software after installing a new Operating System, before even connecting your computer to the internet. If the repairman doesn’t mention the free installation of antivirus software, be sure you ask him to do so.

The most unpleasant and not so uncommon computer malfunctions are the ones that involve hardware damage or malfunction. In these types of cases, the damaged part(s) sometimes cannot be repaired and they need to be replaced. Hardware parts for desktop computers are slightly cheaper than hardware parts for laptops. Hardware malfunctions cannot be avoided, because they happen when your computer becomes outdated.

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As technology moves forward, personal computers are more and more of a must in any household. If you notice that your PC has annoying issues, then get it to a repair shop as soon as possible, because even a small delay might mean that a virus is working in the background. Don’t try to save money by repairing it yourself, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. It only takes a few clicks to permanently damage your Operating System.

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  1. Derek Mcdoogle
    Derek Mcdoogle says:

    My brother’s computer has a virus on it and he has been trying to fix it. You mentioned that the repair man has tools and computers at his office that can be used to test and diagnose your PC. It seems that having a professional look at the computer could be beneficial. What kinds of test do they use?

    • qSign
      qSign says:

      Yes, a professional will be able to look for and remove viruses, but you will also get a check for mallware, spyware or intrusive software.


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