Pharmacy Technician School Cost

Pharmacy Technician School

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists in all aspects of their work. They count tablets, label bottles, stock racks, and shelves, and deal with administrative aspects of the job like answering the phone and taking payments.

The job activity outlook is good for pharmacy technicians, according to the United States Department of Labor stats, and personnel employment in the field is increasing much faster than the nationwide average.

As a pharmacy technician, you can operate in retail or mail-order pharmacies and drug stores, health clinics, or retirement homes, to name just a few locations. The average wage is more than $13 per hour, although some drug store and pharmacy techs make as much as $20 per hour.

About Pharmacy Technician Degrees

There are no federal training standards for pharmacy technicians, so the requirements vary from one state to another. Some need only a high school diploma while others need a degree or accreditation, licensing, and/or effective completion of the Pharmacy Technician Accreditation Board (PTCB) exam.

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Accreditation programs are provided by community colleges and vocational schools all across the nation. Programs normally last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years and consist of a combination of class and laboratory work. They typically consist of an internship and a few months of training for the job, also. Even if you reside in a state that does not need an accreditation program, going through one makes you a more appealing job candidate.

An extensive pharmacy technician accreditation must teach the names, usages, dosages, and adverse effects of all medications that will be sold, drug store record keeping, pharmaceutical techniques, and pharmacy laws and principles.

Pharmacy Technician Degree Average Fees

Medications From Pharmacy TechA lot of pharmacy technician accreditation programs cost anywhere in the range of $500 to $5,000. Associate’s degrees that will have fees of $10,000 to $25,000 are also offered in the field. Nevertheless, unless you’re preparing to ultimately study become a pharmacist, an associate’s degree is most likely not a must.

  • Eastern New Mexico University – Roswell charged $685.96 in 2015 for in-state program tuition and $2,561 for out-of-state tuition. Extra program charges amounted to $70.40.
  • Oakton College in Illinois charged $1,178 for in-district tuition and $2,162.40 for out-of-district tuition. The cost for the 12-weeks course covers tuition, the application cost, registration, laboratory charges, books, and the graduation cost.
  • California State University, Dominguez Hills charged $999 for its 50-hour course to get ready for the PTCB examination. The rate consists of all products.
If you’re preparing to take the PTCB test after graduation, you should put aside another $129 for the test cost. You can take the test around 3 times. If you fail all 3, nevertheless, you’ll need to petition the board for authorization to take the examination again.
Pharmacy is a well-paid field and it features some very saught for jobs. You should start prepping well ahead of time if you’re thinking of completing a school in this area. Learning all drug names, usages and dosages isn’t as easy as you might think, so if you don’t want to take that test too many times, you should really start reading well in advance. Google is always your friend when it comes to additional information regarding open spots for this course in schools all around the country.
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