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polarized lens price

We all know that the technology concerning contact lenses and sunglasses lenses evolved over the past few decades.

Polarized lenses were invented in 1936 when Edwin H. Land began experimenting by creating lenses for sunglasses with Polaroid filters, patented by him.

It is recommended to wear sunglasses on sunny days all along the year.

What are polarized lenses?

To understand what polarized lenses are and how they protect your eyes, first, we need to understand the sunlight’s „movement”.

The sunlight can be absorbed or reflected in several directions. The rays that are reflected off horizontal surfaces such as water, land, or a car’s roof are usually reflected in a similar direction, horizontally. This light reflection produces a source of discomfort to the eyes, which can cause temporary blindness. Of course, we do not want this to happen, for example, when driving.

Here it’s where polarized lenses come in our help because they contain a filter that allows only the vertically oriented light to penetrate to the eye. In this way horizontally oriented light is “locked”, so the glare is practically eliminated.

The most widespread polarized sunglasses are those with brown lenses, but there also are many other colors of lenses, such as yellow, gray, black, green, etc.

Typical costs:

The prices are based on different sources on the internet, so they might change very often, based on different types of promotions.
Low-cost polarized sunglasses: under $50.
The average price for a pair of polarized sunglasses: from $50 – $100.
High cost polarized sunglasses start from $100 – $150 up to $200 and more.

What are the advantages of polarized sunglasses?

A pair of polarized sunglasses offers you the following advantages:

  • They improve visual comfort;
  • They improve the contrast and sight clarity while wearing glasses;
  • They reduce eye fatigue;
  • They allow real color perception;
  • They eliminate reflections.

Polarized vs Non Polarized

Do we really need polarized sunglasses?

Initially, polarized sunglasses were designed specially for fishermen and people who frequently traveled by boat. But because sunglasses eliminate light reflections, a growing range of people started using sunglasses with polarized lenses and enjoying their benefits. Polarized sunglasses are recommended especially to those who drive, those who practice outdoor sports, but also to the general public.

Should the average working Joe get polarized glasses?

You are not sure you want to pay some extra dollars on a pair of polarised sunglasses? Just think about the benefits and compare them. Go out to the beach or the lake just as the sun is setting. Bring a pair of polarised sunglasses and a pair of old sunglasses that haven’t been polarised. As the sun sets, casting a blinding glare over the water, try on your two pairs of glasses and see the difference for yourself.

As for the price, if you don’t have enough money to get one of the high priced polarized glasses, you always have the option of getting a cheaper pair, that won’t set you back more than $50. This means that the cost of such a pair of glasses shouldn’t be a problem for anyone’s budget. If you like to go fishing, the glasses will pay for themselves, as you’ll be able to spot fish in the water.

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