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Post-construction cleanup is one of the most requested cleaning services. After the completion of construction or renovation of a building, people do not have the necessary means to clean the newly renovated place, so they prefer to employ a cleaning company with the equipment and qualified staff. By resorting to cleaning services after renovation, the newly renovated house will be enhanced by a cleaning done to the highest standards.

Post construction cleanup requires the use of special substances and equipment to clean and permanently remove difficult residues from the house. The cleaning service after the renovation cannot be carried out with the same means as regular cleaning. As this is a special situation, where the difficulty of cleaning procedures is greater than in the case of routine cleaning (maintenance cleaning), professional products and the expertise of qualified personnel are very important.

How Much Does Post Construction Clean Up Cost?

The cost of a post-construction cleanup is influenced by many factors such as the type of building, the level of detail required, the size of the home or building, the condition of the property, the cost of supplies, the geographical location, and the experience of the company. Of course, deep cleaning will be more expensive than light cleaning.

You should plan on spending anywhere between $0.15 and $0.35 per square foot for the rough interior cleanup of a large commercial property. This means a cost of $2,550 to $7,550 for a 25,000 square foot building and anywhere between $10,500 and $31,000 for a 100,000 square foot building.

The cost of a final cleaning is a little more expensive, with a price of around $0.55 per square foot. Though, very large properties are offered per-square-foot discounts.

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When talking about window cleaning, plan on spending anywhere between $3.5 and $6 per window, per side. Above the second floor, the prices increase considerably.

If you need a complete post-construction cleanup job for a large residential property, then you will have to pay anywhere between $650 and $1,100, while for a small home the costs will be anywhere between $350 and $650. The cost of most jobs is somewhere in the middle.

You should know that these prices are influenced by the saturation of the local market as well. Expect to pay on the low end of these price ranges if there are many post-construction cleanup services in your area. On the other hand, if there are only a few companies you will have to pay much more.

In the table below you will find the average prices for post-construction cleanup charged in different cities from the United States.

City Average Price Paid
Charlotte, NC $540
Boston, MA $390
New York City, NY $550
Newark, NJ $470
Manchester, NH $470
Philadelphia, PA $450

Post-Construction Cleanup details

The cleaning operations performed by the cleaning team to remove any traces of dirt are:

  • Spider web removal;
  • Cleaning of lighting fixtures;
  • Cleaning of windows, frames and window sills with washable paint and sticky dirt – the accessible ones;
  • Cleaning of the switches, sockets and other objects suspended from dust and traces of washable paint;
  • Cleaning radiators inside – outside with the steamer where needed;
  • Plinth and floor cleaning – parquet, PVC flooring and tiles;
  • Cleaning and polishing of interior and exterior doors both from traces after the manufacturer and from adherent dirt;
  • Dusting of furniture;
  • Moving furniture and cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces;
  • Cleaning and sanitation of ceramic objects and furniture in bathrooms;
  • Ventilation and air conditioning.

Advantages of hiring post-construction cleaning services

Time economy

If you think you can do it yourself, then you may be right. But what do you think? How many days will it take to complete the work? A week, ten days? Because you are not a professional, you will delay work. So, rather than prolonging the mess, it is better to hire professionals and let them do the work in a few days.

Proper cleaning

Post-construction cleaning requires proper tools. Do you have professional cleaning tools? Of course not. Experts have a better idea of how to deal with the mess and give the area a professional look.


While cleaning up the mess, there is a possible chance of getting hurt. Scrap building materials can hurt you. Always put safety first. Post-construction cleaners have the right cleaning tools and strategies. By hiring professionals, you are less likely to get injured.

Mistakes to be avoided in post construction cleaning

Doing it yourself

Post Construction ServicesAlmost everything in the house is dirty and it is clearly necessary to turn to professional services in this regard, unless you are an expert in the field. You will see dirt on doors, windows, floors, ceiling, walls, sanitary ware and even furniture (no matter how well they were covered in advance). Many people choose to clean their houses themselves after the project is completed, in order to save money, only to get poor results, wasting time and energy.

Choosing a cleaning company strictly based on the price offer

What is very cheap is not necessarily good. If you rely only on the price offer when choosing a cleaning company, you may have unpleasant surprises at the end. There are many other aspects to consider such as history in the specialty services market, the equipment used, the qualification of the staff, the transparency of the company and the opinions of the clients.

Lack of communication

If there is no clear communication between you and the cleaning company, problems can arise at any point. Express your wishes and see clearly what services you can benefit from.

How to choose a post-construction cleanup service?

It is recommended to search and ask for multiple prices offers before hiring a post-construction cleanup company. However, your decision should not be based only on the price. You should make some more research and find out if the company you’re thinking to hire is reputable. Verify the company’s history and references with the Better Business Bureau. Also, make sure this company is insured, bonded and licensed.

Talk in advance with the company about the time needed to complete this job. A reputable cleanup service should be able to finish the job in two to three days.


Are you wondering if you should hire post-construction cleaning services or not? In our opinion, you should. Think of a way to save time and energy by investing in something legitimate. Find convenience in everything. Find the best post-construction cleaning services near you and hire them for the job. Make sure you negotiate the price first before signing a contract.

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