Potatoes Cost

The United States Department of Agriculture states that potatoes are one of America’s most popular vegetables and Americans eat nearly fifty pounds on average per annum.

How much do potatoes cost?

Potatoes are a vital staple in many homes and restaurants. Depending on the type of potato, costs vary anywhere from $1 to $2 per pound with average pricing at around $5 or so for 10 pounds. The biggest cost factor is the type of potatoes – russets will be more expensive than white but if you buy them during certain times then they’ll go down considerably.

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A 5-pound bag of russet can retail for about $3-$4 each while a box containing 6 100% organic Russet Potatoes sells for as little as 2 dollars. These prices make this vegetable both healthy and economical.

Fingerlings are usually around $2 per pound. A gold potato can cost about a dollar, while purple and red potatoes might be closer to $1 or so for each one. Costco sells 20 pounds of baking potatoes at just over 4 dollars, but 50 pounds costs 7-8 bucks depending on the size you need. 10 lbs worth of small reds will cost about $5-$6 dollars.

Refer to our table below to see what popular varieties will cost:

Type Price
Russet $2 to $4 per 5-pound bag
Creamer $3 to $4 each
Gold $1 to $2 per pound
Mixed Mini Round $3 to $4 per pound
Red $1 to $2 per pound
Garnet $1 to $2 per pound
Japanese $1 to $2 pound
Jewel $1 to $2 pound

What are some additional costs?

All cooks have their favorite potato-preparing tools in the kitchen, but there are many ways to make cooking potatoes easier. There’s a variety of products that will turn your fresh spuds into chips or fries while other tools like peelers can help take away skin and get you closer to finishing the dish. Whether it be by hand with a knife or through some sort of automated machine, everyone has different preferences for how they cook their potatoes, and each way will require a tool that will have to be bought.

Tips to keep in mind

Potatoes in KitchenPotatoes come in many different sizes, weights, and varieties. Depending on the type of potato that you are looking for, your grocery store may carry potatoes packed into 5-, 10- or 15-pound bags depending on what size fits best with their inventory management system.

A consumer will generally be able to find information about the contents of a bag, such as its origin and variety. They may also see nutritional facts that can help them plan their meals better or make healthier choices in general.

When buying fresh potatoes, choose one that feels firm and has smooth skin to ensure a higher quality product with better taste.

Do not buy potatoes with a greenish cast or shade as these tend to produce bitter tastes that may also be toxic. The best way to maintain the quality of your spuds is by storing them in cool places away from light and damp environments like basements, which could quickly lead to decay.

How can you spend less?

If you know what to look for, potatoes can save your wallet. Instead of buying loose spuds at the grocery store (which will cost $1 a pound), go with bagged ones instead – they’re usually much cheaper ($2-$3 per 5 pounds). Local produce warehouses also sell their potatoes at much lower prices. Some dollar stores also sell bags of small potatoes but they are still cheaper than chain grocery store prices.

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