Pygmy Goat Cost

Pygmy Goat Cost

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First Published on August 3, 2021 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

The pygmy goat is known for its small stature and social nature. Pygmies are highly sociable creatures that thrive in a herd, which makes them perfect pets or working animals. Additionally, they can be milk producers to help out on the farm. They were originally called Cameroon dwarf goats.

How much does a pygmy goat cost?

Usually, pygmy goats can range in price from as little as $75 to $400. A wether, which is the term for a castrated billy, will cost around $125 to $175, whereas an older specimen can have a price that’s almost double. The cost of the baby pygmy goat will usually be dependent on factors like its breeder, gender, colors, age, overall quality, and geographical location.

As with most animals, registered ones will cost more than those that have no papers. You will spend more on a registered male that has the desirable characteristics breeders look for than for a faulted female.

If you’re a goat lover who is considering adopting one of these majestic animals, then keep in mind that they are herd animals and should never be left without company. The best thing to do when budgeting for goats is to multiply your estimate by the number of goats you plan on bringing home. If you only need the goat as a pet, then try to get two males and have them castrated. It should be enough for them to get the needed socialization.

While doing our research we landed on Hoobly, one popular classifieds website that is pretty similar to Craigslist, which had quite a few ads selling goats, with costs that were ranging from $125 to over $200.

Type of Pygmy Expected Price
Registered Buck $175 to $300
Neutered Male $75 to $150
Retired Older Female/Male $75 to $150
Registered Doeling $250 to $450
Unregistered Doeling $100 to $150
Wethers $75 to $125
Unregistered Buck $75 to $150

Details on pygmy goats

When you’re looking for a goat, it’s important to take into account their age. A reputable breeder won’t offer their goats up for sale until they reach around eight weeks of age since they are still feeding on a bottle and weaning off slowly at this time. However, when the pygmy is about 12 weeks old, they can handle going to an unfamiliar home better because of how independent they become. Getting a younger goat will usually mean that you will have to bottle feed it, so be sure you’re ready for this commitment.

The most important thing a breeder can do is provide their new owner with all of the necessary registration papers, up-to-date vaccinations, and health guarantees. At 10 to 12 weeks old these goats should be vaccinated against clostridial diseases so that they are protected from some fatal illnesses in addition to being started on parasite control programs for various worms and intestinal parasites.

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Pygmy goats are small and the males can weigh up to 85lbs. The females on average weigh 50-75 pounds, and they vary in height between 16 and 24 inches tall depending on what is more comfortable for them at their full-grown size. If they are properly taken care of as pets, pygmy goat’s life expectancy averages to about 8 – 12 years old.

Any additional expenses to consider?

Pygmy GoatFor those who have never had a goat before, you will need to prepare the appropriate shelter with bedding, which will be an additional expense. The size of your new area should be at least eight feet by eight feet long and include grassy areas where they can graze. It also needs secure fencing so that the pet doesn’t escape. And finally, make sure there are some objects around which are climbable because goats love climbing. Depending on materials used in the construction of this special habitat, costs could range anywhere from $500 – $2k+.

Pygmy goats are adorable creatures with a hearty appetite. They can eat as much hay and grain as they want, but be careful about changing their diet abruptly; it can make them very sick. Dairy farmers who have been raising pygmies for years, as well as The National Pygmy Goat Association, recommend that you gradually introduce the new food over seven to ten days by mixing in some of what is offered regularly to avoid stomach upset. Owning a pygmy goat will mean spending around $300 per year just on feed according to experienced owners.

A goat’s hooves should be trimmed every eight weeks and if you were to get help with this task, a professional can charge $25-$50.
The goat will also need periodic vet visits. Vaccinations will cost less than $25 a year if you do them yourself.,while wormers are about double this amount.

Important things to consider

Before adopting a goat, research whether or not it is legal to own one in the area. The Pocket Farm Magazine recommends buying from a registered stock Pygmy Goat Club to be sure of the goat’s true status.

The pygmy goat is a small, hardy animal that can survive in any climate but prefers the winter for its weather. There are only seven colors approved by American Standards and they vary from caramel patterned to black-patterned goats.

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