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Real Working Batmobile Cost

batmobile cost

Batman continues to be one of the favorite heroes of all time.

For car enthusiasts, Batman has always been about the Batmobile and its capabilities.

As the new Batman movie is preparing to be launched in 2016, while “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is in the middle of filming, new Batmobile stills and pictures are released by the director Zack Snyder, that hopes to catch fans eyes and get them hyped about the new Dark Knight release. This time, the Batmobile starts to looks less and less like a car and more like a tank.

What could be the price of this monster? What could be the price of the Batmobile, especially if it was a piece of real military equipment? The tank favored by the U.S. Army, the M1, has a normal cost of a little over $6 million each.

Of course, the Batmobile, with all its capabilities, would cost a lot more, at least according to the host of Pimp My Ride, Ryan Friedlinghaus.

A Batmobile Could Be Expensive, Why Not Get The Delorean From Back To The Future?

After seeing Synder’s photo, Friedlinghaus said that “It’s kinda cool because it looks like what we built,”. Preparing for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, West Coast Customs, having Friedlinghaus as host, built another Batmobile, over the course of 6 months. The reason behind this was the promotion of this year’s video game “Batman: Arkham Knight”, from Warner Bros.

Batmobile 1960 look and cost

The 1960 Batmobile

Their Batmobile wasn’t functional, but it still cost around $1 million to be put together. The working model from the actual movie is estimated to have cost around $3 million, if not more. According to Friedlinghaus’ estimate, if you’d want a working bulletproof vehicle with all its tools working, and not just a pretty car that can be driven around, you’d have to spend about three times more. That means roughly $9 million, without even considering ammunition.

As a comparison, the first-ever Batmobile from the ’60 TV series, created by George Barris, cost him around $15,000, is built around a 1955 Lincoln Futura prototype.

An Expensive War-Machine Needs A Car Great Insurance!

On the other hand, the Batmobile from “Batman Begins”, is said to have been created from scratch, with 44-inch rear tires, and had a cost of around $1 million.

So if you’re planning to get yourself a Warmachine, fully functional, with all the equipment and abilities of the latest Batmobile, you’ll have to get at least $9 million out of your pocket. Even if you only want the car to look like a Batmobile and function as a vehicle, with no equipment or other options on it, you`ll still have to spend at least $1 million on it.

Should the average working Joe get a Batmobile?

We can’t imagine any scenario where a Warmachine costing $9 million would be a good investment for a normal person. This is an item that is out of the comfort zone of most people, and even if you would have the necessary funds to get it, why would you? Having a Batmobile might seem like a cool idea, but if you have the necessary funds, just stop and think things through for a second. Maybe spending $9 million on a Warmachine isn’t the best decision of your life.

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