Silk Fabric Cost

Silk Fabric Cost

Last Updated on December 29, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Silk is luxurious and aesthetically pleasing yarn, which translates into beautifully crafted garments. Whether light or heavyweight, silk fabric can be used to create an elegant dress or a more rustic suit for men.

Silk is a fabric that can be used in an either crisp or softened form. Crisp silk will usually be worn as the top of your garment, while softer pieces are ideal for creating pants.

How much does silk fabric cost?

The actual cost of silk will usually vary anywhere between $5 and in some cases over $70 per yard.  This shouldn’t scare you, because from our research we noticed that most silk fabric will be priced between $5 and $20.

Silk fabric will usually be priced depending on its quality and rarity, but also on the type and its colors. The amount you buy as well as the place you buy it from will also have an impact on the final price.

Walmart stores carry a variety of fabrics, with prices ranging from $10 to over $45 per yard. These prices vary depending on the pattern and brand you get.

You might also like our articles about the cost of cotton, hem curtains, and gypsy dresses. is one of the webshops that offer a range of silk types, ranging from $7 to upwards of $60 per yard with different colors and styles that will usually suit most people’s needs.

Type of Silk Description Average Price (per yard)
Chiffon It is heavier and stronger than gauze silk. You will also notice it to be woven in a way to create a crepe-like texture. $7 to $15
Charmeuse This type of silk will have a soft, muted crepe on one side and a classic, shiny satin on the other. You will notice this silk to be usually stretchier than most. $10 to $27
Dupioni Often woven with differing colors, this is a plain weave crisp style of silk. $14 to $24
Crepe de Chine This type of silk will usually come in black and white and is available in several weights. The sheen will be harder to notice when compared to other types and it will have a slight, crinkled texture with a gentle drape. $10 to $24
Georgette This is a lightweight, sheer, dull-finished fabric that got its name after the French dressmaker, Georgette de la Plante. $12 to $25
Gauze A type of silk that is delicate, very soft, and light in weight, that can work great with dyes. $4 to $5
Jersey This type of silk can be more elastic than other types because it is machine-made. $4 to $7
Habotai It’s called the “china silk”. This is the classic silk that you will usually see in most projects. It’s lustrous, soft, and perfect for those who are just starting to work with silk. $5 to $20
Raw As the name implies, raw silk will be the natural kind, with an off-white color. You will notice it has a rough feel. $5 to $10
Organza This crisp silk is flat, strong, and smooth in feel. It will generally be used for garments and lampshade work. $5 to $10
Taffeta This isn’t a normal type of silk. It’s more of a crisp, smooth, plain-woven fabric made from silk. $20 to $40

Silk fabric details

Silk FabricSilk is a gorgeous fabric that comes in many colors. Some of the most popular range from beige to black, but there are also some with more exotic shades like green, pink, ivory, and orange. Silk can come in widths between 36-72 inches and it’s typically 44″ wide or wider.

Silk fabric is one of the most luxurious fabrics in existence, and it comes in a variety of different patterns. Some silk materials can be made to have stripes or plaids while others might come with floral designs or have an abstract look to them. Silk fabric is suitable for all types of garments such as shirts, blouses, gowns, drapes, dresses, or jackets.

Is there any way to spend less?

Silk is a challenging fabric to find locally, so you may have to resort to ordering it online. For the most accurate representation of what will work with your project, order a small sample before committing – many retailers allow for this.

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