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Sizzler is an American restaurant chain with more than 90 locations all over the United States of America. Its first location was opened in 1958 in Culver City, Canada as a steakhouse where customers could enjoy steak dinners at an affordable price.

Sizzler expanded its menu throughout time and included various food items such as tacos, salads, seafood and soups. In the table below you will find the latest Sizzler’s menu prices.

Food Size Price


Tri-Tip Sirloin 8 oz $15.89
Rib Eye 14 oz $23.99
Add Onions $2.49
New York Strip 8 oz $21.79
Add Mushrooms $2.49
Bourbon Peppercorn Sirloin Cuts $15.29

Handcrafted Burgers

Mega Bacon Burger 1/3 lb $11.59
Smokey Bacon Burger 1/3Lb 1/3 lb $11.59
Grilled Chicken Club $11.29
Classic Burger 1/3 lb $9.99

Combo Nation

Steak & Malibu Chicken $15.99
Steak & Jumbo Crispy Shrimp (6) $17.99
Steak & Grilled Shrimp Skewers (2) $20.99
Steak & Unlimited Crispy Shrimp $20.99
Steak & Lobster $26.29
Classic Steak Trio $18.69
Steak & Jumbo Crispy Shrimp(6) $17.19
Steak & Italian Herb Chicken $15.99
Steak & Grilled Shrimp Skewers (2) $19.99
Steak & Unlimited Crispy Shrimp $19.99
Steak & Malibu Chicken $15.99
Classic Steak Trio $19.19
Steak & Lobster $24.99

Hand-Cut Steaks

Tri-Tip Sirloin 8 oz $15.99
Rib Eye 14 oz $21.99
New York Strip 12 oz $19.89


Fresh Grilled Salmon 6 oz $18.49
Grilled Shrimp Skewers (2) $16.99
Cilantro Lime Barramundi $16.99
Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp $17.99
Jumbo Crispy Shrimp(12) $15.99

Ribs & Chicken

Baby Back Ribs 6 Bone $15.79
Double Malibu Chicken $13.79
Bbq Ribs (3) & Chicken $15.79

Smaller Plates

Tri-Tip Sirloin $14.79
Italian Herb Chicken $12.79
Malibu Chicken $12.79
Jumbo Crispy Shrimp(6) $12.79

Ribs And Chicken

Baby Back Ribs 6 Bone $15.99
Double Malibu Chicken $13.99
Bbq Ribs And Chicken $15.99

Smaller Plates

Tri-Tip Sirloin 6 oz $14.79
Italian Herb Chicken $12.79
Malibu Chicken $12.79
Jumbo Crispy Shrimp (6) $12.79

Brand History

The history of Sizzlers starts back in 1958, in Culver City, California. This restaurant chain was founded by Helen and Del Johnson as Del’s Sizzler Family Steak House. Their goal was to build a budget steakhouse, a food chain that offered a restaurant feel but with affordable prices. In the beginning, their menu was very simple and contained only two different steaks, bread rolls, and a side salad.

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Sizzlers expanded within the Los Angeles area and opened some more locations in the 1960s. Also, they incorporated the self-service concept into their business by combining table service with self-service. This new concept spread throughout the 1970s and the competing casual-dining restaurants started to offer a larger menu.

Throughout the 1980s the restaurant started to offer a full buffet, not only a salad bar, because of the pressure from competitors. Among the food items included in the bar were the hot appetizers, the all-you-can-eat shrimp, the soup, and different desserts. This led to a decrease in sales for other items because the clients chose to order the all-you-can-eat option mainly.

Sizzlers play an important role in the community because they host various fundraising programs such as the No Kid Hungry program and some other programs for students.

We already mentioned in the beginning, that today Sizzler has more than 90 locations all over the United States, with the heaviest presence on the West Coast. Moreover, it expanded its franchise in different countries outside the United States like China, Australia, and Japan. Even though the restaurant had some financial problems throughout time, it is still one of the people’s favorites when it comes to casual dining.

Our review

Sizzler Menu ItemsThe Sizzler menu includes a large variety of seafood, hamburgers, and steak options at prices starting at around $12 and going up to more than $25. A more affordable option in their value menu which includes an endless salad bar plate and an entree, with the most expensive item priced at around $18. Expect to pay around $16 for the seafood items that include shrimp skewer, unlimited shrimp, and fresh salmon.

This restaurant offers different lunch and dinner options at affordable prices which would satisfy anyone’s taste in food. Moreover, you can enjoy a nutritious, healthy meal with their Healthy Dining options, like the fresh grilled salmon, for example.

Their most popular item is the salad buffet, but some clients complained about the fact that the chicken wings and shrimps are no longer included in the salad bar. On the other hand, the steaks received very good reviews for their good quality and taste.

Sizzler is open on most of the holidays like New Year, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and a few more. Customers can take advantage of some of the benefits offered by this restaurant such as free birthday coupons, buying Sizzler gift cards, a senior citizen discount for customers 60 years or even older, and many more.

Sizzler’s customers are welcomed in a warm atmosphere by a friendly staff that makes sure that you enjoy the food and the services offered.

Brand FAQs

At what time does Sizzler open?

Most of the Sizzler restaurants open at 10:00 a.m. every day, but it depends on the day of the week and location. So, you should verify the opening hours of the location you are interested in on the official website of the restaurant.

At what time does Sizzler close?

In general, Sizzler closes at 10:00 p.m. from Monday until Saturday. However, their operating hours may vary from one location to another. It is recommended to check this information on their official website.

Who owns Sizzler?

Sizzler is owned by Collins Foods Limited, which is a publicly-listed Australian company.

When was Sizzler founded?

The first Sizzler restaurant was opened in Culver City, California on January 27, 1958.

How many Sizzler locations are there?

There are 99 Sizzler restaurants all over the world.

Who founded Sizzler?

Sizzler was founded by Helen and Del Johnson.

Where did the “Sizzler” name come from?  

“Sizzler” comes from the “sizzle” sound a stake makes on a hot plate.

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