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The expense of a snowboard is just one of the numerous expenses when it comes to snowboarding. Snowboards are pretty different than skis in lots of ways, including the creative design on the top side. For instance, a lot of snowboards are a lot more decorated than skis and lots of boards also have signatures of popular snowboarders from all over the world.

Just how much are the usual snowboard costs?

A kid’s recreational snowboard, which can be used nearly like a sled, will cost about $30 to $60. These snowboards will not require any special kinds of boots; they will just strap to your kid’s feet. For instance, the Snowboogie 95cm can be bought for just $30.

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A brand-new snowboard for adults can cost $100 to $1,000. The difference in costs is based mainly on the quality and maker of the board. At Pro Board Store, for instance, a women’s Avalanche Le Femme will cost about $160 while a men’s Burton Vapor 157 will have a cost of $900.

At SnowPassion, as another example, a women’s snowboard will cost anywhere from $160 to as much as $500 on the higher end, while a men’s board is going to cost $200 to as much as $1,000.

Personalized boards with personalized art and a particular design can begin at $500. This will all depend upon the business carrying out the personalization task.


Brand Price Range
Burton Snowboard $120 to $450
Carbon Credit Series Snowboard Cost $200 to $400
Firefly Snowboard $100 to $175
K2 Snowboard $120 to $600
Lamar Snowboard $130 to $275

Any additional expenses to know about?

While a lot of skis also come with the bindings needed to link the boots, snowboards will usually not feature those. Bindings need to be bought individually. A snowboard binding will cost about $100 to $175 for a really basic set.

There are numerous accessories and parts of equipment that you will spend for to prepare for snowboarding such as gloves at $30 to $60, safety glasses for $30 to $50, outwear for around $100, a helmet for $50 to $125, and boots for $125 to $225.

While optional, a bag is perfect for those who wish to protect their boards while transporting them or throughout the offseason.

Lift tickets, depending upon the place, can cost approximately $100 for the day.

Having a snowboard shipped, depending upon the distance, can cost as low as $20 to more than $100. The majority of the time, this will be less expensive than checking it in as travel luggage on an airline flight.

Some general maintenance, such as wax and edge, will cost around $20 to $30. A tuneup can cost about $30 to $50, depending upon the quantity of work that will have to be done.

Any tips to keep in mind?

Snowboarding sportYou should first know what sort of riding style you would prefer. One of the most common riding styles is freestyle. Unless you’re a professional snowboarder, it’s perfect to just stick to this type of riding style.

If you’re a newbie in this sport, think about going for a board that is smaller-sized. Novices tend to have an easier time with boards that are much shorter in length. Among the main reasons is that it comes with much better maneuverability.

The stiffness of the board is going to provide the rider with a sense of turning. Newbies should always go with a board that is softer.

If you’re not sure about the type of board you will want, think about going to a local store. This is going to provide you with a much better understanding of what’s going to work for you and you will also get an idea of how the board is going to fit. You should always consider acquiring your board personally from a physical store, to see exactly what you get.

Think about demoing the board before buying it. A lot of stores will be more than happy to let you try one out. Just like an automobile or a bike, each individual is going to have his own feel.

The board needs to come up to between your chin and forehead.

When your feet are on the board, they must be flush with the edge and should not hang over the side.

Here are the best brand names to try:
  • Burton
  • Online forum
  • GNU
  • K2
  • Ride

Is there any way to save some money?

Purchasing snowboards and snowboard accessories at the end of the snowboarding season can save you a great deal of money. Search for year-end shopping sales at some of the significant merchants or even online.

Purchasing a second-hand snowboard on Amazon, eBay, and Craig’s List can also save a lot of money. Oftentimes, you might be able to land a previous snowboard user unload all of their equipment in one listing. This is an excellent way to get the bindings, boots, safety glasses, and more.

If you are not exactly sure whether you are going to enjoy snowboarding, you can rent the needed equipment the first time to see if you enjoy it. A lot of ski lifts enable you to rent snowboards for about $30 to $60 for the day.

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