Steel I Beam Cost

Although more popular for industrial structures, steel beams are likewise utilized by architects and engineers to finish particular parts of residential buildings. That is, to make certain that specific parts of your home will be standing for extended periods of time.

Among the most popular kinds of steel products for a home’s structure is the I-beam. Wish to strengthen your structure with it? Here is a guide on the steel I-beam cost.

Average Steel Beam Rates

The typical steel I-beam expense depends upon market conditions. For example, if there’s a high supply of products but purchasers just a few, the cost will be lower. On the other hand, restricted supply and great deals of projects needing metals at the same time will lead to bigger steel beam costs.

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Though varying, it will be of help if you can have a general idea of the expense of steel and how it changes over time. According to, the rate of the material has actually reached as high as $1,265 per ton in 2008. The change was so emphatic when the average dropped to $90 per ton in 2016.

Price Elements

The I-beam costs, as stated previously, will be mainly affected by the motion in the market. Aside from that, other aspects consist of:

  1. Size
  2. Weight
  3. Strength
  4. Provider of the beams

Sample Expenses

To understand the basics about the I-beam rates, let’s utilize one of the more known expense calculators available online. It can show you the approximated cost of one I-beam.

Here are a few of the figures we created by inputting the size of the beam (with a repaired length of 8 feet):.

  • 4 x 13: $109.43
  • 5 x 19: $127.44
  • 6 x 20: $135.77
  • 8 x 15: $117.81
  • 10 x 12: $99.16
  • 12 x 19: $148.55
  • 14 x 30: $222.81
  • 16 x 26: $194.70
  • 24 x 55: $397.69
Aside from the size of your beams, how you will utilize the material will affect the expense. For example, a storage facility structure made from steel has a cost range of $13,800 ($11.50 per SF) to $460,800 ($7.51 per SF) according to Structures Guide. The figures consist of both the setup and the products.

Cost factors to consider

Naturally, purchasing the I-beams is not the end of a building and construction job. Aside from the budget for the materials, you need to get ready for other costs consisting of setup, labor expenses, and replacing your steel beams.

According to HomeAdvisor, setting up the steel beams generally costs $1,185 to $3,909. That is if you employ an expert for the setup.

If we’re on the subject of hiring experts, the labor expenses as approximated by Home Advisor will be:

  1. Engineer: Can charge $400 to $600 for identifying the correct size and strength of the metal beams.
  2. Contractors: Could charge $200 to $400 for setting up each beam.
  3. Shipment services: Could cost around $600 to $1,200 for labor and equipment rental each day.
There are circumstances when you will have to change existing steel beams. According to the United States Water Proofing, that might cost about $7,000 to $8,000 for a basic setup and $20,000 to $25,000 for a more complex project.

How to Save Money With I-Beams

IBeam SteelYou can probably save some money by setting up the steel beams yourself, right? Well, actually no. To start with, dealing with these materials is not a task fit for Do It Yourself lovers. Your project will reach its desired result only if you work with a professional contractor. Keep in mind that the setup is part of the foundation of your home, so ensuring that it will be successful is of critical concern.If you’re worried about investing too much, understand that utilizing I-beams can save you a lot of money in small ways:

  • Steel is recyclable. That means that you will not need to spend on landfill costs due to non-recyclable building and construction waste. Furthermore, the steel businesses would want to gather what remains of your project so they can utilize it to make brand-new beams. Naturally, at no extra charge to you.
  • Steel lasts long. This material can be part of your foundation for a very long time. And aside from their sturdiness, I-beams need little upkeep, saving you a lot of money.
  • Developments in steel production. Much easier production of the materials leads to lower expenses of the end product. That is because of the fewer hours required for workers to produce a single ton of I-beam. So, as long as there are developments that will aid to speed up the production procedure, the rate of I-beams will likely continue to go down.
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    I understand why steel beams can be beneficial especially because they can be recycled and when you are ready to dispose of them, certain companies would gather them for you for free. I also wonder if there are services that do custom fabrication of this construction material. This is because my husband once had a unique architectural design for our future home that may need a specific shape of the beam.


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