SuperCuts Prices

Supercuts Prices

For many men and women, choosing a hairdresser is quite a difficult choice, because one of the things that define us the most is our hair and the way we style it. Therefore, finding a stylist to whom we can “entrust” our hair adornment is an important moment for many of us.

Nowadays, many cities offer a wide range of hair salons. Choosing a quality hairdresser is important if you appreciate the advantages of choosing a stylist who knows your style preferences and who treats your hair frequently.

Supercuts is an American hair salon with locations all over the United States, which offers a wide variety of hairstyling services with prices starting at around $15 for a simple haircut. In the table below you will find the prices charged by Supercuts. Keep in mind that these costs may vary from one location to another.

SuperCuts Haircut Prices

Haircut $15
Haircut with shampoo $21
Haircut with shampoo and blow dry starting at $28
Tea tree special shampoo $12
Beard and bang trim $8
Condition treatment starting at $13
Blow dry and style starting at $15
Shampoo $8
Adults 60 and over haircut $15
Kids 12 and under haircut $15

Supercuts Waxing Prices

Chin waxing $8
Eyebrows waxing $10
Lip Waxing $8

Supercuts Hair Color

Tips starting at $30
Glazing starting at $55
Highlights starting at $40

Brand History

Supercuts was founded in 1975 by Frank E. Emmett and Geoffrey M. Rappaport in San Francisco Bay Area. Their first salon was located in Albany, California and nowadays the headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Supercuts has changed the way hair salons were managed and organized. In the 1970s the haircutting landscape was very gendered, with beauty salons for women and barbershops for men. Supercuts came with a new concept by offering unisex services, not only gendered. Also, kids are welcome. These new salons were simpler and less hectic than a beauty salon, and more modern and cleaner than a barbershop.

At this time Supercuts is entirely owned by Regis Corporations, which owns also MasterCuts, SmartStyle, Regis Salons, Cost Cutters, and many more.

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Supercuts has more than 2,700 locations all over the United States of America, but also in Australia, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

Our review

Supercuts InsideSupercuts works only with well-trained and creative stylists, so you can be sure that no two styles or haircuts at Supercuts will be the same. Moreover, the prices are really affordable and you will be able to choose the haircut that fits your facial features the best. Here you will find specialists who will present the latest trends in hairstyles and haircuts, adapting them to the lifestyle and looks of customers.

Supercuts offers a wide variety of hair services such as kids’ haircuts, women’s haircuts, color services, men’s haircuts, and waxing as well, so you have a sharp look.

In order to maintain your haircut and keep that glamorous look for a longer period, Supercuts offers high-quality hair products from top brands like Redken, Biolage, American Crew, Paul Mitchell, Nioxin, and many more, but at Supercuts costs. The products used in the salon – and therefore sold to customers – define a hair salon. The use of these products from well-known brands are strong indicators of a good salon.

If you would like to offer your loved ones the glam look too, you can purchase a Supercuts Gift Card in a price range of $10 to $500. Also, you can send these cards online for a fee of around $5.

Supercuts has really affordable prices. For example, the haircuts for children 10 years old and under are around $12, an adult will only have to pay around $15 and seniors over 65 years old get a discount and will have to pay only $12 for a haircut.

Supercuts FAQs

At what time does Supercuts open?

In general, Supercuts opens at 09:00 a.m. or 10:00 a.m., depending on the location.

At what time does Supercuts close?

Supercuts closes at 08:00 p.m., depending on the location.

How much does a haircut at Supercuts cost?

The price of a haircut at Supercuts starts at around $15, but it can go up if you would like to add shampoo and hair drying.

Does Supercuts take walk-ins?

Yes, Supercuts does take walk-ins.

Do you tip at Supercuts?

It is not required to offer a tip at Supercuts, but if you like the job your stylist did you can leave him a tip of $4 to $6.

Does Supercuts offer senior discounts?

Yes, Supercuts offers a $3 discount on every haircut to seniors over the age of 60. The costs of a senior haircut start at around $12.

Does Supercuts do hair color?

Yes, Supercuts offers hair color services like glazing, highlights or tips.

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  1. Marti (Martha) Sageman
    Marti (Martha) Sageman says:

    I would like to know why you are punishing us senior citizens after all these years. I have been a customer at the one at Lawndale in Saginaw since they opened as a Beauty shop years ago. To walk in after all these years on Friday on Lawndale and be told I could no longer get my Senior discounts hurts. I’m handicap, walk with a walker, do not drive, and have to depend on someone else to get there. My income hasn’t gone up but you keep raising yours. Is that fair? Oh by the way I’m, a former beauty operator as was my mother.


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