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SuperCuts Prices – What Should You Expect?

Last Updated on February 1, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Supercuts is a well-known national hair salon chain providing budget-friendly haircuts for men and women, as well as styling, coloring, and other hair services. With over 2,700 locations across the United States and Canada, Supercuts aims to offer professional hair care at reasonable prices.

This article will explore Supercuts’ pricing structure, the range of services available, cost comparisons with competitors, and tips for getting the most value from a visit. Read on to learn why Supercuts is a top choice for an affordable and quality salon experience.

Supercuts Prices

Supercuts prices are straightforward and designed to be cost-effective. The standard adult haircut costs $18.95 on weekdays and $22 on weekends.

Other popular services like shampooing, conditioning, and blow-drying generally add $10-15 to the total price. Styling options such as up-dos, braids, curls, or highlights start at $20. Perms and hair relaxing treatments start at $50.

Hair coloring ranges from $48 for a partial highlight to $68 and up for an all-over application. Kids and senior haircuts are discounted to just $15 Monday through Friday.

Overall, Supercuts aims to keep prices at least 20% below traditional full-service salons. They do this by focusing on high volume and skilled stylists.

Appointments aren’t required, also reducing overhead costs and wait times. The national pricing means prices are consistent across locations, so a wash, cut, and blowout runs about $30 in almost any city.

Beardoholic reports that the prices at Supercuts usually start from $14 and can go up to around $44 for haircuts, a blow or hair dryer, and shampoo. They also provide a detailed price list, including:

  • Supercut: $24
  • Supercut II (with shampoo & conditioner): $29
  • Supercut III (with shampoo, conditioner & blow dry): At least $38
  • Supercut Jr. (10 years and below): $21
  • Supercut Sr. (over 65 years): $21
  • Tips (Hair Color): At least $38

SalonRates.com states that Supercuts salon prices start at around $22 for a standard adult “Supercut.” They also provide a price list, including:

  • Supercut: $22
  • Supercut II (Includes shampoo and basic conditioner): $26
  • Supercut III (Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, and blow dry): $35 & up
  • Supercut Jr. (10 and under): $19
  • Supercut Sr. (65 and over): $19
  • Tips: $35 & up
  • Highlights: $35 & up
  • Glazing: $45 & up
  • Root Retouch: $45
  • Gray Blending: $10
  • Shampoo: $9
  • Conditioning Treatment: $15 & up
  • Blow Dry: $15 & up
  • Styling: $40 & up
  • Tea Tree Experience: $15
  • Beard/Bang Trim: $10

SalonRoute.com mentions that haircut prices at Supercuts hair salons span from $19 to $37, and Supercolor options start at $30 and extend to $73.

Overview of Supercuts Services

Supercuts provides the full range of hair care services, keeping the focus on quality haircuts and styling. Core offerings include:

  • Haircuts, including clipper cuts, razor cuts, bang trims, beard trims, and styled cuts.
  • Hair coloring services like full color, highlights, lowlights, gloss, and root touch-ups.
  • Texture services such as perms, relaxers, and keratin treatments to straighten or smooth hair.
  • Styling like updos, braids, thermal styling, and special occasion hair.
  • Waxing of eyebrows, lips, and facial hair removal.
  • Hair repair treatments like deep conditioning and Olaplex.

Almost all services come with a shampoo, condition, and blow-dry. Guests can also add a scalp massage, hair mask, or other upgrades. With convenient hours seven days a week, Supercuts aims to meet all basic hair care needs.

Comparing Haircut Costs

How do local Supercuts haircut prices stack up against competitors? Here’s a quick overview:

  • Supercuts adult haircut: $18.95 weekday, $22 weekend
  • Great Clips adult hair cut: $15.99 weekday, $18.99 weekend
  • Sports Clips MVP haircut: $23 weekday
  • Cost Cutters adult haircut: $16 weekday
  • First Choice Haircutters: $16.95 weekday

Supercuts prices land right in the middle of the major budget chains. Their weekday rates match up closely with Great Clips and Cost Cutters.

Weekend and kids’ rates are a touch higher than competitors. Overall, the pricing is quite comparable across these affordable hair salon options. Some people consider them affordable prices overall.

Additional Services and Their Prices

Beyond haircuts, Supercuts offers a wide range of styling, coloring, texture, and waxing services. Here are some of the most popular add-ons and their typical prices:

  • Partial highlights starting at $48
  • All-over color starting at $58
  • Perm or relaxer starting at $50
  • Updo style starting at $20
  • Bang trim or beard trim $10
  • Waxing services like brows $12, lips $10
  • Deep conditioning treatment $10
  • Olaplex hair repair $15

These services require additional time, products, and styling expertise. But they still represent everyday low pricing compared to full-service salons. A partial highlight at Supercuts costs $48 versus $70-150 at an Aveda or Ulta salon, for example. Consider adding on services to get more value from your Supercuts visit.

Budget-Friendly Options at Supercuts

Supercuts offers several ways to save:

  • Kids and seniors receive discounted $15 haircuts Monday through Friday.
  • Join the Supercuts Rewards program to earn points towards free haircuts and products.
  • Download the Supercuts app for access to exclusive offers and mobile checkout.
  • Look for the “Style & Go” option for a quick $10 haircut with minimal styling.
  • Ask about any current promotions for reduced pricing on popular services.
  • Consider student, military, first responder, and other discount days offered at local salons.

With some research and flexibility, you can almost always find ways to maximize value at Supercuts. The everyday low prices become even more budget-friendly.

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Factors Influencing Service Costs

Supercuts InsideWhile Supercuts prices are consistent nationally, a few factors can impact the total service cost:

  • Hair length – Long or thick hair requires more time to cut and style, usually adding $5-10.
  • Complex styling – Intricate updos, braids, thermal curls will have a higher base price.
  • Multiple processes – Doing a perm plus a color costs more than a perm alone.
  • Product usage – Extra hair coloring or treatment products can add cost.
  • Add-on services – More services mean a higher ticket price.

Discuss any specific hair needs with your stylist upfront so final pricing is clear before getting started. This allows for the best service within your budget.

Finding a Supercuts Location and Pricing

With over 2,700 locations, Supercuts has salons in every state and most major metro areas. Use the salon locator on their website to find one nearby. You can call the local salon directly to ask about current pricing, promotions, or to book an appointment.

Stylists are trained to quote pricing over the phone for a specific service request. You can also check prices by downloading the Supercuts app.

Making the Most of Your Supercuts Visit

Follow these tips to have the best experience during your Supercuts visit:

  • Come with clean, dry hair – This saves time and allows for a better cut and style.
  • Show photos of desired styles – Visuals help your stylist understand the look you want.
  • Ask for product recommendations – Stylists can suggest products to help achieve your style at home.
  • Redeem rewards – Don’t forget to use any earned reward points to redeem discounts.
  • Pre-pay and tip – Supercuts allows for easy self-checkout with the app. Add a deserved tip for great service.
  • Schedule regular visits – Maintain your look by booking follow-up appointments every 4-8 weeks.

By clearly communicating your needs and maximizing planning, you can get a customized cut at unbeatable prices.


With excellent training standards, convenient locations, and transparent everyday low pricing, Supercuts offers unbeatable value for all hair care services. The salon menu covers cuts, styling, coloring, textures, and waxing for men, women, and kids. While prices remain extremely reasonable, the haircut quality from skilled stylists never disappoints. Supercuts continues to be a top choice for millions looking for an affordable but professional salon experience.

How much do you tip for a $20 haircut?

The standard tip amount for a $20 haircut is $4-5. This equals an 18-25% tip, which is considered an appropriate amount for good service for a basic haircut.

While tipping norms can vary, stylists at budget chain salons like Supercuts generally expect an 18-20% tip. For exceptional service – such as for a complex style or color treatment – tipping up to 25% is a nice gesture.

But for routine haircuts, sticking to $4-5 on a $20 cut is perfectly acceptable. Tipping can be done in cash or added when paying by debit/credit card. Making sure to tip your hairdresser appropriately encourages excellent service on future visits.

What is a Supercuts 2?

A Supercuts 2 is a higher-tier salon concept also owned by Regis Corporation, the parent company of Supercuts. Supercuts 2 salons offer more upscale facilities, expanded services, and premium hair care products compared to regular Supercuts locations.

Supercuts 2 features trendy decor, free wi-fi, coffee bars, and enhanced client comforts. The services menu includes more complex styling, waxing, manicures, makeup, and scalp treatments beyond basic haircuts.

However, Supercuts 2 pricing is only about 10-20% higher than regular Supercuts pricing for similar services. The expanded offerings and amenities aim to attract younger, fashion-focused customers.

While still moderately priced, Supercuts 2 provides a stepped-up salon experience compared to the basic budget Supercuts. There are currently around 50 Supercuts 2 locations, mostly in metro areas and near colleges, positioning the concept between value-tier and mid-tier hair salons.

Overall, Supercuts 2 offers more contemporary style and a wider menu of services versus standard Supercuts, at a small premium.

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    I would like to know why you are punishing us senior citizens after all these years. I have been a customer at the one at Lawndale in Saginaw since they opened as a Beauty shop years ago. To walk in after all these years on Friday on Lawndale and be told I could no longer get my Senior discounts hurts. I’m handicap, walk with a walker, do not drive, and have to depend on someone else to get there. My income hasn’t gone up but you keep raising yours. Is that fair? Oh by the way I’m, a former beauty operator as was my mother.


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