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Great Clips Prices For Haircuts and Styling

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Known for convenience, consistency, and affordability, Great Clips accommodates millions seeking quality haircare at wallet-friendly rates. But what exactly does the hair giant charge for everything from classic cuts to stylish trims and specialized treatments?

Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of current Great Clips prices including haircuts and styling services. We’ll provide context on influencing factors, location variances, and how prices compare against competitors. Finally, discover tips for maximizing savings at your local franchise.

Great Clips Prices For Haircuts and Styling

True to their reputation for value, Great Clips offers some of the lowest standard and specialty haircare rates nationwide. Current prices break down as:

Salon Service Category Service Price
Great Haircuts Kids Under 10 $12
Seniors 65+ $12
Adults $14
Styling Services Bang/Beard/Neck Trim $7
Short Hair Styling +$1
Medium Hair Styling +$11
Long Hair Styling +$21
Wash & Condition $4
Conditioning Treatment $13
Specialized Perm Treatments Partial Perm $35
Medium Hair Perm $60
Long Hair Perm $75

The average adult visiting for a cut pays $14, while a teen wanting layered styling and conditioning ends up closer to $32 pre-tip.

What Impacts the Total Cost of My Visit?

Beyond the static service fees, the final sums come down to choices around:

  • Add-on Styling Requests: Layers, Bang Shaping etc.
  • Specialized Treatments and Haircare Services: Conditioners, Smoothing Serums
  • Tip Amount Based on Service & Experience

Additionally, personalized discounts and seasonal promotions can be deducted from the price. We explain how to leverage these later on.

How Haircare Service Costs Compare to Alternatives

Against industry averages, Great Clips provides exceptional bang-for-buck across all standard and specialty hair offerings:

  1. Great Clips Salon Adult Haircut: $14
  2. Supercuts Adult Haircut: $17
  3. Sport Clips Adult Haircut: $19
  4. Local Salon Adult Cut: $40+

What to Expect In-Salon

Convenience and affordability come first at Great Clips franchises. But before visiting, set proper expectations around:

  • Wait Times: Peak weekends often mean 30+ minute lags for walk-ins. Use the app to join the virtual waitlist remotely.
  • Great Clips Stylist Expertise: Skilled licensed hair stylists staff each salon. But request a senior stylist if you need precision cuts.
  • Salon Amenities: No-frills setups prioritize cost savings over complex features. Basic kids toys and free Wi-Fi can increase your comfort.
  • Customer Service: Satisfaction ultimately ties to the individual stylist. But the chain focuses on delivering friendliness.

Tips for Maximizing Savings

Great Clips SalonWhile already cheaper than competitors, you can save more via:

You might also like our articles about the costs of Balayage, Hair Highlights, and the prices at Sport Clips.

  • Checking their app and website when you want to get a haircut, for exclusive seasonal discounts and free haircut reward deals. First-time clients often get $2 off or a free cut.
  • Asking stylists for unadvertised student, senior, and neighborhood discounts. Some franchises run special localized offers.
  • Getting multiple services in one appointment instead of separate visits. Combine your trim and beard shaping to save time and money.
  • Applying discounted Great Clips gift cards or coupons available for 10-15% off on third-party resale sites. Pay less than face value for salon credit.
  • Tipping 15% instead of 20% without sacrificing showing appreciation. Remember that frugality helps keep prices low.

Final Words

While the occasional disappointing stylist or location may emerge, consistently low prices and conveniently located stores keep Great Clips as a reliable chain for millions countrywide seeking quality chops for cheap.

Great Clips Reviews

On Yelp, Great Clips in Kennewick, Washington has a rating of 2.1 stars from 12 reviews. One review states, “Good haircuts and reasonable prices. Stylists are always friendly and the mobile app affords checking-in prior to arrival works smoothly.”

On Sitejabber, Great Clips has a rating of 2.88 stars from 26 reviews, indicating that most customers are not really happy with their services.

One review states, “Called to ask about pricing and was hung up on. Called back and the person was very rude and hung up on me again! Called back and told him I would NEVER use their services. I will never go to any Great Clips hair salon no matter what.”

Frequently Asked Questions on Great Clips

How much is a haircut at Great Clips?

In 2023, a standard adult haircut at Great Clips costs $14. They charge $12 for kids under 10 years old and seniors over 65 years old. These prices are for basic single-length trims without any styling. Expect to pay slightly more if requesting additional layers, bang shaping, or special styles.

How much should I tip at Great Clips?

Tipping at Great Clips is appreciated but not required. If your stylist did an excellent job, consider tipping 15-20% of the total service cost. For example, tip $3-4 on a $15 haircut or $5-6 on a $30 cut and style. Tipping in cash allows the stylist to keep the full amount rather than losing a percentage to taxes.

What is the cost of a perm at Great Clips?

Great Clips offers affordable perms starting at $35 for partial perms, $60 for medium length hair perms, and $75 for long hair perms. The perm solution and supplies are included in these prices. Note that stylists may charge more for extra long or very thick hair that requires more intensive treatment.

Does Great Clips have senior discounts?

Yes, Great Clips offers a special senior price for adults 65 and older. The senior haircut price is only $12 compared to the standard $14 adult cut. Some locations provide additional senior discounts on styling services and perms as well. Seniors should ask their stylist about any unadvertised localized specials.

How much is a kid’s haircut at Great Clips?

The current cost of a kids’ haircut, for children under 10 years old, is $12 at all Great Clips locations. This makes it an ideal affordable option for parents needing regular maintenance trims for their little ones. The kids pricing applies to basic single-length cuts. Styling services cost slightly more.

How can I find a Great Clips Salon Near Me?

The easiest way to find the local Great Clips salon closest to you is with the help of the salon locator that you can find on the official website.

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    Jane Judd says:

    Terrible haircut, just little trim but no shaping at all, worse than started. Price for seniors , left $5 tip. Didn’t realize how bad, very uneven across back, pcs long hair. Now back to find another, again. Really don’t want another bad $50 cut either!


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