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Great Clips personnel is not only very qualified, trained, and dedicated to making you look fantastic, they’re also going to offer you a really personalized service. With online services linking all franchises, Great Clips will offer you a somewhat equally great and tailored service, regardless of which branch you go into. Great Clips hairstyle rates are known to be some of the very best in the market and start at just $12 for kids and $14 for grownups. Great Clips Rates might differ from place to place, however, they will be really similar to what we have listed below.

Great Clips Haircut Costs

Kids 10 & under – $12
Senior citizens 65 & over – $12
Hairstyles – $14

Great Clips Hair Style Costs

Brief – $15
Routine hair – $25
Long hair – $35

Great Clips Perm Costs

Partial perm – $35
Routine hair – $60
Long hair – $75

Great Clips Additional Service Costs

Condition treatment – $13
Hair shampoo – $4
Neck, beard, and bang trim – $7

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Frequently Asked Questions about Great Clips

Just how much will you pay for a haircut at Great Clips?
The Great Clips Haircut cost is $12 for Kids and Senior citizens. The haircut price for adults is $14.

Just how much should you tip when getting a haircut at Great Clips?

Tipping after getting a haircut is not a requirement, however, if you believe your stylist did an excellent job tipping $2 – $3 is a great way to let them understand they did exactly what you expected

Just how much is a haircut for seniors at Great Clips?

The haircut for seniors is $12.

Just how much does a perm cost at Great Clips?

You will spend $35 on a partial perm, $60 for regular hair, and $75 for long hair.

Does Great Clips have $6.99 haircuts?
No. That was a one-time promo they were doing back in 2017. Be careful when finding Facebook pages that offer $6.99 and $7.99 great clips discount coupons because they are most likely phony. The very best way to look for Great clips discount coupons is by checking out great clips main promo website.

At what time does Great Clips open?

Great Clips will open at 8 am or 9 am depending upon your location.

At what time does Great Clips close?

Great Clips usually closes at 8 pm or 9 pm depending upon your geographical location.

More about Great Clips

Great Clips SalonLaunched in 1982, Great Clips initially opened its doors close to the University of Minnesota. It was developed into a franchise in 1983 where the very first franchised Great Clips was opened in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. In the short time period between 1983 and 1988, Great Clips grew to 151 franchised branches. By the year 2011, they had actually reached an astonishing 3,100 franchises in the United States and Canada. In 2010, they had more than $846 million worth of sales.

The very best aspect of going to Great Clips, is that unlike the majority of hair salons, you do not need to book in advance. You can go right in, at your desired hour, and delight in good service from the personnel and of course go out looking great. Their services are perfect for individuals with hectic days, filled with visits, errands, conferences, workshops, and discussions. With Great Clips having their doors open till late at night and also over the weekends, your haircare will be at your fingertips. Great Clips was the very first in the market to present an online check-in application used by a Beauty salon. What’s more, you can now get an appointment at the hour of your choice, at just the push of a button. Most importantly, Great Clips rates are budget-friendly when considering the convenience, quality of services, and the number of services they offer.

To top everything off, Great Clips’ costs are great when compared with their rivals. Take pleasure in adult haircuts at $14.00, hairstyles for kids aged 10 and under at $12.00, and senior hairstyles at $12.00. Partial and normal perms are priced at $35.00 and $60.00 respectively whereas a perm for long hair would cost $75.00. For just $5.00 you can take get a bang, beard, or neck trim. Great Clips rates are unquestionably budget-friendly. But the price is not the only thing that makes Great Clips stick out to. There’s also the Great Clips volunteerism effort to aid to develop more powerful communities in the places where they run.

Great Clips has actually shown to be an established company, with great costs and devoted personnel. What’s more, they do their bit to make society a better place too.

To find out more about Great Clips and to find an area near you, just go to their main site.
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  1. Jane Judd
    Jane Judd says:

    Terrible haircut, just little trim but no shaping at all, worse than started. Price for seniors , left $5 tip. Didn’t realize how bad, very uneven across back, pcs long hair. Now back to find another, again. Really don’t want another bad $50 cut either!


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