Lady Jane’s Haircut Cost

Lady Jane's Haircut Cost

Lady Jane’s, a hair salon developed with men in mind, provides HD TVs while you wait and a relaxing VIP experience. Today, Woman Jane’s is known as one of the fastest-growing men’s hair care businesses in the United States.

Just how much does a Woman Jane haircut cost?

Typically, a Lady  Jane’s haircut without any other added services is going to cost $16 to $19 for a basic cut. If any premium add-ons will have to be added, such as a waxing, color, or facial hair trim, added charges will apply. For instance, a color will cost an extra $30. Every location will differ based upon its geographical area.

One AnnArbor.com short article stated that the Lady Jane’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan, charged $12 for a cut, hair shampoo, and shave.

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One member on a Yelp review for their Peoria, Arizona location noted that they paid $45 for a full treatment bundle, that included a haircut, neck rub, and hair shampoo with the tip included in this cost.

Lady Jane’s summary

Unlike conventional haircuts, Lady Jane’s provides a ten-minute scalp and neck massage before the cut, followed by a professional hair shampoo and conditioner. The customer is treated to a VIP experience that consists of a hot steamed towel treatment and some other services too. Before the stylist starts the actual haircut, clients will be able to lounge in reclining chairs while enjoying sports on the TVs spread out across the building. As one client put it: “It’s basically a bar scene without the alcohol.” A lot of areas also feature sports souvenirs and pool tables or other games to make time go faster.

Lady Jane’s owner Chad Johnson specifies that “We set out each day to make the Lady Jane’s experience better for each and every guy. That’s what sets us apart, that’s what makes us the best- known as it is the ONLY place for guys to get a great haircut in an environment developed specifically for them.”

What are the additional expenses?

Lady Jane's LocationAside from a standard hairstyle, Lady Jane’s also offers invigorating hair shampoo alternatives, hair and scalp treatment, colors, highlights, and/or a facial hair trim.

Tipping is not a part of the rates noted above. Tips, in general, can be any amount, however, a lot of stylists will expect a minimum of $3 to $5 for a haircut, and a little more for coloring or other services.

If you want to buy products after your cut, this can be an added charge you might want to be prepared for. The hair salon provides items like workable wax, thickening hair shampoo, molding paste, and molding debris.

Tips to keep in mind

Because Lady Jane’s can in some cases can get pretty busy, it is extremely recommended that you book ahead of time, particularly if you do not want to wait. Reviews placed online claim the waits can be long sometimes.

You should try to make the most of the free beverages that they provide.

How can you save some money?

Like any other business that cuts hair, keep your eyes open for any special promos or vouchers. For instance, in the past, they held a free haircutting event to try to break a world record. You can also browse websites like Groupon or associated deal sites for deals that will pop up from time to time.

Some locations have packages where you can combine different services for a flat rate.

Unless you are trying to find the experience we talked about above, there are lots of haircut franchises in your area that will be a lot more affordable than Lady Jane’s.

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