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First Published on January 13, 2021 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

If you have ever been to a Walmart supermarket chances are you went past a SmartStyle Hair Salon. This is due to the fact that the SmartStyle Salon is a hair salon chain owned by the Regis Corporation and is based fully in Walmart supermarkets. Regis Corporation is the leader in the beauty parlor market and of all the hair salon chains that Regis Corporation owns, SmartStyle has actually become their fastest-growing department. So what sets SmartStyle apart from the rest? They provide quick and hassle-free services where you can take pleasure in walk-in haircuts at inexpensive rates. Also, SmartStyle is not for men or women, it’s for everybody. Take pleasure in a complete range of services for the whole household, just by walking into a SmartStyle Beauty parlor.

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Listed below you will discover the most current SmartStyle Costs

Smartstyle Costs

Haircut and hair shampoo – $16
Adult hairstyle, hair shampoo, and blow-dry – $19
Kids 10 and under haircut and shampooing – $11
Kids 10 and under haircut, hair shampoo, and blow-dry – $14
Hair Color enhancement starts at – $45
Foil Highlights have prices that start at – $50
Perms cost at least – $45
Styling with hair shampoo starting at – $15
Relaxer starting at – $50
Specialized style will cost – $27
Condition treatment – $15
Waxing – $10

More about SmartStyle

SmartStyle SalonSmartStyle regularly features rates that even longtime customers have a hard time believing are possible. Currently, SmartStyle rates are so nice that it has a continuous deal for “buy one and get the 2nd one at 50% off” for Redken, DESIGNLINE, Paul Mitchell, and Matrix items that will make you look great and feel even better.
Hairstyles are done by qualified specialists who understand the inner functions of making you look great. SmartStyle hair care professionals are continuously working on themselves to make sure that you have the very best service. Even if 10 clients walk in, asking for the exact same style, their specialists will know that it isn’t simply a matter of snapping scissors. Everyone’s features are distinct. For this reason, the way to perform the very same style, on 2 individuals, would be quite different.

A few of the most popular Smartstyle services are adult hairstyles with hair shampoo and dry that are priced at $15.95 ($18.95 with express dry), hairstyles for kids with hair shampoo and dry that are priced at $10.95 ($13.95 with express dry), perms that are priced at $49.95, styling inclusive of hair shampoo at $14.95, specialized styling at $26.95, foil highlights priced at $49.95, and color at $44.95.

What’s more? Walk into your closest SmartStyle to experience the difference from any other beauty parlor. SmartStyle specialists keep up to date on the newest trends and strategies while utilizing the very best of hair-care products.

There really is no reason to not try the SmartStyle salon at least once to see whether or not their hairstyles work for you. You might even find out that the stylists that work at SmartStyle might manage to get you that complex hairstyle that only your own, very expensive hairdresser could. If you want to give this hair salon a try, then you should go to the nearest Walmart and you will usually be able to find one.
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