Smartstyle Hair Salon Prices

Last Updated on January 28, 2024
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SmartStyle is one of the most popular hair salon chains in the United States. With nearly 900 locations across the country, SmartStyle provides quality and affordable haircare services. But how much do haircuts, styling, coloring, and other treatments cost at SmartStyle? Read on for a comprehensive overview of SmartStyle hair salon prices.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the cost of services at SmartStyle. We’ll provide a detailed price list for haircuts, styling, hair color, perms, and more. We’ll also compare SmartStyle’s prices to other salons, highlight special discounts and deals, and share tips for saving money.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday haircut or a special occasion hairstyle, SmartStyle aims to offer professional service and excellent value. Keep reading to learn if this popular salon chain lives up to its reputation.

Smartstyle Hair Salon Prices

SmartStyle provides a wide array of salon services to meet different haircare needs. Here is a breakdown of the standard pricing at most SmartStyle locations:

  • Haircut – $17 to $22

The cost of a basic haircut at SmartStyle runs between $17 and $22. The final price depends on the gender, hair type, and hair length of the client. Kids’ cuts typically start at $15.

  • Blow Dry Styling – $15 to $25

Have your hair washed, conditioned, and professionally blown dry at SmartStyle for $15 to $25. More complex styling like updos or braids costs extra.

  • Hair Color – $50 and up

To have your hair colored at SmartStyle expect to pay $50 and up. Single process color starts at $50, while highlights or balayage can run $70 to $120. Color touch-ups are $35 to $45.

  • Perms – $50 and up

Perms at SmartStyle start at $50 depending on the hair length and type of perm. Spiral perm costs are around $80 to $100.

  • Hair Treatments – $15 to $25

Deep conditioning treatments, smoothing treatments, and hair masks cost $15 to $25 at SmartStyle. Keratin treatments run $150 to $250.

  • Waxing – $10 to $20 per area

SmartStyle offers facial and body waxing services ranging from brow wax at $10 to bikini wax at $25. Underarm wax is $15 and lip wax is $10.

These prices give you a good baseline for budgeting your salon visit. Keep in mind that additional services like thermal styling, hair extensions, or more complex coloring techniques will add to the total cost.

Overall, most clients can expect to spend $40 to $100 per visit at SmartStyle.

Beardoholic reports these SmartStyle prices:

  • Adult Haircut: $20.95.
  • Adult Haircut and Express Dry: $23.95 & up.
  • Kid’s Haircut and Express Dry (10 and under): $17.95.
  • Kid’s Haircut (10 and under): $13.95.
  • Buzz Cut: $13.00.
  • Permanent or Demi-Permanent Color: $58.95 and up.
  • Full Foil: $65.95 and up.
  • 7 Foils: $32.95 and up.

Salon Route talks about these prices when visiting Smartstyle:

  • Adult Haircut: $19.
  • Adult Haircut & Express Dry: $22.
  • Kid’s Haircut (10 and under): $13.
  • Kid’s Haircut & Express Dry (10 and under): $16.
  • Perm: $50 and up.
  • Color: $50 and up.
  • Highlights: $50 and up.

According to You Probably Need a Haircut, prices start at about $20 for a kids haircut or $25 for an adult haircut. SmartStyle prices are well below average in the salon industry. The average haircut costs around $53, but not at these salons! You’ll pay a fraction of that at SmartStyle.

According to the official website, SmartStyle is a full-service hair salon inside Walmart that provides the hairstyle you want at an affordable price.

They offer a variety of services, including haircuts, color services, facial waxing, and manicures. Prices may vary by location, but they are generally lower than the industry average.

What’s Included in SmartStyle’s Service Menu

From everyday haircuts and basic styles to special occasion styling, SmartStyle provides the full range of hair services. Here is an overview of what this chain offers its patrons:

  • Haircutting for men, women, and children
  • Hair coloring – highlights, lowlights, single process, etc.
  • Perms and texture services – curl, straightening, etc.
  • Hair extensions – tape-in, fusion, clip-in
  • Formal styling – updos, braids, prom hair
  • Waxing – face and body
  • Deep conditioning and hydration treatments
  • Blowouts – wash, dry, style
  • Thermal styling – flat iron, curling iron
  • Keratin treatments
  • Scalp massage

SmartStyle employs licensed cosmetologists who can consult on the best service for your hair type and needs. Most locations offer online booking to schedule your appointment.

When visiting SmartStyle, come with freshly washed and conditioned hair for optimal results. The stylists may also recommend specific haircare products to use at home to maintain your hair’s health and appearance between visits.

How SmartStyle Salon Prices Compare to Other Chains

SmartStyle competes with other national hair salon chains like Supercuts, Great Clips, and Sport Clips. Here is how SmartStyle’s pricing compares:

  • Supercuts – Slightly cheaper than SmartStyle, with cuts from $15 to $25. Comparable coloring and styling prices.
  • Great Clips – Similarly priced to SmartStyle for cuts and styling. Specializes in value haircuts under $20.
  • Sport Clips – Catering to men, haircuts cost $15 to $25. Slightly undercut SmartStyle.
  • Local Salons – Often charge more for cuts, starting at $35 to $40. Premium pricing for coloring and styling.

Overall, SmartStyle provides good value for money. The prices mostly align with competitors, with affordability as a main selling point. It costs a little more than chains focused just on discounts like Great Clips, but also offers greater service variety than places like Sport Clips that cater just to men.

Compared to full-service local salons, SmartStyle offers competitive pricing, especially for basic services. However, busy stylists and larger location size can impact the personalized customer experience at times.

Current Discounts and Deals at SmartStyle

SmartStyle runs frequent promotions to provide added savings on top of its every day affordable prices. Here are some current deals to take advantage of:

  • New Client Offer – $3.99 haircut for first-time customers
  • Kids Cuts – Selected Tuesdays at $6.99 per child’s cut
  • Birthday Discount – Free haircut and product gift during the birthday month
  • $10 Tuesdays – $10 off any service over $40 on Tuesdays
  • Student Discount – 10% off with valid student ID
  • Senior Discount – 10% off for seniors age 60+

Check with your local SmartStyle to confirm what specials are being offered. The salon may also send out mailed coupons, advertised through social media, or offer referral rewards. Signing up for SmartStyle’s email list can provide updates on current promotions.

Taking advantage of these deals is a great way to maximize savings on every service. For example, combining the birthday offer and Tuesday discount gives you an extra $16 off color or other pricier treatments.

Client Satisfaction with SmartStyle’s Hair Services

SmartStyle SalonWith nearly 50 years in business and a well-known national brand, SmartStyle has developed a largely positive reputation for customer satisfaction. Here is a look at common client reviews:

  • Convenient locations, easy online booking
  • Affordable pricing compared to other salons
  • Quick, consistent haircut results
  • Modern salon decor and atmosphere
  • Friendly and talented stylists
  • Great value for basic hair care needs
  • Lack of personalized attention at some busy locations
  • Less experienced staff with trendy or specialty cuts/colors
  • Upselling of products and extra services

Overall, clients agree that SmartStyle provides good, basic haircare at affordable prices. The chain offers convenience for families and those seeking budget-friendly styling. Customers looking for a high-end salon experience may need to pay more elsewhere.

Tips for Saving Money at SmartStyle

While already value-priced, here are some tips to maximize savings at SmartStyle:

  • Avoid prime weekend times, opting for weekdays if possible
  • Ask about any unadvertised promotions the location is running
  • Bring your own products to avoid upcharges on recommended items
  • For color, stick to single process instead of highlights or lowlights
  • Consider student/senior discounts and complimentary reward programs
  • Utilize SmartStyle coupon codes and mailed promos
  • Tip 15% for good service instead of 20%+ at other salons

Finding a consistent SmartStyle stylist you like and booking with them during non-peak hours can help you get quality results at the best possible price.

How to Book an Appointment at SmartStyle

Booking your salon visit is easy at any SmartStyle located inside Walmart. Here are some tips for making an appointment:

  • Check online booking through the SmartStyle website or mobile app. Select your location, service, stylist, and preferred time.
  • Call your local salon directly to speak with the front desk about scheduling. Have your availability and desired services ready.
  • Walk-ins are generally welcome, though weekends and evenings may have longer waits. Avoid lunch hours and post-work peaks.
  • Request the stylist you prefer or ask the front desk for someone skilled in your needed styling service.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in. Come with clean, conditioned hair ready for styling.

Planning ahead helps ensure you get the appointment time and stylist you want. Same day or walk-in availability varies by location.

Final Words on SmartStyle Prices

With nearly 1,000 salons nationwide, SmartStyle provides quality, affordable haircare. The chain focuses on providing everyday styling needs for the entire family rather than high-end luxury services. Convenience and budget-friendliness are SmartStyle’s biggest advantages.

The salon’s prices compare favorably to competitors like Supercuts and Great Clips. While local salons often charge more, they provide a more tailored experience. With regular promotions and tips to maximize savings, SmartStyle offers a solid mix of professional results, convenient access, and value pricing.

If basic haircuts, blow outs, and coloring are what you need, SmartStyle should suit your needs well. See if the salon’s customer approach, prices, and experience meet your expectations during your first appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering a SmartStyle location for your salon needs, you may have some common questions about their services and costs. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

How much is a woman’s haircut at SmartStyle?

A woman’s haircut costs $20 to $25 on average at SmartStyle before discounts or specials. The final price depends on your hair length and thickness.

What is the cost of highlights at SmartStyle?

Partial highlights at SmartStyle start at around $60, while full head highlights run $100+. Individual foil highlights are $10 to $15 per piece.

Does SmartStyle offer senior and kids haircut discounts?

Yes, kids get discounted haircuts on select days, usually starting at $15. Seniors aged 60+ get 10% off services.

How much do you tip a hairdresser for $200?

For salon services totaling $200, it is appropriate to tip your hairdresser $30 to $40. The standard tip amount for hair appointments is 15% to 20% of the total bill. So for a $200 salon bill, you would tip between $30 (for 15%) and $40 (for 20%).

Tipping on the higher end of 20% is recommended for excellent service from your stylist, a complex or lengthy appointment, or a long-time client relationship. But $30 is still considered a good tip for satisfactory service on a $200 hair appointment.

Should I wash my hair before a haircut?

Yes, you should wash and condition your hair before getting a haircut. Showing up to your appointment with clean, fresh hair allows the stylist to most accurately cut your hair while dry.

Oil, dirt, and product buildup can distort your hair’s true texture, making it harder for the stylist to cut properly. Shampooing and conditioning also removes any hair products so the stylist can fully see your natural hair to cut.

Just avoid applying any styling products after washing. Show up to your haircut with clean, air-dried hair and after using a conditioner for the best results.

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