Cost Cutters Prices

Cost Cutters Prices

Cost Cutters is a smaller hair salon that does precisely what its name suggests. At this chain of beauty parlors, you will discover excellent haircuts and other hair treatments at rates that are cut down significantly from those you would discover at other mainstream hair salons.

With well over 800 places throughout the country, you can easily find this standard but expert hair salon in your area.

Cost Cutters costs begin at around $16.50 for an adult hairstyle and might differ by area.

Why Go For Cost Cutters

Cost Cutters is the wise and obvious alternative if you are searching for an inexpensive, affordable hair salon that is best for the haircare needs of your whole household. From young to old, all can get excellent hairstyles and hair stylings done by skilled and experienced stylists here.

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Seeing that this is a cost-effective hair salon, you will see that hair salons look rather basic, providing the look of a tidy, open environment.

Nevertheless, the setting is calm and relax, and the environment is warm. You can try it out just by walking into any hair salon and asking for an instant haircut. No reservations are needed.

You might be shocked to discover just how many services Cost Cutters provides. You can get quality hairstyles, deep conditioning treatments, complete color or highlighting services, and even specialized beauty salon services to aid you to feel and look better than you ever did.

You can unwind here, being sure that you will be in the hands of professionals and that your wallet will thank you when you are all said and done.

Cost Cutters Rates

Solutions Offered

Adult hairstyles are the most popular services received at Cost Cutters. These can be mixed with a complete range of hair shampoos and stylings or can be carried out on their own.

Men can get fast clipper cuts, and people can always look polished with a beard or bang trims in-between visits. Kid’s cuts come at much more economical costs.

If you are searching for a different color or texture for the new season, you have certainly come to the best salon. Cost Cutters provides a complete range of chemical services, consisting of all-over color, toner, cap highlights, and complete or partial foils.

Restorative color is also offered to cover grays or to change colors drastically. Obviously, every visit starts with a general consultation so that your stylist understands precisely what you want for your hair.

Cost Cutters also supplies other salon-only services, consisting of facial waxing for the eyebrows and lips. Some hair salons also offer single, multiple, or all-month tanning sessions.

Cost Cutters Catalog

Disclaimer: Costs above are for just a quote. The information has actually been collected from different sources (online, on-site, and/or through phone). Prices might differ from one place to another for the exact same salon brand name or might not be current. To verify existing prices, please call your closest hair salon.

Services and Prices

Adult Hairstyle – $16.50
Kids Hairstyle (12 & under) – $11.50

  • Hair Shampoo & Condition (w/ hairstyle) – $21.50 & up
  • Hair Shampoo & Design Finish (w/ hairstyle) – $26.50 & up
  • Hair Shampoo & Design Finish – $14.50 & up
  • Deep Conditioning – $12.25 & up
  • Beard Trim – $6.25 & up
  • Bang Trim – $6.25 & up
  • Updo – $40.00 & up

Perm rates include the haircut

  • Color – $50.50 & up
  • Foil Emphasizes – $70.50 & up
  • Cap Emphasizes – $50.50 & up
  • Perm (brief hair) – $60.50 & up
  • Perm (medium hair) – $70.50 & up
  • Perm (long hair) – $80.50 & up
  • Spiral/Specialty Wrap – $90.50 & up
  • Relaxers/Retouch – $50.50 & up
  • Eyebrows, Lips, or Chin – $9.25 & up
  • Facial – $9.25 & up

Hair Salon Hours

Disclaimer: Hours of operation might differ a little from one area to the next. To verify usual hours, please call your closest hair salon.

Day and Hours

  1. Monday – 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  2. Tuesday – 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  3. Wednesday – 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  4. Thursday – 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  5. Friday – 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  6. Saturday – 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  7. Sunday – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Products Sold

Although Cost Cutters has a range of salon-only hair care brand names, they focus on their own line from the Regis Corporation, known as DesignLine. DesignLine products provide salon-quality results at a portion of the cost.

Whether you will need volume, frizz control, standard cleaning, ultra moisturization, or color care, this brand name has hair shampoo and conditioning products for all your requirements.

They also provide a complete line of styling helps, consisting of hairspray, heat protectant spray, texturizing creams, gels, and curl care items.

You can also look for your preferred hair salon brand names at Cost Cutters. Some favorites consist of Sexy Hair, Biolage, Paul Mitchell, Redken, Farouk, and Kenra.

Business History

Cost Cutters’ history started in the 1970s witCost Cutters Receptionh Joe Francis who launched the Barbers Hairstyling for Men Salon. While his initial offerings were tailored towards guys, he rapidly found the advantages of working with ladies’ hair also.

In the next 5 years after opening, he started providing services for both males and females, and he opened the very first Cost Cutters.

Initially a family-owned brand name, Cost Cutters rapidly excelled in the Minnesota area where they initially opened. In fact, 12 hair salons opened in the very first year of operations.

Within a couple of years, the number of beauty salons reached the hundreds. Cost Cutters boasts over 800 hair salons in the United States today with a number of them running in the Midwest where they were based at first.

Today, Cost Cutters is no longer family-owned but belongs to the Regis brand name of hair salons, which also consists of such widely known beauty parlors as Fiesta Salons and Hairmasters.

It is based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. With such a popular name behind it, Cost Cutters is sure to continue prospering in the upcoming years also.

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