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Naturally, everybody wants to find a long-term way to eliminate unwanted hair. How do you feel when you think of irreversible results? It feels comfortable, doesn’t it? Lots of people like to have more than one alternative so they don’t feel forced to utilize only one solution. Furthermore, conventional methods are so dull, agonizing, and time-consuming, and you’re probably among those individuals who are tired, too. However, you do not have to worry too much about it, because science has an alternative for you. This time, it’s Electrolysis. In this post, we’re going to talk more about electrolysis, how it works, its advantages, and how to go for it. Likewise, we are going to show you the range of electrolysis expenses!

Initially, let me streamline it, we have 2 types of long-term hair elimination, light-based (laser hair elimination), and electrolysis. You’re going to check out whatever about the two innovations in this comprehensive post …

What Is Electrolysis

Electrolysis is another kind of long-term hair removal for the face and body. It works utilizing electrical energy which goes into each individual hair root through a very fine sanitized probe. Then, a very small amount of electrical energy is released by means of the probe into the hair root and harms it.

Electrolysis is a good alternative for all skin types. Additionally, you can experience long-term results after the very first consultation.

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If you wish to treat your excessive hair you need to first understand what leads to undesirable hair growth. Hair growth is an outcome of genetics and hormonal levels, also, some drugs, momentary approaches, and health problems can lead to the growth of undesirable hair in unwanted locations. Electrolysis might be an ideal solution for undesirable hair on females’ upper lips, swimsuit line, or chin, and on males’ stomach, or back. It will really hurt though. We will tell you how unpleasant it is, electrolysis advantages, the number of sessions you will need, and its cost.

Is Electrolysis Painful?

Definitely, you’re terrified of all pain-inflicting techniques to get rid of undesirable hair from your body. Nevertheless, the situation is pretty different for electrolysis hair removal. Although it’s less unpleasant than waxing, it still is unpleasant and causes pain.

As we already said, electrolysis hits every hair root to damage it, which will lead to the results you are looking for. You might feel more pain for the first one or two sessions. This is normal; you’re placing electrical power to the hair follicles. However, do not stress about it. When you’ll get used to doing it, any discomfort and pain will be almost unnoticeable.

Anyhow, the results of electrolysis might differ from an individual to another. Nevertheless, in the end, you will get the results you are looking for. Also, you will not spend much time on each session as each treatment takes 15min to one hour at max.

Is Electrolysis Permanent?

When someone says electrolysis offers irreversible results they do not mean the actual significance of “irreversible”. In fact, it offers results that last for at least 6 months. Electrolysis depends upon damaging the hair roots, which means that hair can not re-grow for longer periods of time. Nevertheless, specific results differ depending upon numerous aspects e.g. individual hormonal levels. Also, the re-growing hair will be smaller and thinner.

How To Pick An Electrologist?

You must be very careful when you pick the professional to do the electrolysis, due to the fact that a bad choice might lead to more treatment sessions and more pain. There are some recommendations for you to make sure to go for the best on the market:

  • Know the expert’s credentials
  • Ask around, if you know any close friend or relative who has actually tried electrolysis; ask them about their experience and any tips
  • Get an appointment, many locations offer you a complimentary first appointment. Ensure that all of your questions find their answer. You might have to ask questions like: just how much it costs, how it feels, the number of visits you will require, and how long will each session last.
  • Make sure the electrologist utilizes the newest tech

Advantages Of Electrolysis

  1. Can be utilized anywhere on the body, even for the eyebrows
  2. Prevents any new hair to appear on ALL skin and hair types
  3. Less expensive than “some” laser hair removal services
  4. Offers you long-term results for 6+ months
  5. Helps you save money, time, and effort

Electrolysis Cost

Electrolysis TreatmentSurely, the expense depends upon the area that you want to leave hairless, and the number of follow-ups needed. You will have to understand that there are no clear, basic prices when it pertains to electrolysis. While some clinics might charge $30 for a thirty-minute session, other locations might charge $110 for an hour. So, it depends more on how big the areas to be dealt with are. Anyhow, our group of professionals has actually approximated the usual average electrolysis expense for around 8 sessions for different areas on the body such as:

  • Typical Lip and chin electrolysis price: $500 to $1000.
  • Back electrolysis price: $9000 to $19000.
  • Leg electrolysis price: $9000 to $19000.
  • Swimsuit line electrolysis price: $900 to 2000.

As you can see, it’s actually pretty hard to know an average price for electrolysis. You will have to ask the clinic in order to get the exact electrolysis cost for your need.


No doubt electrolysis is a reliable technique for hair elimination, taking less time and lasts for longer periods of time. However, it’s very costly and uncomfortable. Science has actually offered you a present which is laser hair elimination, why would not you go for it? If you have actually never known about electrolysis or laser hair removal, are scared of them, or believe they aren’t for you, try checking them out.

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