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Last Updated on December 29, 2023
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The fashion for thin, extremely well-defined eyebrows is long gone. Now the emphasis is on a look that is as natural and fresh as possible. The classic methods of tweezing with wax or traditional tweezers have been replaced by the latest in eyebrows, namely eyebrow threading. This way to remove unwanted hair from the face has a lot of benefits that will make you want to try it as soon as possible.

Threading is a technique that appeared 6,000 years ago in Asia and began to be used in our professional salons. The procedure is used to obtain a precise shape, pulls even the smallest hairs from the root, and leaves the skin smooth, so it is also used for facial hair removal. Threading is done by wrapping a thread on the fingers several times until it forms a small loop that catches the hairs from the follicles.

How Much Does Eyebrow Threading Cost?

Depending on the saloon you are going to, the skill level of the professional, and the place where you are living, the average cost of eyebrow threading will be anywhere between $10 and $30.

For example, if you choose to go to the Hollywood Beauty Eyebrow Threading in Texas, you will have to pay around $10 for the eyebrow threading and you will not need to make an appointment.

Eyebrow threading details

In terms of tweezing, the process is extremely simple. An eyebrow stylist uses twisted cotton strings to pull out unwanted hair, giving it the shape the client dreams of. With extensive experience in using these strings, you can expect the procedure to take half an hour (or less) and look flawless. The results after such a pampering treatment are truly amazing and you will not want to go back to the old methods of removing unwanted hair.

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What are the extra costs?

It is recommended to use post-treatment creams and applications to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs and help soothe red bumps. These cost anywhere between $15 and $35, depending on the place you buy them from and the brand.

Also, it is recommended to leave a tip of anywhere between 10% and 20% of the total price.

Experts recommend repeating this treatment every three weeks for desirable results, depending on how fast your hair grows back.

Important things to consider

Eyebrow threading servicesThis whole way of removing unwanted hair may seem painful, but threading is considered the mildest form of eyebrow care. The advantages of this technique are: you can remove even the smallest hairs from the root without the risk of breaking, the time is almost halved compared to a classic wax or tweezers and, most importantly, the hair grows harder. Thus, the next appointment at the salon is recommended to be done every 3-4 weeks. This is usually the period when the hairs start to appear again.

Before an eyebrow threading session, it is recommended to apply an exfoliating gel to remove dead cells and exfoliate the follicles, and after the procedure, you can use a piece of cloth with warm water or an aloe vera cream to relax the skin and follicles.


  • Hygiene: The thread is the only thing that touches your skin and is thrown away after each use.
  • Precision: the thread can create the perfect shape because it pulls many threads at once and forms precise lines.
  • Permanent results: over time, if the procedure is done regularly, this thinning technique can destroy the follicles, thus preventing the hair from growing.
  • Comfort: when you have a sensitive or problematic complexion, threading is the most appropriate, as it does not cause irritation or redness.
  • Speed: threading lasts between 5 – 10 minutes.


As expected, there are disadvantages, although few in number:

If the pinching is done incorrectly, the hairs may break instead of being torn off, and they will automatically grow much faster.

Finding a skilled beautician in the art of eyebrow threading can be quite difficult.

Eyebrow threading vs waxing

An advantage is that threading is ideal for people with acne or sensitive skin because it does not traumatize the upper layers of the skin at all, preventing the appearance of redness and irritation. The wax is not recommended to be used in the face area, because it can cause wounds and weaken the tissue, over time reaching the appearance of fine lines and spots.

How can I save money?

Make sure you check on Groupon.com to see if there are any promotions or discounts for the eyebrow threading sessions at local spas. For instance, at the time this article was written we found deals for 50% off.

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