The Cost of Swordfish Fillet

Last Updated on December 28, 2023
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Swordfish can be found in the oceans of tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions and in the summer it reaches the Barents Sea. Its name comes from the special, long, flattened shape of its snout, which resembles a sharp sword – which can measure about a third of the total length of the fish.

How Much Does Swordfish Cost?

The cost of swordfish is influenced by some factors such as the place you buy it from, the geographical location, and the time of the year. For instance, during the peak season, which runs from August through October, the cost of swordfish tends to be lower. You should expect to pay anywhere between $14 and $30 per pound for fresh swordfish fillets when you buy them from a local fish market or online. In general, the price of fresh swordfish is going to be higher than the price of frozen swordfish, often double the cost.

For example, you can purchase a frozen four-ounce steak of swordfish from Amazon for around $13.

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At the Randy’s Paradise Shrimp fish market in Southwest Florida, one pound of fresh swordfish steak would be around $26, while for five pounds you will have to pay around $110.

Also, at Anderson Seafoods fish market in California 12 ounces of fresh swordfish can be purchased for almost $32 per pound.

Swordfish details

This predatory fish is a very popular species in sport fishing, but also in gastronomy, with delicious meat and only a few bones. It belongs to the class of noble fish, along with turbot, lobster, tuna, sea bass, or mullet liver. This fish is often eaten raw for a better feel of its natural aroma and delicate taste.

According to the Chefs Resources website, the swordfish meat has a moist texture and a mildly sweet taste.

The average weight of a swordfish steak is around 12 ounces.

What are the extra costs?

In case you purchase swordfish from an online store, you may have to pay for the delivery fees. Though, these charges may be waived if you meet the minimum order requirement.

Important things to consider

The color of swordfish meat may vary from pale to pink. A sign of good quality swordfish is the red blood lines in the fillets or loin.

The HawaiiSeafood.org website tells you that the first-class swordfish has a texture similar to premium beef cuts, has a high oil content, and is rich in flavor. The swordfish quality may vary greatly because the swordfish boats tend to stay on the sea for different periods of time. Some may stay in the ocean for one month, while others stay only a few days and bring the fish to the shore really fresh.

Before cooking you should remove the hard and inedible swordfish skin. This fish can be sauteed, grilled, or broiled.

100 grams of swordfish contain 4 grams of fat and 110 calories.

Although its protein content is slightly lower than in the case of other fish, it still provides more vitamins (vitamin A, B3, B6, B9, and B12) and minerals (iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and sodium).

In terms of its mineral content, it provides iron (helps prevent iron deficiency anemia), potassium (intervenes in the balance of water inside and outside the cell), magnesium (related to the proper functioning of muscles and nerves), and phosphorus present in bones and teeth.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that women and children avoid eating swordfish because significant levels of mercury have been found in this fish.

Swordfish have been classified as “sustainable” by NOAA, which means that the fish harvested from the Pacific is very healthy and is not overfished.

The liver of this fish is used in the pharmaceutical industry due to the large amount of vitamin A it has.

Even though swordfish has many benefits for our health, it also has some negative features. First of all, it has a high cholesterol level, but not over the limit. Also, as we already mentioned, it contains small amounts of mercury, which may be harmful if consumed in large quantities.

Swordfish nutrition facts

Swordfish Nutrition Facts

How can I save money?

Take into consideration purchasing in bulk. You will be able to save more if you purchase more at once.

Pay attention to the promotions held periodically at the local grocery stores or online stores.

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