Tibetan Mastiff Cost

How Much Does a Tibetan Mastiff Cost?

Last Updated on August 27, 2023
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When it pertains to having a Tibetan Mastiff, the cost is simply the first part of the equation. An extensive understanding of the breed’s qualities will certainly aid you to anticipate any kind of unforeseen costs that might emerge.

These fluffy titans are cute, but what are you really getting to deal with when you own a pet this large? Just how much food does a 100+ pound pet eat? Will his bark rattle your home windows and wake up the next-door neighbors?

We’ll give you a glance at the breed’s personality, and various other aspects to think about before giving your heart away to a brand-new Tibetan Mastiff dog. In addition, we’ll give you the needed insight into the Tibetan Mastiff typical cost, and also why the initial financial investment does not end with the initial sale price.

These old dogs were bred as watchdogs to protect people, homes, as well as other animals and livestock. They later came to be favored by royals and were kept as pet dogs.

How Much Does a Tibetan Mastiff Cost?

A fast Google search on Tibetan Mastiff prices will show you that they are among the most pricey breeds worldwide.

This is partially thanks to a red Tibetan Mastiff, called “Big Sprinkle,” sold to a Chinese entrepreneur for an overwhelming $1.5 million.

Tibetan Mastiff pups up for sale are usually priced anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. While this may seem like rather a wide range, bear in mind that the Tibetan Mastiff cost is affected by various elements.

These include the current market for the breed, the pedigree of the pet, the source, as well as others.

Tibetan Mastiff Cost to Own

As you probably know, your financial investment does not stop when you buy your new dog. There are all sorts of associated costs that come into play in addition to the first “price tag.”

The following are a few of the expected costs you must take into consideration when figuring out the Tibetan Mastiff cost.

Price of Food

Feeding a pet that weighs somewhere close to 100 pounds will usually seem like a challenging job. Nevertheless, Tibetan Mastiffs do not eat as much as you might think.

While the specific amount that they eat depends on their age, size, and overall activity levels, Tibetan Mastiffs eat less than other big dog breeds, proportionately. Having this in mind, they still eat about 4 mugs of food daily.

Healthcare Costs

If you go for a purebred Tibetan Mastiff pup at a bargain cost, there’s a likelihood your puppy does not have an amazing pedigree.

This will sometimes mean that he originates from parents with bad features, including health problems.

Keeping this in mind, do not just go for a pup at the most affordable rate you can find. Instead, make sure to pick the healthiest pet dog possible. You try your best to make sure that you have a much longer life with each other.

Training Costs

Tibetan Mastiff BreedSince this type of dog is so large, training your Tibetan Mastiff is very much important. An animated pet, regardless of how friendly, could be frightening to strangers that are not familiar with it.

For the safety of your pet dog, as well as the public, put in the time to train your Tibetan Mastiff properly, or hire someone that can do it for you.

If you’re a seasoned pet dog owner you might have the ability to train your dog by yourself at no additional cost. Nonetheless, those newer to the breed, or pet possession as a whole, might want to get the help of an expert.

There are all sorts of different pet dog training programs to pick from, varying from group classes to personal sessions. There are also boarding schools for pet dogs. Depending on the requirements of your pet dog, the cost of training could be anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand bucks.

It might feel like a large financial investment, yet no one ever complains about a dog being too loyal.

Grooming Expenses

An additional ongoing cost to think about is the price of grooming. Their thick, double-layer coat calls for normal cleaning and also periodic bathing.

If your Tibetan Mastiff lives mostly outdoors, brushing might need to take place much more often to stop the hair from matting.

While lots of owners take grooming upon themselves, others choose to outsource this job. You’ll have to find out which alternative is best for you.

Tibetan Mastiff Personality

Having their history in mind, it’s not a surprise that these canines are strongly devoted to their owners. Nevertheless, that dedication does not always convert into a pet dog that aspires to please.

You might also like our articles about the cost of dog breeds like the Norwegian Elkhound, the Greyhound, or the Xoloitzcuintli.

Tibetan Mastiffs can be stubborn when it comes to their training, even though they are very smart. They call for a solid leader (literally but also figuratively) that can command their attention when they have temperament issues.

Due to the fact that they have a tendency to be an independent, free-thinking breed, it’s a good idea to keep them on a leash when out for walks. Even better, make sure that they have a huge outside s[ace for frolicking, as they like self-directed playtime.

Tibetan Mastiff Size

Tibetan Mastiff PriceWe already know these dogs are big, however, just how large, to be exact?

Tibetan Mastiff weight varies from 70 to 120 pounds for females, and around 90 to 150 pounds for males.

According to the breed standards, females stand a minimum of 24 inches high, while males are 26 inches.

Obviously, when you consider the quantity of their hair, these pet dogs appear a lot more massive!


Overall scarcity

The Tibetan Mastiff is not just one of the world’s biggest, but also one of the rarest types of dogs.

This can have something to do with the fact that the females just get in oestrus once annually. A slower reproduction rate will mean that getting your hands on one of these dogs takes planning.

This is especially real if you want to get one to use as a show dog, or for breeding.

The demand

Getting one of these puppies isn’t as easy as calling a dog breeder and placing an order.

Tibetan Mastiff dog breeders usually wish to make sure that their stock is going to well-suited families. There is bound to be a competitive testing procedure before you can be accepted to get one.

Also after that, you might need to wait for the next oestrus cycle before you can get a puppy.

There could be quite some competition for the pups, and you might find yourself in a bidding process against some other possible owners with much deeper pockets.

In China, there is a trend surrounding the breed, which has actually boosted the Tibetan Mastiff rate all around the world. Rich people in China have actually been known to pay up to $3 million to get their hands on one of the best specimens from this breed.


While show results, as well as other awards, might not mean all that much to you, for a trustworthy and professional dog breeder it should. Typically, although not always, a solid pedigree is a great sign of a dog breeder that really cares.

A reliable dog breeder will certainly make sure to stay clear of inbreeding, and also get rid of undesirable health and wellness flaws from their lines. In turn, they will usually ask for higher costs for their pups.

Keep in mind that paying a bit more in advance for a healthy pet might save you a lot of money later on.

Tibetan Mastiff Adoption

Angry MastiffGetting a Tibetan Mastiff pup with a prize-winning bloodline generally sets you back considerably more than taking on a pet dog that was bred to be a pet.

However, if you are in search of a pet dog as opposed to a show one, adopting via a Tibetan Mastiff rescue organization is a great way to get it at a lower cost. And also, you’re doing a good deed by offering a home and a family to a dog in need.

There is just one organization in the USA that is exclusively devoted to saving Tibetan Mastiffs. You can find out more regarding their rescue efforts as well as locate adoptable pet dogs on their official website.

Conclusion on Tibetan Mastiffs

These fluffy dogs make for devoted and very faithful pets for owners that are equipped to handle them, both literally and monetarily.

When choosing to add one of these pets to your family, it is very important to see the big picture. There are all sorts of variables to take into consideration that will usually add or subtract from the expense of owning this breed.

As you can see, the Tibetan Mastiff price goes far past just the acquisition expense.

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