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Tin Lizzy’s Menu With Prices

Last Updated on September 15, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Tin Liz is an American restaurant chain specialized in serving food items from the famous “FlexMex” cuisine. This concept does not describe only the menu, but also the laid-back attitude of “friends serving friends”. Their menu includes a wide variety of dishes such as salads, skillets, and dips, that are made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Also, they serve margaritas, beer, and many other cocktails.

In order to get an idea about how much you should budget for enjoying the good food and drinks from Tin Lizzy’s, you can take a look at the table below, where you will find their latest menu prices.

Tin Lizzy’s Menu Prices

Item Price


Buffalo Chicken Nachos $18.47
Buffalo Shrimp $12.4
Buffalo Shrimp Appetizer $10.93
Buttermilk Chicken Strips $11.5
Chicken Tortilla Soup $8.35
Fried Chicken Tenders $13.42
Fried Jalapenos $9.28
Fried Pickles $9.28
Grilled Buttermilk Marinated Chicken Tenders $13.42
Nachos $13.78
Spicy Chile de Arbol $4.03
Tater Tots $7.2


Buffalo Chicken Taco $6.19
Buffalo Shrimp Taco $7.62
Chicken con Queso Taco $6.03
Classic Chicken Taco $6.42
Classic Fried Fish Taco $6.82
Classic Steak Taco $7.94
Executive Taco $8.07
Fajita Taco $6.19
Fried Chicken Taco $6.2
Grilled Mahi Mahi Taco $7.59
Impossible Taco $8.08
Kale and Mushroom Taco $6.7
Korean BBQ Pork Taco $7.42
Korean BBQ Shrimp Taco $7.42
Low Country Boil Taco $7.23
Royale With Cheese Taco $7.31
Seasoned Ground Beef Taco $7.45
Southern Comfort Taco $7.05
Steak and Jack Cheese Philly Taco $7.59
Steak and Mushroom Taco $7.59
The Big Greek Taco $7.48


Cantina $12.65
Cantina Skillet $14.09
Cowboy $17.25
Cowboy Skillet $19.41
Hot Mess $16.1
Hot Mess Skillet $20.15
Shrimp $16.1
Shrimp Skillet $18.8


CBR $14.95
CBR Quesadilla $16.58
Kale and Mushroom $12.73
Kale and Mushroom Quesadilla $15.2
TL Quesadilla $11.34


Baja Slaw $3.58
Beans $2.88
Black Beans $3.9
Black Beans and Rice $3.9
Gluten-Free Chips $2.07
Queso $2.88
Rice $2.88
Rice & Beans $2.88
Seasoned Rice $4.42
Side Caesar Salad $3.58
Side Salad $3.9
Side Salad with Ancho Lime Vinaigrette $2.88
Side Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing $2.88
Side Salad with Chipotle Caesar $2.88
Side Salad with Fat Free Italian Dressing $2.88
Side Salad with Honey Mustard $2.88
Side Salad with Ranch $2.88
Side Salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette $2.88
Side Salad with Spicy Ranch $2.88
Side Tater Tots $4.42
Tortilla Chips $2.07

Catering Boxed Meals

Caesar Salad Wrap $13.46
Grilled Chicken Burrito $16.56
Grilled Steak Burrito $19.32
Taco Salad Wrap $13.46
Veggie Burrito $14.49

Catering Salad Platters

Caesar Salad Platter $4.83
House Salad Platter $4.83

Catering Taco Bars

Grilled Chicken Taco Bar $19.4
Hot Kit $16.56
Grilled Steak Taco Bar $21.77

Catering Dessert Platters

Dulche de Leche Chimichanga $6.26

Build Your Own Taco Packs

Grilled Chicken Taco Pack $48.3
Grilled Steak Taco Pack $62.1

Catering Dip Bar

Three Amigos Dip Bar $8.43

Tin Dips

Guacamole $10.05
Queso Blanco $8.8
Side of Salsa $4.03
Salsa Roja $4.63
Three Amigos $17.78

Picked For You

Tin Lizzy’s Quesadilla $10.35

Soft Tacos

Baja Fish $5.46
Baja Fish Taco $6.26
BBQ Crispy Chicken $5.46
Beyond Meat™ Plant-Based Taco $7.48
Buffalo Chicken $5.46
Chicken Con Queso $5.46
Fajita $5.46
Grilled Chicken $5.46
Grilled Mahi Mahi $6.9
Korean BBQ $6.33
Korean BBQ Taco $6.33
Lobster Roll $11.5
Local Grass-Fed Burger $7.48
Local Grass-Fed Burger Taco $7.48
Steak and Cheese Philly $6.9
Steak and Mushroom $6.9


Caesar $13.8
Caesar Salad $14.15
Chicken Kale Salad $17.25
Kale Salad $15.07
Taco Salad $14.38
Tin Lizzy’s Cobb $17.25
Tin Lizzy’s Cobb Salad $15.96

Kids’ Menu

Cheese Quesadilla $8.21
Chicken Fingers $6.9
Crispy Fish Fillets $6.9
Kids’ Chicken Finger Meal $6.9
Make Your Own Taco – Kids $6.9


Chimichanga $8.42
Chimichanga Dessert $8.63
Flan $8.84
Grand Tinale $6.31


Bottled Water $3.32
Coke $3.97
Coke Zero $3.98
Cranberry Juice $4.55
Diet Coke $3.97
Gallon Margarita Mix $18.63
Gallon Pink Lemonade $8.97
Gallon Sweet Tea $8.97
Gallon Unsweet Tea $8.97
Ginger Ale $3.97
Grapefruit Juice $4.6
Mexican Coke $4.51
Milk $3.52
Orange Juice $4.55
Pineapple Juice $4.55
Pink Lemonade $3.97
Powerade $3.97
Red Bull $7.31
Red Bull Tropical $7.31
Sprite $3.97
Sugar-Free Red Bull $7.31
Sweet Tea $3.97
Unsweet Tea $3.97

Brand history

Tin Lizzy’s was founded in 2005, in Atlanta’s Buckhead area, Georgia by three college friends: Mike Evertsen, Chris Hadermann, and John Piemonte. They met while studying at Florida State University. Later, they created this business with the aim to serve unique food items with authentic friendship and hospitality.

In 2015, Tin Lizzy’s started to franchise with a focus on expanding in its home state of Georgia and in South Carolina.

Currently, there are fourteen Tin Lizzy’s locations, but there are plans for expanding the business all over the country.

Our review

The Tin Lizzy’s restaurant is famous for its authentic street tacos, which are served with either grilled steak, chicken, or carnitas. These tacos are a must-try for first-time guests and a customer’s favorite.

Most of the clients like to come to Tin Lizzy’s for the fun and “divey” atmosphere and praise the eatery for its great Mexican cuisine. Their menu features mouthwatering soft tacos, specialty skillets, quesadillas, fresh salads with vegetables, mixed greens, or romaine lettuce, shareable dips, various dinner and lunch selections, and many more.

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You should plan on spending anywhere between $3 and $10 for a starter such as homemade guacamole, black bean soup, nachos, fried pickles, quesadilla, boneless chicken strips, salsa, chips, and queso Blanco.

The dips are served with warm flour tortillas (whole wheat or white) or crispy seasoned tortilla chips. Each of these costs $3 to $12, and you will be able to choose between a salsa sampler, guacamole, veggie queso, salsa fresca, spinach con queso, or smokey salsa.

Tin Lizzy's Menu ItemsIf you want to enjoy a burrito, you will have to get $7 to $10 out of your pocket. Your options would include veggie, Greek, grilled chicken, Cajun, fajita chicken, carne asada steak, and buffalo chicken. In case you want to add a side such as veggie rice, veggie black beans, crisp Cole slaw, cucumber salad, Southwest corn medley, and others to your meal, it would cost you another $2.

The dessert options include cookies, key lime pie, ice cream, and Oreo cookie pie. Each of these is priced at $2 to $5.

The menu also includes kids’ meals that are priced at around $4 and features kids’ chicken fingers, kids’ quesadilla, and corndogs.

Also, Tin Lizzy’s offers catering options such as a salad bar, fajita bar, and soft taco bar, that cost around $10 per person. The minimum required order is of $200 and you must notify them 48 hours beforehand.

The slogan of this restaurant is “Friends serving friends”, and this is exactly what you will receive when you decide to dine at any Tin Lizzy’s eatery. Clients praise this restaurant chain for their irreproachable customer service.

Tin Lizzy’s has won many awards and recognitions over time for their tasty food and excellent service. Some of these include an award from Fortune 50 for a top emerging brand and an award for Atlanta’s Best Mexican Restaurant.

Tin Lizzy’s FAQs

At what time does Tin Lizzy’s open?

Most of Tin Lizzy’s locations open at 11:00 a.m. Monday through Sunday. However, it depends on the day of the week and you should visit the company’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does Tin Lizzy’s close?

In general, Tin Lizzy’s closes at 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and at 12:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week.

When was Tin Lizzy’s founded?

Tin Lizzy’s was first opened in 2005, in Atlanta Georgia.

How many Tin Lizzy’s locations are there?

There are fourteen Tin Lizzy’s restaurants in the United States of America.

Is Tin Lizzy’s a franchise?

Yes, Tin Lizzy’s started franchising in 2015.

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