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Cost of Vertical Gardens

Last Updated on August 15, 2020 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on April 16, 2015 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Vertical Gardens are an optimal solution in order to harmonize nature with the urban environment, being suitable for both public places and homes. The concept of plant walls imitates the natural environment, where a wide range of plants grows on vertical planes, using easily adapted techniques to different locations.
The average price for a commercial exterior vertical garden starts from $60 and can go as high as $160, which can include the plants, installation, and internal irrigation.
The internal vertical garden is, obviously, more costly because you need a certain system design that will not damage your interior and the need to waterproof the area.
You should know, in both cases, the more elaborate the design is the more expensive it will be.

These vertical gardens can be set up in homes, at work, in public places, restaurants and coffee shops, receptions, shops, private offices, beauty salons, and many other locations. The internal vertical garden of a house has that “wow” effect that the owner shows off as something beautiful first, but also as something that improves his personal image. Of course, there may be some personal satisfaction, but also some personal changes in the customer’s needs like color, texture and the benefit to having nature so close to him all the time.How much does a pipe type of vertical garden cost

In addition to the benefits brought to the environment and air quality, vertical gardens have a special visual effect and change the design of a building or enclosed space, helping to promote the idea of environmental protection. They not only surprise you through the plants’ beauty but also by the fact that they are alive and in a continuous change, and the inspiration for every garden comes from nature and from the natural environment of these plants. This system can be installed and used in any field of business, but also at home, enjoying the plants’ benefits. Vertical gardens can be installed on almost any type of vertical surface.

Here are some types of vertical garden planter

4-Pocket Vertical Garden Planter

The average price is $80
Description: they include root wrappers to make it easy to handle plants, you can hand water them or connect them to an automatic drip irrigation system. The plants are sold separately

12-Pocket Vertical Garden Planter

The average price is $149.
Description: it has the same functions as the 4-pocket vertical garden planter and in addition, it has more space for plants.

Compact Vertical Garden Kit

The average price is $199.
Description: it includes pump, tubing, timer which waters plants daily for 30 minutes, 3-gallon tank, and it’s for 8 plants, sold separately.

If it was possible, we would drink our morning coffee in the middle of a garden, barefoot in the fresh and cold grass, with a slight breeze that brings fresh and clean air.
After all, one can not ignore the beauty of indoor gardens nor the fresh air of a house with many plants, and nobody could ignore the beauty and originality of vertical gardens.

In fact, it’s just a big slab of plastic or silicon, equipped with pockets to support several pots of flowers and decorative plants. Side by side, they all manage to become a great pleasant landscape.

From company to company, from one manufacturer to another, the fixing system differs, as well as prices, types of plants used, and the channels through which they provide visibility!

Should the average working Joe get a vertical garden for his house or office?

This plant system is great for any indoor space and will be a great addition to either your house or your office. The price is manageable even for someone working on a small wage so it won`t set you back too much. If you don`t have time to go get closer to nature, why not bring nature to you?

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