How Much Does a Walmart Hunting License Cost?

Last Updated on February 10, 2024
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Participating in the sport of hunting in the United States requires obtaining proper licensing, which can be conveniently purchased at affordable rates through Walmart.

This article will provide extensive details on Walmart hunting license costs, including a breakdown of specific fees by state, license type, residency status, and other factors that impact pricing.

Read on to learn about the overall costs, purchasing process, regulations, and renewal procedures related to buying state-approved hunting licenses at Walmart.

How Much Does a Walmart Hunting License Cost?

Walmart enables hunters to buy hunting and fishing licenses directly in stores or online in select states. The cost of a Walmart hunting license varies depending on the state, license type, hunter’s age, residency status, and duration of validity.

For example, an annual basic hunting license can range from $15 in Colorado to $40 in Maine for adult resident hunters. Additional permits for specific game like deer or waterfowl typically cost extra.

According to EatingTheWind, for example, in Texas, regular hunting licenses for residents start at $25, with a combination plan available for $68. Senior residents may enjoy lower prices, with licenses costing only $7.

Walmart enables hunters to directly buy required hunting and fishing licenses either in stores or online in select states across the country. The out-of-pocket cost for a Walmart hunting license will vary considerably based on several key factors:

  • State of Issue – Each state’s natural resource agency sets hunting regulations and corresponding license fees. Rates are higher for non-residents.
  • Resident vs. Non-Resident – Resident hunting license rates are lower compared to pricier non-resident licenses. Some states offer non-resident options for shorter durations.
  • Hunter’s Age – License fees are reduced for youth and senior hunters compared to the standard adult rates.
  • License Type – Basic hunting, fishing, trapping, deer, turkey, waterfowl, etc. Special permits and tags cost extra.
  • Validity Timeframe – Prices range based on annual, multi-year, or temporary validity periods.

Specific Walmart hunting license costs per state and license type are broken down in detail in the sections below. Walmart also facilitates easy price comparisons on their website across states and types. They additionally offer bundled discount package deals combining multiple required permits in a single purchase.

Detailed Hunting License Costs at Walmart

Below you will find a comprehensive state-by-state breakdown of current Walmart hunting license fees, including the range of costs for both residents and non-residents, youth and senior rates, individual tags and stamps, bundled packages, and more. This will provide an in-depth look at what hunters can expect to pay.


  • Resident Hunting License – $29
  • Non-Resident Hunting License – $160
  • Bear Hunting Permit – $25 resident / $500 non-resident
  • Stamp fees – $5 to $85 depending on animal


  • Resident Tag Bundle – $175 includes hunting license, elk and deer tags, and stamps
  • Non-Resident 5-Day General Hunt License – $75
  • Youth Combo License – $5 hunting license and deer tag


  • Resident Sportsman License – $35 includes fishing and hunting
  • Non-Resident 3-Day Hunting License – $55
  • Waterfowl Stamp – $7 additional required fee


  • Resident Elk, Deer, Bear Bundle – $66
  • Non-Resident Deer Hunt License – $386
  • Youth Big Game Package (age 12-17) – $41
  • Senior Low-Income License (70+) – $13


  • Resident Hunting License – $17
  • Non-Resident 3-Day License – $46
  • 5-Year Hunting License – $79 for residents
  • Archery Permit – $5 additional
  • Alligator Trapping Tag – $270 + $62 permit


  • Resident Combo: Hunting + Fishing – $9
  • Sportsman License Bundle (includes trout) – $55
  • Non-Resident Hunting License – $400
  • 3-Day Trip License – $40
  • Lifetime Sportsman License (under age 16) – $400 one-time fee


  • Resident Hunting License – $25.75
  • Non-Resident General Tag – $154.75
  • Disabled American Veterans Hunt License – 50% off
  • Turkeys tags per bird – $19.75 additional


  • Resident Archery Deer Permit Bundle – $101 hunting license + deer permit
  • Non-Resident Hunting License – $500
  • Youth Hunting License (under 18) – $7
  • Trapping License (resident) – $25


  • Resident Annual Hunting – $20
  • Lifetime Hunting License (age 65+) – $59
  • Non-Resident Deer License – $345
  • Early Teal Season Permit – $10 extra
  • Wild Turkey Tag – $24/bird

The list above provides representative examples of Walmart hunting license costs across a sample of states. As shown, both base hunting license fees and additional permits, tags, and stamps can vary considerably based on the hunter’s residency status, age, activity type, and state policies.

Be sure to check your individual state’s current rates when planning a hunt through Walmart. Price differences of $100+ between certain licenses are common across resident and non-resident hunters. Walmart enables easy price comparisons during the purchasing process.

How to Buy a Hunting License at Walmart

Hunting License at WalmartWhen you’re ready to purchase a license, Walmart makes it quick and convenient through two main options:

  • Online Purchase – Hunters can browse licenses and apply on Walmart’s website. Upload needed documents, pay online via card, then print your license at home.
  • In-Store Purchase – Bring required ID, safety certs, and documents to the sporting goods counter. The sales associate will be able to issue your license.

To successfully purchase a hunting license through Walmart, hunters will need to provide:

  • Hunter safety education certificate (required in most states)
  • Valid ID proving residency or citizenship
  • Social security number
  • Any other state-specific required documentation

The retailer also offers license renewal services online or in-store if you have previously purchased a hunting license through them. The renewal steps are streamlined compared to applying for a first-time license.

Benefits of Buying Your License at Walmart

Beyond convenient and affordable pricing, purchasing your hunting license through Walmart provides additional benefits:

  • Discounted Rates – Special lower license rates may apply for veterans, active-duty military, senior citizens, youth hunters, and more.
  • Wildlife Conservation Support – Funds from license sales support game and habitat management programs.
  • Public Land Access – Licenses grant access to hunt in national forests, wildlife refuges, and other public lands.
  • Bundled Packages – Walmart offers discounted bundles on required combo permits to save money.
  • Loyalty Rewards – Earn store reward points on hunting and fishing license purchases in some states.
  • Easy Renewal – Convenient in-store or online renewal through Walmart before your license lapses.

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Applicable Hunting Regulations and Safety Requirements

In addition to purchasing proper licensing through Walmart, hunters must adhere to relevant state and federal regulations including:

  • Mandatory Hunter Safety Education – Passing certification courses focused on skills, ethics, and regulations. Typically required in person or online before licensing.
  • Strict Season and Bag Limits – Adhering to caps on harvest numbers and only hunting during authorized seasons to help sustain wildlife populations.
  • Legal Hunting Methods and Equipment – Following equipment restrictions on firearms, bows, ammunition, electronic calls, baiting, and other tools.
  • Tagging and Mandatory Reporting – Properly tagging harvested game and completing harvest reports per state rules.

Be sure to complete all hunter safety education requirements and stay up-to-date on current regulations in the state(s) where you hunt before embarking on any trips.

Renewing a Walmart Hunting License

Most standard Walmart hunting licenses are valid for 12 months after the issuance date. To renew your license:

  • Re-apply online or visit a store when your current license nears its expiration date.
  • Have your license number or customer ID handy to streamline renewing the same license type.
  • Double check that any personal info like your address is updated if needed.
  • Pay the applicable hunting license fee for your state and license type. Discounts may apply for renewals.

Check your state’s policies on renewals as some impose limits on consecutive renewals requiring re-testing or certification. Avoid any illegal hunting and stay in compliance by renewing your Walmart hunting license before it lapses!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is just a hunting license in Texas?

For Texas residents, the basic annual hunting license costs $25 at Walmart. Non-resident hunting licenses cost $315. Other required permits like an upland game bird stamp will cost extra.

Can a foreigner go hunting in the US?

Yes, non-citizens can legally hunt in the United States with a valid hunting license. Eligibility and restrictions vary by state. Most states offer non-resident hunting licenses to foreign hunters meeting safety course and permit requirements.

Can a non US citizen get a hunting license?

Foreign nationals can obtain hunting licenses in many US states, typically under a more restrictive non-resident license. A basic hunting course, visa, and passport are generally required docs to qualify and legally hunt with the proper tags.

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