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Walmart Tire Installation Cost


Walmart’s Automobile Center can do more than offer you tires and auto parts – they can set up the tires you purchased, either inside the shop, booked on Walmart.com or through a 3rd party for an extra cost.

Walmart provides a big range of tires of almost every brand name, and even if you can not locate your specific tire in the shop, they can use free shipping to your house or to the shop you need the tires set up at.

Just how much does Walmart charge to install the tires?

The expenses to have Walmart install a set of tires will depend upon the tire package you choose as they do offer numerous packages at different costs. According to their main catalog, the rates, since 2018, are as listed below:

Type Of Package

  • Basic – Includes tire installation, valve stems, stabilizing for life, and a complimentary tire rotation every 7,500 miles, plus a re-torque after the very first 50 miles. – $12 (include $10 if the tire was not bought at Walmart or Walmart.com).
  • Value – Includes all of the options in the Standard plan, plus a road hazard lifetime service warranty – $22 (only applies to tires acquired at Walmart and Walmart.com just).

KEEP IN MIND: These rates are accurate since 2019 and might consist of a tire disposal charge too, which is an extra $1.50 per tire, however, this can differ on your local shop policy.

Sometimes, the shop will use “free install” offers when you acquire particular tires as pointed out on the main site. These totally free setup packages will consist of the very same addons as the basic package the majority of the time, however, to make sure, talk with an auto expert at the shop to find out more. To make sure you get the best deal, we suggest trying to find unique tire offers too to be integrated with the free setup.

According to Cheapism’s best tire setup vis popular chains, Walmart came in 4th, losing to BJ’s, Costco, and its other brand name, Sam’s Club due to the fact that the storage facility chain provided a free TPMS reset and a 24/7 roadside tire-change service for 3 years after the purchase date.

Also check out how much does Walmart charge for a fishing license, fried chicken, and an eye exam.

A ChristianPost.com post broke down the expenses of setting up tires at Walmart and Costco. At the end, when the tires, mounting/balancing, tire disposal, valve stem, warranty, and all various charges were taken into account, the total, before taxes was $541 at Costco and $642 at Walmart, making Costco the better option for the exact same tire setup scenario.

The additional expenses to consider

different-tires-walmartAside from the actual tire setup, do not forget to include the cost of the new tires and brand-new rubber valve stems if required (about $3 each).

As pointed out above, a tire disposal charge of about $1.50 per tire also applies at all places, however sometimes, it might be higher or lower.

If the package does not offer a warranty, a roadway hazard warranty can be included for $10 per tire. You can find out more about the optional roadway hazard warranty by looking at the official contract.

If the tire pressure tracking systems have to be reset, this can cost another $5 per tire.

About the Walmart tire roadway hazard warranty

The optional Walmart tire roadway hazard warranty will cover the tires if are found to be faulty for the life of the tires, specified as the period of the usual tread depth. The functional tread depth, based on the PDF, is specified as the tread down to the last 2/32nds of an inch, and the last 2/32nds will not be considered as functional thread.

The optional warranty will provide extra coverage to the tires bought and set up at Walmart and can cover damage from nails, metal stones, glass, and practically anything that has the ability to damage a tire. In case the tire fails, the guarantee will provide a totally free flat repair work and a pro-rata setup if the service technician can not fix the tire. Although the repair work is “free,” you will still be accountable for the taxes and government-mandated charges.

To be eligible for a totally free replacement, you need to have acquired the service warranty, be the initial owner of the car, have the initial record/invoice and the tire will be changed with the condition that is covered by the service warranty.

The guarantee will not cover damage due to incorrect repair work, abuse, racing, a mishap, off-road use, snow chains, fast wear, and/or used mechanical parts.

How to select the very best tire for my car?

It may get a little difficult for lots of new drivers to choose what tire do they need and what are the advantages of making use of specific tire brands. That’s why Walmart provides the tire-finder tool to aid you determine what kind of tire matches your car in the best way.

In the tire-finder, you will have to input your car’s standard info like the vehicle’s make, model number, and year. Then, the site will pick all sorts of tire types that fit your car to aid you to find what you need.

Are there any tire installation discounts or coupons at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart is very good at providing fantastic offers available for tire installation. For example, you can pick from the many reduced rates that get as low as $20 for every tire pack.

You can also benefit from one of the many giveaways that Walmart provides from time to time. These free gifts will be linked to a specific purchase of tires like offering a free Sirius XM Radio with some tire purchases. Lastly, Walmart has a number of package choices that you can select from.

Are Walmart tires any good?

According to numerous consumer evaluations, Walmart is an excellent shop to get your car’s tires changed. This is due to the fact that the shop has countless locations, and it is really hassle-free to find a Walmart store near you to get the tires set up.

In regards to quality, Walmart’s tires are seen as great for their price. Nevertheless, lots of complaints were received from clients about the waiting time it will take to get your tires installed. Some were made to wait more than 3 hours to get the new tires installed, which is seen as a rather long waiting time for such a task.

The other thing you may have to think about when talking about what a “great tire” is, is the warranty you get with it. Walmart is extremely strict about precisely what caused your damage to be able to install the brand-new tire under service warranty.

Do I have to get an alignment after changing tires?

It is a great idea to have a wheel alignment after you set up brand-new tires on your cars. This is due to the fact that the wheel alignment can get you the very best out of your tires and guarantee they last longer.

When you do the wheel alignment, the tires will be touching the roadway in the right direction and angle, as it is specified in your car’s owner’s handbook. Therefore, when you have your wheels lined up properly, you will feel how smooth your driving experience is by seeing that your car drives straight and does not lean to one side or the other.

Better wheel alignment provides great harmony between all your tires, and you will have less and even tire wear, so you do not scarify any of the wheels, and the load will be dispersed equally between them.

Is it a good idea to change only 2 tires at Walmart?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon the tire type. For example, if your car has an all-wheel-drive, then specialists suggest changing all 4 wheels at the very same time. This is due to the fact that you want to avoid having tires with slightly different sizes in the exact same all-wheel-drive car to prevent any damage to the vehicle.

How to get the very best price on tires from Walmart?

There are a number of tips you can remember and use to get the very best price on your tires from Walmart.

Here are a few great suggestions:

  • Look online for vouchers or discount offers and watch out for any marketing from Walmart
  • Pick the best timing to acquire your tires. It is suggested that you purchase tires at some point between April or October. This is because, during these particular months, there is a substantial weather change. For example, in April, some people will start to think of going on getaways and or different journeys. Likewise, in October, people will start to consider purchasing brand-new tires as the winter season approaches. That’s why you will very likely find the best prices and sales during these particular 2 months.
  • Do not let this problem rest till the last minute. Experts suggest that you be proactive about getting your tires throughout the year and not right you will need them. If you waited up until you get a flat, you would not have too many choices to pick from, and you will need to accept whatever the mechanic recommends at the provided costs.

Are tires at Walmart the same as everywhere else?

Extensive research was performed to compare Walmart’s tire replacement expense versus other bigger businesses like Costco or Mr. Tire. In their studies, they did not just concentrate on the quality of the tires but at the same time on other offered services accompanying tire installation.

According to these studies, Walmart does not provide the least expensive tire installation. It is Costco who got the top place when talking about tire installation price, tire quality, and extra services that come along with tire installation. Costco supplies the most affordable tire installation along with all essential services linked to tire replacement as compared to Walmart. Nevertheless, Walmart still is in a great position when compared to Mr. Tire, so a strong second place.

Why are Walmart tires so inexpensive?

If we think see Walmart’s tires as low-cost, when not compared to Costco, there are quite a bunch of factors for this fairly low expense. Many people asked if it is a misconception that Walmart tires are of lower quality than purchasing them elsewhere.

All these concerns reveal some doubt that Walmart does not supply great quality tires. Walmart is big business, and it supplies a long list of tires from various producers, some are really high quality while others are not. It all comes down to what model you want to purchase.

Here is a short list of Walmart’s tire models:

  • Goodyear
  • Michelin
  • Cooper
  • BFGoodrich
  • Hankook
  • General Tire
  • Bridgestone
  • Douglas Tires
  • Firestone
  • Kumbo Tire
  • Nexen
  • Uniroyal
    And more

While the tire itself is very important, another crucial thing to think about is who is installing the tire for you as a lot of clients used shops with many qualified expert mechanics instead of only concentrating on the tire’s brand name. This is since it is very important to install the tire properly, so it lasts longer for you and does not deteriorate too quickly.

Does Walmart cost match on tires?

According to Walmart.com, Walmart works hard to supply the most affordable cost for clients, not just for tires but for all products sold. Their promise is that if you find a lower cost from an online merchant on the same product, they will match that price.

Therefore, the short answer to this concern is Yes. Nevertheless, there is a list of restrictions to where the cost match can be applied, including but not limited to:

  • The item needs to be the very same as Walmart’s in regards to all elements like brand, quality, year, amount, size, and so on
  • The rate match is permitted one time a day for a single consumer
  • You can not ask for checks for products that are unavailable in the shop
  • Official sellers should offer the product on the list

To find out more about which scenarios can’t get you a rate match, you can go to the official Walmart.com site.

How long will Walmart tires last?

According to Walmart’s site, if you had your tires installed at Walmart, you should expect them to last anywhere between 40,000 and 100,000 miles. It is essential to keep in mind that this number applies to all-season tires, not the other kinds of tires.

How long will the tire installation process take?

Tire installation is a fairly fast service. It normally takes about 45 minutes to get your tires set up. The mechanic needs to put your car in a particular area where they can elevate it and secure it, so it does not slip or move. Then they remove all bolts and lug nuts, turns the tire counter-clockwise to take it off, set up the brand-new tire, and put the bolts back, and fix them in place. As soon as this is done, your car will be put back down on the floor for a test.

Can you get the cost lower for discount tires at Walmart?

Walmart’s tire installation is not the most pricey nor the least expensive. When the tire is on a discount, it may not be possible to reduce the cost more unless you find it more affordable elsewhere.

As we stated in Walmart’s cost match, if you could find a website where the very same tire is priced lower, you can get a cost match and you will get a better deal.

If you still believe that Walmart’s tire installation cost is high, you may have to invest a lot of time looking in other places like Costco and see if you find a better cost.

For that reason, if you care more about how much you will pay than the quality of tires, it makes good sense to get quotes from other stores that Walmart.


Tires are among the really important parts of any car as they directly touch the road and can impact your safety if not installed properly. Tire installation is a necessary service for any car as tires wear in time from usage.

Walmart offers a reasonably low tire installation price. Walmart’s tire installation costs about $12 per tire.

When thinking about tire installation, one has to remember the different other services required in addition to tire installation. For that reason, the cost can jump quite a lot when you add everything.

If you want to change all of the 4 tires and carry out all needed services like Michelin protector, balance & install, valve stem, roadway risk guarantee, and other costs, anticipate paying close to $650 at Walmart.

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    I’ve bough many tires from Walmart. Out the door pricing is usually better than competitors but seems the gap has narrowed. Problem is the long wait time. I’ve been told 2-3 hours. Two guys in the bay, one changing oil, one installing tires. Not unlike the front where there’s two cashiers working nonstop and a ten deep line at self checkout. Last purchase I visited an independent who said looking at old tires alignment may be off. Said a check on the rack was free and I was thinking here come the upsell. At checkout the bill was for the tire installation only. I asked about the alignment and he said it was only out a little on the right side, minor adjustment, no charge. Even gave me a print out. I paid $20 more than I would’ve at Walmart, got a free alignment, was out the door in under an hour. Walmart is okay but I’ve found my new tire store. There may be one near you.


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