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How much does Walmart Tire Installation cost?

Last Updated on November 5, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

Tires are considered consumables, meaning they were never designed to last forever. This means that you will have to replace them from time to time.

However, a thing people don’t always consider is that the costs associated with getting new tires aren’t represented by the price of the tires alone and will usually include costs to have them balanced and installed.

So you should expect a higher final cost than what you’d originally consider, so finding some great offers and deals would be a great thing to think about.

Walmart is one of those places where people go especially for their special offers and deals. The good news is that you can not only buy tires at Walmart, but you can also install and then balance them. So, how much does Walmart tire installation cost?

How much does Walmart Tire Installation cost?

The Walmart tire installation costs $11 per tire for a simple one-time job, although these costs will likely depend on factors like the type of car you want to have them installed on and the type of tires you choose. You can get additional tire services if you choose the $15 per tire Basic Tire Installation package.

You can also get the top-of-the-line Walmart tire installation package which will usually cost around $25 per tire. This package will be more complex, containing about everything you would need in terms of tire-related services.

So when setting your budget, it all comes down to whether you only need the basic one-time tire installation services or you’re looking for a more extensive Walmart Tire care package. The next part of the article will present what each of these packages can offer you.

Tire Installation Services Offered by Walmart

The Walmart Basic Tire Installation Package

If it’s the first time you’re buying tires at Walmart, then you should know that this gives you access to the $15 Basic Tire Installation package. This comes with tire mounting on the rims, free tire pressure adjustment, installing them on your car, tire rotations every 7,500 miles, lifetime balancing, a complimentary lug retorque after 50 miles of use, and a pack of new stem/TPMS valves, which are all of the essential tire services you will likely need.

Buying those tires online will probably mean that you will have to pay some additional fees for them, like shipping costs. Still, if they are bought from the online Walmart store and you bring them with their receipts to a Walmart tire center, you will be entitled to the $15 per tire package.

The Walmart Value Tire Installation Package

When you’re buying the tires directly from Walmart, you will also be eligible for their $25 per tire Value Tire Installation Package. This will get you everything the Basic package offers, along with a Road Hazard Protection Warranty. To be able to take advantage of this package, you will have to buy your tires directly through Walmart.

This package will also help you in the event you get a flat tire, as you will get free flat tire repairs, as well as repairs for other issues related to tire thread deficiencies. If it’s possible to repair your tire in a safe manner, Walmart workers will try to do this. If not, they will replace the tire for you for free. The trick here is that the package will only cover tires that have 75% or more of the tread left.

Why Should You Maintain Your Car At Walmart?

As Walmart has a lot of locations all over the US, there are a lot of discrepancies between Walmart locations, each having its own pros and cons. You can use the Walmart Auto Care Center to receive all kinds of car-related services, like regular maintenance services, services related to the car’s mechanics, and of course, tire fixes.

It won’t be easy to find better deals than at a big chain like Walmart, as they have their services very competitively priced. But keep in mind that in different facilities you will find different quality services. This is why each of these locations has different managers, different supervisors, and most importantly, different mechanics.

According to experts, it is always recommended that you take your car to a mechanic who has trained specifically to train cars like yours. This is why brand specialists and dealerships are usually your best bet when it comes not only to repairs but also to regular maintenance.

How To Get The Best Deal On Walmart Tires?

As already stated, you will only be eligible for most of these packages and deals if you buy the tires directly from your local Walmart. But even though the prices for Walmart tires are very competitive, there are some things you can try to get even better deals.

Also check out how much Walmart charges for a fishing license, fried chicken, and an eye exam.

First off, keep an eye on the official communication channels Walmart uses, as the company will most likely announce online whenever a new discount or coupon is released.

Periods like October and April are also known as high-demand ones when people are buying new tires and swapping the old ones. These are times in which Walmart will probably offer discounts on many tier types.

Make sure you sign up for the Walmart Newsletter, as they are known to offer seasonal sales and you’ll want to keep track of all Walmart sales.

Also, it’s a lot better to buy tires when the price is right and not when you get a flat tire. To do this, you should assess your tires in advance.

Other services provided by Walmart

These services can be purchased independently or in bigger packages.

Service Fee Details
Tire Rotation $2.50 per tire
  • Can be bought independently
  • This fee won’t include balancing or remounting
  • Doesn’t come with a lifetime rotation or balancing
Lifetime Balance and Rotation $13 per tire
  • This package can be bought even when the tires aren’t purchased from Walmart
  • You can rotate and balance your tires every 7500 miles at Walmart if you bought them from their stores, for the life of the tire
  • This fee should include both the rotation and the balancing services
Tire Repair $11 per tire
  • Only available for tubeless tires.
  • Repaired according to Rubber Manufacturer Association guidelines.
Lug Nut Replacement $2.50 per lug
  • Fee per lug nut replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tire Services

Can I Rotate My Tires At Walmart Auto Care Center?

Yes, you can rotate your tires at Walmart. The one-time tire rotation service will cost around $2.50 per tire. This price is for when you didn’t get the tires through Walmart. If you did, then it would be better to go for one of the tire installation packages, as both of them include these services for the whole duration of your tires.

Can I Mount My Tires At Walmart?

Yes, Walmart can mount your tires for you. The cost of mounting your tires at Walmart is between $5 and $20 per tire. The type of rims and tires, as well as whether you’re getting additional services like balancing and rotation, resets, or TPMS valve installations, will influence the final price you will pay. But getting these services as part of a package will usually cost less than buying them separately.

Can I Repair A Flat Tire At Walmart?

different-tires-walmartYes, you can repair a flat tire at Walmart. You can do this with tires bought from Walmart, but you can also get this service on tires sourced from somewhere else. Repairing a tire by patching usually costs about $12. Flat tubeless tires, on the other hand, will cost about $15 per tire to be fixed. These prices can still fluctuate depending on the state in which you need the repair and the type of tire you have.

Can I Get My Valve TPMS/Stem Installed At Walmart?

Yes, you can get your Valve TPMS/Stem installed at Walmart, and it doesn’t even have to be very expensive. You will have to pay about $12 for all tires, or about $3 per tire to have your valve TPMS/Stem replaced. Keep in mind that these prices if for the installation of the TPMS system alone, and if it were to need to be reset or you don’t even have the TPMS, you will have to pay additional fees to reset them or buy them.

Can I Replace My Lug Nut At Walmart Auto Center?

A lot of people either damage one of their lug nuts or lose one of them. When this happens, you will have to replace it, and the easiest way to do this is to get to Walmart with your tire or car and let the Walmart technician inspect it. They will usually be able to offer you a replacement nut for about $2 per lug nut if they consider that the old one was too damaged to be used. Keep in mind that the $2.50 price is for the lug nut alone, with no other products or services included.

Can I Balance My Tires At Walmart?

You can get your tires balanced at Walmart even if you buy them from somewhere else, and a single one-time tire balancing will cost you about $14 in this case. When getting tires from Walmart, it would be a better idea to just go for either the Basic Tire Installation Package or the Value Tire Installation Package as any of the two is a better deal than paying for a balance individually.

How long will Walmart tires last?

According to Walmart’s site, if you had your tires installed at Walmart, you should expect them to last anywhere between 40,000 and 100,000 miles. It is essential to keep in mind that this number applies to all-season tires, not the other kinds of tires.

How long will the tire installation process take?

Tire installation is a fairly fast service. It normally takes about 45 minutes to get your tires properly installed. The mechanic needs to put your car in a particular area where they can elevate it and secure it, so it does not slip or move. Then, they remove all bolts and lug nuts, turn the tire counter-clockwise to take it off, install the new tire, and put the bolts back, and fix them in place. As soon as this is done, your car will be put back down on the floor for a test.

Final words

Walmart is one of those places where you will find very competitive prices on most products or services. Installing tires at Walmart is no exception, as you will usually find the Walmart tire installation cost the lowest on the market when you want to install the tires and need other tire related services as well.

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  1. Hank
    Hank says:

    I’ve bough many tires from Walmart. Out the door pricing is usually better than competitors but seems the gap has narrowed. Problem is the long wait time. I’ve been told 2-3 hours. Two guys in the bay, one changing oil, one installing tires. Not unlike the front where there’s two cashiers working nonstop and a ten deep line at self checkout. Last purchase I visited an independent who said looking at old tires alignment may be off. Said a check on the rack was free and I was thinking here come the upsell. At checkout the bill was for the tire installation only. I asked about the alignment and he said it was only out a little on the right side, minor adjustment, no charge. Even gave me a print out. I paid $20 more than I would’ve at Walmart, got a free alignment, was out the door in under an hour. Walmart is okay but I’ve found my new tire store. There may be one near you.


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