How Much Does a Wooden Gate Cost?

Last Updated on March 14, 2024
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Installing a new wooden gate can enhance your property’s curb appeal and improve security. But before taking on a gate project, it’s important to understand the costs involved. This guide examines the key factors that influence wooden gate pricing, so you can budget appropriately.

Wooden gates range dramatically in price – from a few hundred dollars for basic pre-fab gates, up to several thousand for custom handcrafted gates. The main determinants of cost are the gate’s size, wood type, design complexity, hardware, and installation method. Professional installation also adds considerably to the overall expense.

How Much Does a Wooden Gate Cost?

The base price of a wooden gate depends on the type of wood and the gate’s dimensions. Small basic gates start around $200-300, while large double gates can cost $800-1000 just for materials.

Cochran’s Painting & Home Services estimates the cost of a standard wooden gate installation to be anywhere from $260 to $600, with custom installations potentially costing upwards of $1,000 to $2,000 or more. The cost can vary based on factors such as the type of wood, the size of the gate, the complexity of the design, hardware, and local market rates for labor.

Inch Calculator states that wood gates cost around $400 installed on average, with costs varying based on the material used. Chain link gates and vinyl are the lowest cost at around $200 installed, while metal gates cost the most, ranging from $600 to $1,000.

The price will vary depending on the material used, with exotic hardwoods, iron, and aluminum nearing the higher price range and common woods or vinyl near the lower price range.

Angi provides a breakdown of the cost of different types of gates, stating that manual wood gates start around $400 and cost up to $4,000, while automated wood gates cost $850 to $8,500.

Chain-link gates cost around $200 to $1,000, wrought-iron gates cost $600 to $8,500, steel gates range from $600 for manual options to $8,500 for automated versions, and aluminum gates start at $2,000 for manual options, while automated aluminum gates cost over $8,500.

Ergeon mentions that a wood fence gate will generally cost at least $400, with the cost ranging up to about $4,000 depending on the height, type of wood, and hardware choices.

The cost of an aluminum fence gate starts at around $2,000, and an automated aluminum fence gate could cost over $8,000. The price range for a wrought iron fence gate starts around $600 and ranges up to $8,000 for an automated gate.

Wood Type

Cedar, pine, and redwood are economical wood choices suitable for gates. Cedar costs $3-6 per linear foot, while pine runs $2-4 per linear foot. Premium hardwoods like oak can cost $10+ per linear foot. More exotic woods like teak are even pricier.

Gate Size

Larger gates require more materials and hardware, driving up costs. A 3 foot garden pedestrian gate may cost around $250-400. A 6 foot privacy gate for a side yard may run $400-700. And a grand 10 foot double driveway gate can cost $1500-2500 or more.

Design and Hardware

Basic ranch style wooden gates with minimal decorative details are the most affordable. Elaborate gates with arches, cutouts, latticework or hand-forged hardware cost much more in materials and labor.

Hardware like hinges, latches, and automatic openers also add $100-500 in costs depending on quality.

Customization and Design

Custom wooden gates allow you to match the style of your home. Though more expensive than prefabs, they can greatly enhance curb appeal.

Intricately designed gates with hand-carved details or custom patterns cost $1500-5000 depending on the wood type and level of detail. Architectural elements like arches or turrets add even more.

Expect to pay $500-1000 extra for custom features like monogram cutouts or accent colors. Unique woods like teak or mahogany can double the price.

Installation Costs

You can save significantly by installing your wooden gate yourself. But it’s challenging work requiring carpentry skills.

Professional gate installation averages $50-100 per hour in labor costs. Installers charge minimum fees of $200-500 depending on the project. Complex gates or poor site conditions increase costs.

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Overall, expect to pay $400-1000 extra for pro installation. This ensures proper structure, hardware setup, and alignment.

Additional Features and Hardware

Type of Wood GateSpecial features like automated openers, security enhancements, and lighting can increase costs $500-2500 depending on the technology chosen.

Gate Openers

Electric gate openers cost $800-2000 with professional installation required. Solar openers run $1500-2500 but don’t need wiring.


Adding lockboxes, access control systems or surveillance cameras adds $500-1500. High-end smart home integration is even more.


Low-voltage landscape lighting or solar fixtures along the gate cost $300-800 installed.

Maintenance and Durability

Proper maintenance boosts longevity, preventing costly repairs or early replacement. Expect to refinish wood gates every 2-5 years.

Staining or sealing costs $3-7 per square foot in materials, or $500-1500 for a large gate. Power washing prior runs $150-300.

With maintenance, wood gates last 10-20 years in harsh climates, or 20-30+ years in milder conditions. Quality hardware also lasts decades.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Choose smaller gates sizes to reduce materials costs
  • Use pine instead of pricier cedar or redwood
  • Select simple designs vs. ornate custom gates
  • Install gates yourself if DIY skills allow
  • Seal wood annually to prevent rapid deterioration
  • Buy gates unfinished and apply your own stain
  • Use a gate provider that supplies both materials and installation


Wooden gates elegantly greet visitors while securing your property’s perimeter. Prices range widely based on your desired aesthetics, quality and features. With smart planning, you can install attractive wood gates at affordable budgets to enhance your home’s curb appeal for years to come.

Considering both upfront and long-term costs helps ensure your investment yields lasting benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wooden gates cheaper than metal?

Wooden gates are often cheaper than metal gates, on average. Basic wood ranch gates start around $300-500, while basic metal gates cost $500-800. For custom ornamental gates, wood also remains less costly overall than steel. Though very high-end custom wrought iron gates can exceed the price of wood.

The main benefits making wood cheaper than metal include:

  • Lower material costs – wood is less expensive per linear foot than steel.
  • Easier fabrication – carpentry skills rather than welding and metalworking.
  • Less hardware needed – wood gates require simpler hinge solutions.
  • Easier DIY installation – metal gates are too heavy for most homeowners to install solo.

That said, cheaper costs don’t mean wood is the better choice. Metal offers greater security, strength, and longevity (50+ years). But for budget-friendly curb appeal, wood gates win on affordability.

How long do wooden gates last?

With proper care and maintenance, wooden gates typically last 10-30 years depending on the climate and wood species. More specifically:

  • In harsh climates with cold winters, wooden gates last 10-15 years on average. The freeze/thaw cycles deteriorate wood more quickly.
  • In mild climates with less temperature variability, wood gates last 20-30+ years before needing full replacement. The wood remains more stable.
  • Dense, rot-resistant woods like cedar and redwood last longer than less hardy woods like pine. Pressure-treated pine resists decay better than untreated.
  • Regular upkeep through sealing, staining and repairing damage helps wooden gates achieve their maximum lifespan. Neglected gates deteriorate faster.
  • High-quality hardware and proper gate installation also prevent premature failure. Sturdy hinges and posts preserve the gate’s structural integrity.

So choose durable wood species, implement preventative maintenance, and install the gate properly. With care a wooden gate should grace your home for decades to come.

How much does it cost to make a metal gate?

On average, a custom metal gate costs $800 – $3,000 professionally fabricated and installed. Wrought iron and steel are the most common metals used. Exact pricing depends on:

  • Size – Larger gates require more materials and labor. A small 3′ gate may cost $800-1500, while a grand 16′ double gate could run $2000-$4000.
  • Design complexity – Ornate scrollwork and architectural details require more fabrication expertise, increasing costs. Simple designs are cheapest.
  • Material – Steel is more affordable than wrought iron at $3-8/lb fabricated. But wrought iron offers an unmatchable old-world look.
  • Hardware – Sturdy hinges, electronic access components, locks and finials add $500-$2000 in costs.
  • Installation method – Professionally installed metal gates cost $1000-$2500 more than DIY projects. But proper installation is complex.
  • Location – Prices vary across the country based on labor, material and permitting costs. Urban areas are most expensive.

With the strength and timeless elegance of ironwork, metal gates provide security and update your home’s curb appeal. Though pricier than wood, they can endure over 50 years when properly made and maintained.

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