Word Tattoos Cost

Word Tattoo Cost

Word tattoos are picked over tattoos with designs and symbols for a couple of factors.

Aside from the visual beauty, these kinds of tattoos provide something that no standard tattoo might be able to: they convey their meaning directly. They also provide a more personal look than a generic design or symbol.

Just how much does a word tattoo cost?

The expense of a word tattoo will depend upon the length of the word, the tattoo artist carrying out the task, and the geographical area of the tattoo saloon. The typical per hour rate a tattoo artist charges will typically be in the $40 to $100 area; nevertheless, a few of your more popular artists might charge considerably more. Given that a lot of word tattoos will take about one to 2 hours to complete, it’s a good idea to be ready to pay $80 to $200 for the whole tattoo. From what we could find out during our online research, many people had actually paid anywhere from just $40 for a couple of letters to as much as 500 for a 50-word quote.

The price quotes must include the stencil, which the artist will make, the materials that are used for the project, and labor.

On a forum thread, individuals had actually discussed what they had spent for a word tattoo. According to the replies, one individual had paid $80 for 18 letters, while another had actually paid $120 for a 12-word text. Another, who had the word “Ex Libris” on their wrist had paid closer to $70.

A tattoo artist on Facebook reacted to a client that was asking what a 24 letter, 5-word tattoo would cost on their chest. Depending on the shop or the artist you go to, they noted the cost would have to be around $180 to $200, depending upon the specific size and positioning.

Elements that will impact the cost

Font style

Some font styles can be harder to do than others. If you go for a plain font style, for instance, then you should be ready to pay a somewhat normal fee. Nevertheless, if you choose a font design that can be challenging to recreate, your tattoo will definitely take more time, and at the same time have a higher rate.

The positioning of the tattoo

As for standard tattoos, the area of your word tattoo will determine how long the process will take. If your area of choice is in a challenging area where regular breaks are needed due to discomfort or unpleasant placing for you or the artist, be ready to pay considerably more.

The variety of colors utilized

The cost of the tattoo increases with the variety of colors utilized. Word tattoos are no different – the more colors you want to make use of, the more work will be needed.

The geographical area of the tattoo shop

As already noted, the rates differ from one artist to another, and the very same can be said about the geographical place.

What are the additional expenses?

You should know that a tip, generally 15 to 20 percent of the overall price, is extremely recommended.

In time, like for any other tattoos, it will slowly fade. Be ready to go in for a short tattoo retouch every couple of years.

Also read our articles about the cost of knuckle tattoos, armband tattoos, and henna tattoos.

If you will ask your artist to develop a personalized design for you, this might be an added expense to consider. The costs of a tailored style will considerably depend upon what you desire and the artist you’re dealing with.

Tips to keep in mind

One Word TattooThe tattoo print shouldn’t be spaced too close together as this might end up being a blob of ink in the future.

Think about positioning the word or quote on a part of the body that will have the least type of modification for many years such as the ankles, lower back, inner wrists, down the spinal column, on the shoulder, and/or neck.

Are you looking for some ideas? Pinterest is a great place to look around for tattoo mockups.

What should you ask the tattoo artist:

  • Do you have a portfolio where I can see the tattoo works you have done till now?
  • Do you charge per letter or per hour? What is the typical cost?
  • Can I get some recommendations from individuals for whom you have done a tattoo in the past?
  • Do you have any suggestions about the correct aftercare for the tattoo?

How can you save some money?

You should always get as many price quotes as possible. You should not think only about the rate, pay very close attention to their experience, the tidiness of the store, and reviews online. You’re going to wish to situate somewhere in the center and not pay too much or too little.

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