How Much do Henna Tattoos Cost?

Last Updated on April 26, 2023
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That interesting type of art that is applied to your skin with removable ink made from powdered leaves is called a henna tattoo. It is also known as Mehndi. You might not know this but henna is actually a plant. It can be found in a lot of Middle Eastern countries and can grow up to 10 feet in height. The leaves of this plant are dried and crushed, becoming a powder with some interesting dying properties, making it a great way to temporarily stain your skin.

Henna tattoos are used by some people as an alternative to permanent tattoos. They are able to offer you the same body art that a permanent tattoo will, but they can be removed whenever you’re done with them. This means that henna tattoos offer you a lot more freedom in what you put on your body, as you can change the design whenever you want. You will also have flexibility in terms of the henna design you choose to put on your body, just like in the case of permanent tattoos.

The henna tattoo cost will depend on several factors, like where you get it done, the professional you choose to apply the tattoo, and the level of complexity of the design.

How much do henna tattoos cost?

The cost of the average henna tattoo will likely be anywhere between just $25 and as much as $250 or more when you’re opting for a more complex design. Although there are artists that charge by the hour, most will choose to charge by the design.

You will most likely spend somewhere between $20 and $40 on a smaller-sized tattoo, the cost of henna tattoos of medium sizes is somewhere between $45 and $75. There are also larger tattoo designs that cover entire parts of your body like your whole arm, for example. These are easily priced at $200 or more.

Some people also hire a henna tattoo artist for different types of events like birthday parties or wedding parties. For these occasions, the artist will usually charge an hourly rate. Expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $130 per hour to hire a henna tattoo artist for your event. The number of guests that want to get tattooed per hour as well as the size of your party as a whole will influence the price the artist bills you, according to ThumbTack.

Also check out the price of normal tattoos, spine tattoos, and nose piercings.

If you want to try to do the henna tattoo yourself, you can always go for an at-home kit. This shouldn’t cost more than $15 to $35 and will include everything you’ll need for just a basic tattoo design.

Henna tattoo summary

You will always be able to pick the design you want to have on your skin before the tattooing process will start. There are tattoos of all sizes that you can pick from, including tiny ones that can be placed on your hand or huge ones that can cover entire parts of your body like a whole leg. Many henna artists will give you a portfolio that has a few hundred designs that you can pick from with all kinds of designs, including bridal henna designs.

You can also give them your own design or a layout you like and depending on the artist’s skills, they might or might not be able to do it. Although henna tattoos are usually placed on the shins, feet, or hands, you might be able to convince the artist to put your desired design anywhere on your body. A lot of people will go for either a sleeve, or a design to cover their palm, leg, lower arm, back, or wrists.

To prepare the mixture, henna will be blended in a bowl and when it is ready, it will be applied on the lines of the design you went for. As soon as the tattoo is done, it will be sealed to last and then wrapped properly.

When getting a more complex henna tattoo, be ready to waste about an hour for the artist to do it properly. For smaller tattoos, on the other hand, they shouldn’t need more than 10 minutes. So depending on the complexity and size of the design you opt for, the time needed to have it completed will differ considerably. According to the Henna Arts salon, a small palm-sized tattoo will still require about 8 minutes to be completed, while having a bride’s hand tattooed for the event could take an hour or more.

After this tattoo has been applied, the dye will dry out, which can take upwards of 5 hrs. Once the henna begins to dry up, the power will gradually fall off the skin. While the color might have a tint of orange initially, it will begin to darken after around three days.

How much time does henna last?

A premium henna tattoo will last seven to 21 days when you take care of it properly.

What are some added costs?

henna tattooAftercare will be essential to make the tattoo last. Veggie or olive oil can work wonders on tattoos. Only swipe a cotton bud on the location once a day and follow this by washing it with water.

Some artists might charge extra if you want them to create a design that they do not have in their portfolio. BodyFashionista advises keeping the henna paste on for a minimum of five hours for the best results.

If an artist needs to take a trip to your location, a traveling charge will more than likely apply. This cost will rely on how far they have to take the trip, but a lot of the time, it shouldn’t be more than $75.

Tips to know

If the individual you’re getting a tattoo from tells you the tattoo will be black, then it’s best to turn around and run away since the artist will be using some type of non-natural chemical that’s damaging your skin such as hair dye. Natural henna will always create a dark orange or maroon tarnish, and the darkness will depend on your skin type as well as where the tattoo is applied.

How can I save money?

If you’re opting for a neighborhood artist, see if they have any discounts available on their social media account or website.

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