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How Much Does a Spine Tattoo Cost?

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If you like to wear tattoos in those areas of your body that you forget about, then you will like the idea of getting a tattoo in the area of your spine. This area is delicate, but it is possible to create beautiful tattoos that are very symmetrical. There are ideas for all tastes.

When it comes to getting a tattoo on your spine, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, the fact that some sanitary tests can be performed on the spine, such as lumbar or epidural puncture, which may not be possible due to the tattoo. We must always go through the problems it may give us before getting it. However, if the tattoo is small, it does not usually interfere with those particular tests. It must also be said that it is a delicate area where the pain is considerable, so you need to be prepared for it.

How much does a spine tattoo cost?

Mainly, the price of a spine tattoo will depend on the type of design you go for. For example, for a simple spine tattoo you will have to pay around $155, while for a more complicated design, that includes colors and requires many hours of work for the tattoo artist you will have to pay more than $720.

As you can observe, there is a great gap between prices; it all depends on the style you choose and the amount of work needed to finish this work of art.

Factors that influence the price of a spine tattoo

The cost of a spine tattoo depends on basically the same factors that the price of any other type of tattoo would depend on.

The most important factor to determine the cost is the style you want. Obviously, if you want to get a spine tattoo with a complex design that requires many hours of work for the tattoo artist, it will be much more expensive.

For example, you will not have to pay a large sum of money for the well-known spine tattoo of Connor McGregor because it is made of a simple line; plan on spending around $310.

Does the price of spine tattoos depend on the tattoo artists?

Definitely yes! When you think about making a new tattoo there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration and the person who does it is one of them.

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You will have to pay more for a small tattoo made by a famous tattoo artist and this is because they are very talented and their per-hour fee is very high.

The cost of a full spine tattoo

Plan on spending at least $520 if you want to get a simple style full spine tattoo. The price will increase if the design will be more complicated.

Think twice before getting a full spine tattoo because this is a sensitive body area and you will have to go through a lot of pain. You can even arrive at the point where you will not support the pain anymore and you will lose all the money. And, moreover, you might end up not having a complete tattoo.

The cost of a black spine tattoo

Among the spine tattoos, one of the most common is the black spine tattoo. This may be because many famous athletes express some meaning by making such a tattoo.

This style is perfect if you want to get a tattoo in this area of your body. Because not many colors will be used for the tattoo, it will be drawn in harmony with the spine.

Depending on the style you choose and the size of the spine, you will have to pay anywhere between $420 and $800 for a black spine tattoo.

The cost of a colored spine tattoo

Spine Tattoo ExamplesWhen talking about colored tattoos we talk about more ink being used and more attention being required from the tattoo artists, to get all the details right. This will result in a high cost due to the huge effort the artist will have to put in and the amount of necessary ink.

There aren’t all that many examples of colored spine tattoos to choose from. Some of them include legendary animals and Phoenix birds.

If we would compare the cost of a colored spine tattoo with an all-black one, we can say that this is considerably more expensive. Expect to pay around $1,000 if not more to get one.

The cost of a dragon spine tattoo

There are many people who love Japanese culture and want to reflect it in the tattoos they get on their bodies.

In general, people choose to tattoo dragons on their legs or forearms, and dragon spine tattoos are not that common.

However, there are no limits when it comes to the tattoos people want to make and some want to get a dragon tattoo, especially on the spine.

The cost of a common dragon tattoo, made on the leg or forearm, is anywhere between $720 and $1,300, while a dragon spine tattoo will cost you around double this sum. This is because the tattoo will be much bigger and will require more hours of work.

So, you will have to pay more than $2,300 for a dragon spine tattoo.


Tattooing of the skin is an important decision that some people make in just a few minutes, and others after months or years of contemplating the idea.

From Bible verses, the names of loved ones, personal mantras, to things that define you, anything could be a good idea as long as you feel comfortable exposing the tattoo in any context. Besides this, you should be prepared to suffer some pain and spend a considerable sum of money.

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