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Many people that like body art use tattoos as a great way of remembering great events from their lives, quotes, people, dates, or images they like and mean something to them. If you want to find out exactly how much does a tattoo cost and expect only excellent results without a lot of money invested, then you should take a few things into account.

Before figuring out where you want to get your tattoo done, take into consideration these few facets that could help you pick the best place, and spend the least money for the best results. Here are the most important aspects to have in mind:


In order to accommodate your request, the artist will give a different price for every part of the body you want to get a tattoo on. Usually, more accessible and bigger parts of your body will cost less to get tattooed than smaller and not that easily accessible ones. A good example is the fact that a tattoo on your wrist could cost you around $50 to make while getting that tattoo on your neck could set you back $80 or more for the same tattoo.


You Will Spend This Much For An Eyebrow Tattoo

Another aspect that is of great importance is the amount of detail in your tattoo. Don’t ask how much does a tattoo cost before you know exactly what type of design you’re aiming for and how detailed it will be in the end. More detailed tattoos cost way more than simpler ones. An artwork that is complex and very difficult to create, with plenty of details could set you back $100 or more, while tattoos that are simpler could cost you $40 or less.


If you’re on a tight budget, our advice would be to aim for a tattoo in black and grey, which is usually cheaper than a colorful one. The complexity raises whenever you add a new color, because the artist will have to use different kinds of ink, so, in the end, it will cost you more. As an example, a colorful tattoo can cost $80-90, while a black/grey one with the same design can set you back $40-$50. You could end up spending a lot more than $40-$50 even for a black/grey tattoo, and a big part of the price will be for the artist and his skills, which takes us to another aspect that will influence the final price.



Depending on which artist you work with, you could spend more, or less, depending on his skills. A simple tattoo in black and grey can have a price of $70 when done by one artist, or it can be cheaper, lower than $50 even when done by someone else. The artist will set a price depending on the time needed, his skill, and products he’ll use to have the tattoo done for you, along with any of their personal fees for the job. If you aim for a more reliable artist, this could cost more, but it will be safer. Some of the cheapest artists are known to use the same needles without any sanitation measures, on multiple clients, which puts you in danger of getting any of the diseases transmitted through blood exchange.

If You Want To Get a Nose Piercing, You Will Spend This Much


Another aspect that adds to the final price is the size of your tattoo. Yes, don’t think about how much does a tattoo cost before you know how much you want it to be. If you want to keep the price at a minimum, aim for a smaller tattoo. Larger designs require more time to make and more products to be used which will greatly increase the final price.


How will a simple tattoo influence the budget of our average working man or woman? Well, getting a tattoo won’t necessarily set you back to the point of no return, so it is something manageable, but keep it smaller and make try using just a few colors to be sure you don’t go over a decent budget. Don’t be cheap when thinking about the artist and aim for professional places that are known to take great measures to ensure proper hygiene and sanitation. As long as you don’t think about covering your entire body with tattoos, getting one won’t be the biggest issue.

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