AKC Registration Cost

AKC Registration Cost

Last Updated on December 27, 2023
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

AKC holds first place as the most popular, but also the biggest registry of purebred dogs in all of the US.

The first thing you should know that AKC registration is in no way a guarantee of a dog’s quality. It is only intended to show that the dog is an offspring of AKC-registered parents that are of the same breed.

So as soon as you add another dog to your pet family, before doing anything else, you should start the process of getting it registered with the American Kennel Club, as this is the responsible thing to do.

The AKC registration process

Always ask about the state of registration when considering the purchase of a new pup. The obligation of filling the registration form will usually be of the breeder or seller you’re buying the pet from. Also, keep in mind that dogs that have their registration documents in order will be considerably more expensive than those that aren’t registered.

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The registration certificate will have, among other information, a unique identifying number, the name of the breeder, the dog’s date of birth, the unique certificate numbers of the parents, the registered name, and the breed. This information will be required when you want to register a dog. You won’t be able to register a new pup to AKC if it has no papers.

You will be able to register your dog under either limited or full registration. Getting a limited registration paper will mean that you won’t be able to use the dog for breeding purposes.

How Much Does AKC Registration Cost?

Keep in mind that getting a dog AKC registered means in no way that it is a healthy specimen.  It isn’t even a guarantee that the dog is the best in its kennel or even a great dog at all. The registration will only be able to give the dog an ancestral tree and an identity.

If you have prepared all of the needed documents, then you are ready to register the dog with the AKC. When it comes to the cost of AKC registration, the American Kennel Club Registration fees are as follows.

  • Basic Individual Dog Registration – $35
  • Silver plan – $45.99
  • Gold plan – $64.99
  • Platinum plan – $89.99

What should be included in each of the plans?

Let’s go over each of the four AKC dog registration plans and see what inclusions will they include.

The Basic Plan:  When registering your dog for this plan, you will receive the official registration certificate along with an AKC pet insurance available for thirty days that will cover up to $1,500, as well as a new dog handbook.

The Silver plan – Along with all of the inclusions you get from the Basic plan, this one will also give you the AKC reunite lifetime enrolment privilege. The AKC reunite addition will be helpful if you and your pet need to reunite, with the help of a custom collar tag that features constant protection.

The Gold plan – In addition to all of the benefits that the Silver and the Basic packages offer, with this plan you will also get Pet Poison Helpline Lifetime Access and a Complimentary Vet Office Visit.

Using the Complimentary Vet Office Visit will give you access to a free initial appointment with any of the Vets in the AKC Veterinary Network Provider. When it comes to the Pet Poison Helpline, this will give you continuous access to professional advice.

The Platinum plan – This is the most expensive bundle but also the one with the most benefits. It will have all of the advantages of the Gold bundle, while also offering you the ALK Certified Pedigree and the AKC GoodDog! Training Helpline.

With the training helpline, you will get guidance and assistance from instructors by phone 24/7. You will get a frameable file of the pet’s family tree even with the AKC-accredited pedigree.

Also, only dogs that have an AKC certification of pedigree will be entitled to participate in some AKC events and sports.

Other Expenses to Think About

Litter Registration

You will have to pay a fee of $25 for litter registration, and then an extra $2 for each puppy. The fee will be slightly larger, at $30, for litter registration from artificial insemination, with $2 additionally per puppy, while litter registration using a foreign sire or male parent for the pet will cost $25 plus $2 per puppy.

To prevent being charged additionally, you should register the litter as soon as you can. Registrations over 6 months after the birth of the litter come with a late fee of $65.

Expedited Litter Registration and Other Fees

  • If you need a litter registration expedited you might end up paying $60.
  • Getting a limited registration reworked will cost $25.
  • If you see an error on the registration paperwork and you need to have it corrected, it might cost you $20.
  • If you want to transfer the ownership, this will likely cost between $30 and $50 if the pedigree also has to be transferred.
  • If you need a duplicate certificate, you will spend $20.
  • Reissuing a dog application can cost $15 while recording the lease of an agreement can cost $20.

Imported Dog Registration and Other Services

Beagle Puppy RegisteredYou can have an imported dog registered for $100 while reactivating an application that is inactive for more than 12 months will cost $50 in reactivation fees.

In addition to that, AKC also provides the Foundation Stock Service. This is AKC’s answer to uncommon breed financiers. It is a recorded service for purebreds that are not yet registrable with AKC.

Recording a dog with AKC will only cost $10. Recording plus pedigree is $27. Canine recording, pedigree, plus dog care training video costs $37.

Register as early as possible to prevent additional expenses. An extra $30 per service will be applied for recording over 12 months. An additional $60 fee will be applied for recording over 24 months after the litter was recorded.

Extra Notes

Try to avoid late registration to prevent extra charges.
Remember that application charges are not refundable.

Having dogs in your home demands a great deal of responsibility. Like having small children, there are documents that you should have. Go on and register your new pup with the American Kennel Club. This will come with a lot of amazing sports and events for you and your new pet/companion.

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    My dog is eligible for a limited registration. To get full registration does the breeder have to rescind or amend my dog’s registration papers.? What forms and costs are necessary to amend the registration papers, and how do I access them.?


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