Albertson's Fried Chicken Cost
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Albertsons Fried Chicken Prices

Last Updated on November 26, 2023 | Written by CPA Alec Pow
First Published on September 29, 2020 | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popivker

Albertsons is one of the major grocery chains in the United States. With over 2,200 store locations across dozens of states, it aims to make shopping fast and affordable. The supermarket’s deli sections offer convenient fried chicken meals and sides for busy families or individuals.

If you don’t feel like cooking, grabbing one of Albertsons’ affordable rotisserie or fried chickens can save time and effort. But what exactly are Albertsons Fried Chicken prices?

Albertsons Fried Chicken Prices

The cost of 8 pieces of different types of chicken is around $7.99 at any Albertson’s supermarket. The eight-piece will consist of 2 wings, 2 drumsticks/legs, 2 thighs, and 2 breasts.

As a full-service supermarket, Albertsons chicken prices depend greatly on exact items, weights, and supplemental sides or ingredients. Basic costs range from:

  • Fried 8-piece mixed chicken, around $7.99
  • 8-piece mixed rotisserie chicken, about $6.99
  • Fried chicken tenders, approx $4.99 per pound
  • Single fried chicken pieces like breasts or drumsticks, $2 to $3 per pound

Keep in mind that these baseline rates for Albertson’s chicken provide decent general cost expectations but should be taken as estimates. Prices can rise with larger portions, extra ingredients like wings or thighs, additional sides, and more. Prepare for some variability depending on your local store’s stock and pricing too.

When it comes to bulk orders, you can check our list below to see what we were given as an estimate. These types of party packs will feature breasts, thighs, drumsticks, as well as wings.

Quantity (Pieces) Price
50 $50
100 $100
150 $150
250 $250
300 $290
500 $440

Factors That Impact the Albertsons Fried Chicken Cost


Heavier chicken portions or buckets cost more per package, but potentially less per pound. Larger families can offset higher total costs through bulk savings.

Included Extras

Sides, dipping sauces, biscuits, larger piece counts, and other additions drive up total chicken bucket charges. More goodies equal higher pricing.

Location Variability

Base costs for basic Albertsons chicken tend to stay mostly consistent nationwide. However, Stores in higher cost-of-living areas may tack on slightly elevated price tags. Local competition and seasonal demand can also impact pricing by smaller amounts.

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Albertson's Fried Chicken

Potential Additional Costs

Bulk Side Dishes

Adding pans or platters of shareable side dishes like mac & cheese or potato wedges can rack up costs. Stick to smaller side portions to complement chicken without big add-ons pushing your bill up.

Specialty Fried Options

Unique flavors like hot & spicy or lemon pepper fried chicken cost a little more than ordinary fried chicken. Opt for basic flavors to keep your checkout totals lower.

Must-Know Aspects of Albertsons Chicken

  1. Frequent Discounts – Albertsons rotisserie and fried chicken both commonly go on sale or include additional digital coupon offers. Downloading and using their app unlocks special discounts on chicken and more.
  2. Store Availability – Chicken selections can vary or even be temporarily unavailable at some locations due to local inventory and regional supply factors. Calling ahead should confirm availability.
  3. Best Times For Hot & Fresh – Since frying and rotisserie cooking happen in-store, early evenings typically offer the freshest batches. Morning remnants may be less than ideal.
  4. Other Proteins – Beyond poultry, Albertsons delis also sell fried seafood like popcorn shrimp, catfish chunks, and lobster tails by weight. These make pricier but special treat additions to chicken.

Smart Ways To Save Money On Albertsons Chicken

While already reasonably priced compared to alternatives like restaurant orders or special delivery services, a few simple shifts in shopping strategy can trim extras off Albertsons chicken purchases:

  • Downsize sides & extras: Single servings of sides or biscuits satisfy most. Multi-serving options quickly inflate costs.
  • Split larger buckets: Buying bigger 16 or 20-piece custom chicken packs and dividing portions with family or friends maximizes bulk discounting.
  • Embrace rotisserie savings: Opt for rotisserie over fried to trim a little off baseline spend while still enjoying delicious hot chicken on demand.
  • Use app coupons: Download the Albertsons app and watch for chicken-related discounts and digital coupon opportunities before checkout.

For a convenient grocery protein solution, Albertsons rotisserie and fried chicken offer quick meals at reasonable prices. A little savvy shopping goes a long way too.

Monitoring total weight, minimizing unnecessary extras, buying the occasional sale price, and using digital deals help cut average Albertsons chicken costs over time. Convenience does not have to mean overspending!

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