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How Much do BET Awards Tickets Cost? – Individual and Package Deals

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The BET Awards is the ultimate celebration of African Americans in music, acting, sports, and other fields. The show has been running for over a decade with only minor tweaks to its format such as adding more awards or changing how they’re presented each year, but all these changes give viewers something new.

The ceremony was created by the Black Entertainment Television (BET) network with a focus on celebrating those who work hard but are also underrepresented, such as Hispanics/Latinos or Native Americans within these fields of entertainment.

The BET Awards are broadcast live on the network and are watched by millions every year. But how much are BET Awards tickets?

How much do BET Awards tickets cost?

The BET Awards’ unique blend of music, celebrity, and politics has made them a must-watch event.

The average Bet Awards tickets cost somewhere between $350 and $2,500, although this will vary depending on where you choose to sit. For instance, for an orchestra-level seat, you would pay around $1,700, while the price for a third balcony seat is about $350.

There are many factors that affect how much a ticket costs but timing is one of the biggest ones. The earlier you buy BET seats in advance, the more likely it is to find them cheaper. Also, the demand and the place we purchase them from affect the price.

The gold package is $1,200, and the Diamond one costs about four times as much, which means about $5,000. To get a better idea of what these packages offer, you can check out the corresponding BET awards ticket prices on the official website.

The gold package has some less expensive options but still includes most amenities. In contrast, the Diamond package offers an extensive list that may be more appealing for those looking to spoil themselves with luxury services provided by the venue.

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It is also a good idea to check a few weeks before your event. You might be able to find the best deal on a third-party website.

VIP sections and front rows will usually require the most expensive BET Awards tickets, as they offer exclusive access to after-parties and pre-show events and concerts, as well as premium seating with the best view. It’s not unusual for these VIP tickets to cost $10,000 or even more.

Where to Buy BET Awards Tickets?

There is a real risk of buying counterfeit tickets when getting them on the secondary market, BET Awards tickets are in really high demand. There is a report by the Better Business Bureau that states that consumers lost a total of $3.3 million combined, to ticket scams related to BET Awards and other music events.

The best way to stay away from ticket scaps is to just purchase tickets from sources you consider legitimate. The first option should always be the BET Awards website, which is the official source for this event, as this is the safest way of buying tickets. When buying from other authorized vendors, the ticket prices will depend on the vendor you’re buying from and the seating arrangement.

For example, you will pay around $800 for floor seating, while other options cost between $300 and $750 when buying BET Awards tickets from StubHub. You can also buy Bet Awards tickets from websites like SeatGeek or Ticketmaster for about $600 when it comes to floor seating and $300 to $500 for other seating options. For instance, Ticketmaster sold BET Awards tickets for $600 for floor seating, while other seating options ranged from $200 to $400.

Ticket prices can vary depending on the demand for the event, so it’s advisable to purchase tickets early to avoid paying exorbitant fees. The BET Awards tickets are non-transferable. This means that once a ticket has been bought, it cannot be resold or transferred to another individual.

BET Awards – What are the extra costs?

After a show, you can head to the BET after-party for an evening of dancing and drinking with celebrities. The after-party ticket price starts at $1,800, but you don’t have to go to an after-party if this isn’t your thing.

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Bet Awards started offering virtual tickets not long ago. This enables fans who can’t attend the event for one reason to another, to watch it live from their home. These tickets are usually a lot cheaper than physical tickets.

BET Award Ticket Purchase Tips

If you want to ensure a smooth transaction, then here are some tips to remember:

  • If you can’t purchase the tickets from the official BET Awards website, then only get them from reputable sources like verified third-party vendors.
  • Purchasing tickets as early as possible will help you avoid higher prices, as they will grow more and more as the event date gets closer.
  • Getting a VIP package will offer you an unforgettable experience with exclusive access to after-parties and even some pre-show events.
  • To ensure a comfortable viewing experience, try to understand the seating arrangement and the locations of the seats you’re trying to buy.
  • Always check the exchange and refund policies that the ticket seller offers so you are covered in case of unforeseen circumstances or cancellation.

Important things to consider

BET AwardsThe BET Awards have been presented annually by Black Entertainment Television since 2001 and have taken place in the Globe Theatre, Los Angeles. At this gala, African Americans or other minorities who have made significant contributions in the previous year in music, acting, sports, and other fields of activity are awarded.

The process of nomination for the BET Awards Show is quite lengthy and complicated, but it’s all worth it in the end. For starters, there is a voting academy made up of 500 people from media, music industry members, or bloggers, that gives out these stellar awards.

Ballots are sent electronically by BET to the voters in order to nominate possible candidates. Yangaroo company is responsible for collecting all those nominees and choosing five finalists. After this, these lists are sent back to the academy so that the winner can be voted.

The veteran groups or artists who made a special contribution to the music industry are awarded the BET Lifetime Achievement Award. To honor the work of these legends, popular singers present at the gala are performing one of the most known songs by the honoree. Usually, veterans perform themselves after the singer’s performance.

The 2002 BET Awards introduced a new category for the Humanitarian Award, presented to philanthropists and celebrities who choose to give back. The recipients of both this award as well as Lifetime Achievement are announced during an elaborate press conference with screenings of mini-documentaries about their lives.

The BET Award trophy is a beautiful way to commemorate the recipients’ achievements. The original design was created by sculptor/artist Carlos Mare Rodriguez, who added his own personal touch with three words: aspire, ascend, and achieve. In 2007, Society Awards improved upon this already-iconic piece using plated steel as well as black crystal in order for it to stand out from all other award trophies.

BET Award categories

  • Best International Act: UK
  • Best International Act: Africa
  • The best male athlete of the year
  • The best female athlete of the year
  • YoungStars Award
  • Centric Award
  • The best video director
  • The best actor
  • Viewer’s Choice
  • The best gospel singer
  • The best R & B / Pop singer
  • The best action
  • Career award
  • Humanitarian award
  • The best movie
  • The best collaboration
  • The best band
  • The best R&B artist of the year
  • The best debut artist
  • BET Hip-Hop Awards for the best female hip-hop artist

How can I save money on BET Award tickets?

To get the best deals on tickets, you should check out various third-party ticket distributors. Companies offer different prices, and sometimes there is a lower cost from one of these providers than the other.

What is the runtime for the BET Awards?

The BET Awards usually run for 1.5 to 3 hours. For more information on encores, intermissions, and runtime, go to the official BET Awards website.

Final Words

So you can’t argue the fact that the BET Awards is one of the most entertaining shows, often featuring world-known artists like Snoop Dogg. But how much do BET Awards tickets cost? And can anyone go? It turns out that as long as you manage to purchase BET Awards tickets, you can attend the show.

Most tickets cost somewhere between $300 and $740, although some VIP packages can cost as much as $10,000, as they offer the ultimate BET experience, with the best seats in the house and services like a personal concierge and access to pre-show and after-party events.

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