How Much Do The BET Awards Tickets Cost?

Last Updated on March 13, 2024
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Are you hoping to attend the BET Awards in 2024? As a fan, you probably want to know how much the tickets will cost so you can plan your budget. This guide will break down BET Awards ticket prices, seating options, and tips for getting the best deal.

The BET Awards are one of the biggest nights in Black entertainment. Music’s hottest stars come together to celebrate achievement and perform live. Naturally, demand for tickets is high. Prices can vary depending on seating location and when you buy.

Planning ahead is key to getting affordable BET Awards tickets. Let’s look at what to expect for the 2024 show.

How Much Do The BET Awards Tickets Cost?

Ticket prices for the BET Awards can range from $150 up to $600+ per seat. The average price is around $300. However, BET also offers special VIP packages that grant access to exclusive pre-show events. These can cost $1,000 or more.

What determines the ticket prices? Factors like:

  • Seat location – Front row seats or VIP sections cost more. Upper deck seats are cheaper.
  • Timing – Prices tend to rise closer to showtime as inventory shrinks. Buying early gets better deals.
  • Demand – Popular performers drive up demand, increasing prices.
  • Resale prices – Secondary market sellers may inflate costs for hot tickets.

TicketSmarter provides specific ticket prices for the BET Experience event, with general admission starting at around $81 and reserved upper-balcony seats at $47. It also gives price ranges for different seating sections at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Let’s explore the seating options at the BET Awards venue.

BET Awards Ticket Prices and Seating Chart

The BET Awards are held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. With 7,100 seats, there are diverse seating options at various price points:

  • Floor Seating – The nearest seats to the stage on the main floor cost $600+ and are considered VIP. Floor seats further back are around $400.
  • Orchestra – The orchestra section offers a direct view of the stage. Mid-range orchestra seats start around $300.
  • Loge – Elevated loge seats located halfway up the venue are good budget options at $200-$250.
  • Upper Concourse – If you just want to get in the door, upper concourse seats start around $150. The view isn’t as close but you’re there!
  • VIP Packages – From meet and greets to pre-show parties and premium seating arrangements, VIP add-ons can cost $1,000 or more on top of your ticket.

As you can see, the coveted seats near the action are the most expensive. But you can still find relatively affordable tickets in the upper areas.

When Should You Buy BET Awards Tickets?

Timing your ticket purchase strategically can save money:

  • Pre-sales – If you have a Citi card or BET fan club membership, you can access pre-sales and purchase tickets a month before the general public. This gives first dibs on seats.
  • Early Bird – Tickets go on sale to the general public 4-6 months in advance. Prices are lowest at the initial launch.
  • Month Of – By show week, the selection is limited and costs rise. But sellers may drop prices on unsold seats.
  • Post-announcement – Once the nominees and performers are revealed, prices can spike from the publicity. Buy before!

Aim to buy tickets in the first few weeks of the general on-sale for the best deals. Waiting until the last minute risks paying a premium.

Tips for Getting Cheap BET Awards Tickets

Getting affordable tickets comes down to being proactive:

  • Buy early – Prices only go up, so purchase 1-2 months after tickets launch. You’ll lock in initial pricing.
  • Check resale sites – Fans resell extra tickets closer to the event at below face value. Sort by price for deals.
  • Split costs with friends – Sharing a 4-pack of tickets in the upper deck can save money through bulk discounts.
  • Enter contests – Radio stations and BET Award sponsors give away ticket packages. Enter for a chance to win.
  • Virtual tickets – Can’t attend in person? Watch the live stream on BET+ for just $9.99.

With planning, you can experience the BET Awards without breaking the bank. Focus on buying early from trusted sellers.

How Much Do BET Awards VIP Tickets Cost?

Want the full VIP treatment at the BET Awards? Beyond the best seats, you get exclusive perks through special packages. Just be prepared to pay for the luxury!

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Here are typical costs for BET Awards VIP packages:

  • VIP Tickets – $600+ per seat for premium floor tickets plus access to the VIP lounge.
  • VIP Meet & Greet – $1,500+ for a ticket package with artist meet and greet.
  • BET Experience – $2,000+ for a 3-day pass to the BET Experience with an awards show ticket.
  • Luxury Suite – $20,000+ for a private suite and amenities for you and 20 friends.
  • Presenter Package – Price not publicly listed. Includes presenting duties at the show.

As you can see, just a single VIP ticket can run $600 or more. For a chance to mingle with celebs and enjoy concierge perks, packages reach into the thousands.

Of course, most fans don’t have that kind of budget. The good news is you can enjoy the BET Awards without going overboard. Focus on regular seated tickets in the $150-$300 range instead.

Where Can You Buy Legit BET Awards Tickets?

The authorized seller for BET Awards tickets is AXS.com. This is the only way to guarantee authentic seats directly from the source.

Beware of scam ticket sites and resellers claiming to offer special deals. Stick to AXS for peace of mind. If buying resale, only use reputable exchanges like VividSeats.

Once you have your tickets, get ready for music’s biggest night! The energy at the BET Awards is electric. From the red carpet to star-studded performances, it’s an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

Just be sure to plan well ahead the event date and shop for tickets early. Focus on upper deck or rear orchestra seats in the $150-$250 range to keep costs reasonable. With the right prep, you can enjoy the BET Awards live without draining your wallet!

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