How Much Does a Brookline Country Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on January 7, 2024
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The Brookline Country Club is so popular that most people know it as just the Country Club. It was considered one of the best golf courses in Massachusetts for a long time. Over ten Massachusetts State Amateur Championships have been played. Brookline Country Club is known as one of the most exclusive clubs in America.

This club is located in Brookline, Massachusetts, and has an important place in golf history, being one of the original country clubs in the United States.

Brookline Country Club was founded in 1882 being the first one of its type started in the United States, and also one of the first five charter clubs that laid the foundations of the United States Golf Association.

Since then, the Brookline Country Club has been the host of many USGA tournaments such as the 1913 U.S. Open that was won by Francis Ouimet, a 20-year-old undiscovered golf player. He played on the 18-hole golf course against two top golf players of that time, Ted Ray and Harry Vardon.

The 33rd Ryder Cup, also known as the “Battle of Brookline,” was held from September 24-26, 1999. The American victory at the “Battle of Brookline” remains one of the most memorable moments in Ryder Cup history.

How Much Does a Brookline Country Club Membership Cost?

It is practically impossible to find information about the cost of membership at the country club and with the staff refusing to share prices, we can just assume how much would the initiation fee and the monthly dues be based on the costs charged by other similar clubs. So, we estimate that the initiation fee to become a member of the Brookline Country Club is around $500,000, the monthly costs would be around $1,500, and the annual dues at least $10,000.

Brookline Country Club is so exclusive that the costs are very hard to find. According to Bisnow.com, this private club is so exclusive that on the official website of the club, it will be easier to find links for jobs than membership fees, and even the wife of then Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, was rejected.

However, if you succeed in finding out what is the cost of becoming a member of the country club it will be pretty difficult to join in. According to the Boston Club, if you want to become a member of the Brookline CC you must be sponsored by two current members and have to provide the committee with testimonials from another seven persons you have personal relationships with. Also, you will have to attend a cocktail reception with the committee, organized at the club, as part of this process.

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Brookline Golf Club details

Brookline Country Club FarThe members of the Brookline Country Club can enjoy both formal and informal dining options at the clubhouse, plus a fully stocked wine cellar.

As for the outdoor activities, there are nine tennis courts, a lake that is transformed into an ice skating rink during winter, an Olympic-sized swimming pool with a poolside snack bar, a skeet shooting range, and a curling rink.

The golf facilities offered by this club have a total of twenty-seven holes, which are divided between two courses.

The Squirrel nines and the Clyde form the Main Course, essentially the original 18 holes. In 1913 the country club hosted the U.S. Open, which was played on the main course, and the members still play golf on it to this day.

In 1927 the other nine holes executive course, the Primrose Course was built. Willian S. Flynn was the one who designed this course.

The Country Club at Brookline, Massachusetts, has a rich history of hosting USGA championships. It hosted the 2022 US Open, and it has been announced that the club will host four upcoming championships in the future:

  • 2030 US Girls’ Junior
  • 2034 US Amateur
  • 2038 US Open
  • 2045 US Women’s Open

Today, for major competitions, when a longer layout is required the Open Course, the Championship Course, the Anniversary Course, or the Composite Course are used.

Important Things About the Country Club Brookline

According to the Bis Now website, this club is surrounded by very large fences and is guarded by a ”wooden” mannequin known as Woody.

Brookline Country Club holds old traditions and requires all members to walk around with the exception of those who are medically exempted. In case you have any medical condition the club will put a caddie at your disposal to carry your clubs and will assist you throughout your round.

This course will be closed to usual golfers while it will host the US Open in 2022.

Boston Globe reported in the summer of 2017 that Tom Brady and his wife, Gisele Bundchen have been admitted by the club.

Also, some of the notable members of this club include Anne Nason and Prescott F. Hall, who is a recognized authority on legal matters and economics. Today Hall is known mainly for his advocacy for eugenics and his role in the Immigration Act of 1917.

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