Interlachen Country Club Membership

How Much Does an Interlachen Country Club Membership Cost?

Last Updated on October 19, 2023
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The Interlachen Country Club was founded in 1909 in Edina, Minneapolis. Over time, they have expanded their course from 9 holes to 18 holes on 146 acres of land.

The Interlachen Country Club is one of the most exclusive and private clubs in the United States. It only allows those who have been nominated and elected by the club to join.

How Much Does an Interlachen Country Club Membership Cost?

According to our research, the initiation fee for the Interlachen Country Club’s golf membership is around $110,000. As for the monthly dues, depending on the membership option you are going to choose, expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the social and tennis membership, while the full golf membership will set you back somewhere around $1,000. However, it is rumored that the annual dues for a golf membership could be around $10,000. In these estimates, the minimum fees for food and beverages will not be included. says that there is a waiting list of five years in not longer, and the one-time initiation fee is around $110,000.

A membership at Interlachen includes unlimited access to all of the courses, practice facilities, fitness center, dining options, and other amenities offered by the club.

Interlachen Golf Club Amenities

Members are offered the possibility to choose from three types of memberships – social membership, golf membership, and fitness/tennis membership.

Through the country club’s amenities, a 50,000 square foot clubhouse is included, which is built in Tudor style and is placed on the top of the property’s tallest hill, to enable you to enjoy a spectacular view over the golf course. At this clubhouse, the members can enjoy meals from international cuisine in a casual or formal atmosphere.

Interlachen Country Club Golf CourseThe Interlachen Country Club’s golf course is one of the best courses in the country and has received numerous awards. This 18-hole course was designed by Donald Ross and includes a short game area, a practice putting green area, and a driving range. The club also offers private lessons, as well as group classes with professional staff.

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When talking about the tennis facilities offered by the Interlachen Club, the members can choose from two Lay-Kold hard courts which are separated by fencing and are usually used for tennis instruction, and seven clay courts, which are maintained and watered every day. There are two locker rooms at the clubhouse and each of them has changing facilities and showers.

After the tennis activities, members can rest in a meeting room where they can enjoy some refreshments or even dinner. The tennis area is manned by certified professionals and trained desk attendants. The club offers tennis programs for both adult and young members.

The wellness center offers several one-of-a-kind experiences for both members and guests. With state-of-the-art fitness equipment as well as spa services including pedicure massage therapy, manicures & pedicure for both women and men, the club offers a variety to suit everyone’s needs. You can also take advantage of services such as pregnancy massages, body therapy, sports massages, Swedish massages, and deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

The swimming pool offered by this club has six lanes, 25 yards, and is 12 feet deep. Club members can take swimming lessons if they need them.

During the winter, the club offers its members many facilities they can enjoy such as skating lessons for figure skating or hockey. Other winter activities included curling, snowshoeing, broomball, and cross-country skiing. The hockey and recreational skating rinks are arranged in the place of the tennis courts. Also, the tennis building serves as a warm space during the winter, where people can serve food or beverages.

What are the extra costs?

If you don’t have golfer privileges as a member or guest, you will have to pay anywhere between $60 and $220 for the green fees, depending on the number of holes you play and the time of the year.

You should take into consideration the cost of the leagues, private lessons, major golf tournaments, and clinics in case you are interested in taking advantage of any of these.

Often, during the year, their social events for its members are organized, and you should budget for these as well.

Important things to consider

It is important to follow the rules of this club, including a dress code and cell phone policy during dining and social events. Make sure you check the club’s official website page to find out more about the rules before going in.

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