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Prestonwood Country Club Membership Cost

Prestonwood Country Club Membership

The Prestonwood Country Club was founded in 1894 and has been a private club ever since. It’s located on 434 acres of land, with more than 500 member families currently enrolled. The golf courses offer layouts for all types of players, even beginners.

Besides the wide range of services and amenities offered by this club, the members will not have to pay a minimum monthly fee or any capital assessment fee.

How Much Does a Prestonwood Country Club Membership Cost?

Prestonwood Country Club membership prices depend on the access fees, type of membership, and the associated dues.

In the table below you will find the price estimates for some of the most common types of membership.

Membership Class Initiation Fee Monthly Dues
Tennis $11,500 $245
Social $9,200 $192
Full Golf $23,000 $490

Note: In order to know the exact price of a membership it is recommended to contact the club directly. The initiation fee may be reduced if a designee is added, but the costs per month would be constant.

Types of Prestonwood Country Club Membership

National  – If you are living at least 100 miles away from the club this membership is for you. You can enjoy all the privileges at this club, but there will be green fees applied, as well as fees for the swimming pool entrance, fitness center, and tennis court.

Full Golf – Members who choose this type of subscription will take advantage of the all benefits that this club has to offer, such as tennis, golf, fitness, Kid’s Club, and dining. Membership fees for the immediate family include the tennis court fees and green golf fees.

Legacy – This type of membership is addressed to adult children, older than 23 years old, of active members. The monthly dues and the initiation fees are reduced.

Tennis – With this option members have access to tennis courts, but also the fitness center, swimming pool, Kid’s Club, and dining options. The tennis court fees will be included in the membership fees for the immediate family.

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Corporate – This type of membership is available for a minimum of two individual designees and their immediate families.

Young Professional – This option is addressed to members younger than 37 years old.

Social – With this membership, you have access to the Kid’s Club, fitness center, swimming pool and you can enjoy also the dining options.

Dining – This type of membership offers access only to the dining facilities and only for the people in the member’s immediate family.

Prestonwood Country Club details

Prestonwood Club PoolAt the Prestonwood Country Club, you can play golf on one of that three 18-hole golf courses. According to the North Carolina Golf Panel, each of them is ranked in the top 100 lists in North Carolina. Besides this, you can enroll in a junior golf program and learn more about this sport in the indoor golf learning center. There is also a full-service pro shop and modified par-3 tees.

Referring to the tennis facilities, there are six composition clay courts, nine all-weather lighted tennis courts, and a shop from where you can purchase brand name clothes, equipment, and accessories, plus there are restringing and repair racket services available.

The fitness center has a surface of 10,000 square feet and hosts complimentary workout classes, access to fitness trainers, and massage therapy options as well. There is also an aquatics center with an eight-lane competition pool, three outdoor swimming pools, and a snack bar with full services.

You can enjoy one of the social groups such as the Ladies Book Club or the Bridge Association.

As for the children, some of the facilities offered by the Kids Club include babysitting services, year-round programming, special events organized during the year, track-out camps, and summer camp options.

Oak Room Grille, the Red Fox, a la carte restaurants, or the English-style pub are some of the dining options offered by the Prestonwood Country Club. Also, you can hold one of your special events at the Grand Ballroom.

What are the extra costs?

According to the club, residents have the possibility to buy their own private cart and pay a cart trial fee each year.

You should budget for the special events, clinics, leagues, outings, or tournaments that are offered for tennis, golf, and swimming as they come with an extra cost.

How can I save money?

Members of the local HOA might benefit from reduced monthly dues and initiation fees.

The official member’s specials page is where you can find any deals for new incoming members. The club offers discounts throughout the year for new members.

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