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Last Updated on January 30, 2024
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Build-A-Bear Workshop is one of the most popular places for kids to create their own customizable stuffed animals. But with all the options for outfits, accessories, and special features, many parents wonder: how much does a Build-A-Bear cost?

The cost of a trip to Build-A-Bear can vary quite a bit based on the choices made during the bear-building process. While the base price of the stuffed animals themselves is reasonable, personalized outfits, sounds, scents, and other add-ons can quickly increase the total price tag.

This article will break down the different pricing factors to consider when budgeting for your child’s special stuffed animal.

How Much Does a Build A Bear Cost?

The starting point for any Build-A-Bear is selecting the stuffed animal itself. Build-A-Bear offers a wide variety of animal options, from teddy bears to dogs, cats, bunnies, and more.

The base price for most standard stuffed animal “skins” ranges from $10-$25. More elaborate animal skins, like certain dogs, can cost up to $30. Basic teddy bears typically start around $15.

In addition to the stuffed animals themselves, Build-A-Bear sells a full range of clothing and accessories priced from $3 to $15. Outfits like tutus, sports jerseys, and graphic tees average $12-$15. Shoes and hats typically cost $5-8. Small accessories like glasses or jewelry start around $3.

You will find in the table below the prices that we managed to find online and in build-a-bear stores:

Type of Animal Average Price
Charmander $60 for bundle
My Little Pony $25 for the animal
$20 for accessories
Paw Patrol $28 for just the animal
$60 for bundle
Pikachu $60 for bundlec
Promise Pets $25 for just the animal
Star Wars $35 for just the bear (R2-D2, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Stormtrooper Bear, Yoda, Rey, Chewbacca, Boba Fett)
$20 for costume

According to Cruise Critic, for example, the Build-a-Bear bear is $38, and the accessories are $8 – $20.

What is Build-A-Bear?

The Build-A-Bear experience involves much more than just buying a pre-made stuffed animal. At Build-A-Bear workshops, children can fully participate in the process of crafting their new furry friend. Here’s how it works:

First, guests choose an empty stuffed animal skin and fluff it up with stuffing. They can decide how firm or soft they want their stuffed animal to be. Then they select a tiny heart to place inside before fully stuffing and stitching up their new friend.

After stuffing comes customization and dressing. Kids can bathe their animal, brush its fur, and add outfits or other accessories like sounds, scents, and more. The interactive, hands-on process aims to make each new plush toy entirely unique.

The experience itself becomes a special bonding activity between parents and kids or among friends for birthdays or other celebrations. The whole workshop visit typically takes 30-60 minutes depending on customization.

Customization Options and Costs

The many options for customizing a Build-A-Bear are what make each stuffed animal special but also increase the costs. Some popular customization choices include:

  • Clothing and Accessories: As mentioned above, outfits and accessories like shoes or glasses range from $5-$15 per item. Kids often want multiple items to really personalize their animals.
  • Sounds: For $7, you can add a sound box to your animal with noises like giggles, heartbeats, songs, or voices.
  • Scents: For $5, your stuffed animal can be stuffed with a scented scent pack to smell like strawberries, cotton candy, or other fun options.
  • Special Stuffing: From $1-3, you can add stuffing options like scented hearts, sparkle hearts, or sound hearts that crinkle when squeezed.

Many guests purchase multiple outfits, accessories, scents, or sounds to customize their new furry friend. These can quickly add $10-$30 onto the total cost of a Build-A-Bear.

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Special Packages and Themes

In addition to individual add-ons, Build-A-Bear also offers special themed packages that bundle several items together. These packages make great gifts or options for birthdays and holidays. Popular special offerings include:

  • Birthday Packages: Starting at $30, birthday packages include a stuffed animal, a birthday-themed outfit, a six-in-one sound, and a birthday cake accessory.
  • Holiday Packages: Around the major holidays, Build-A-Bear sells bundled packages like the $35 Easter Basket Set or $25 Santa’s Workshop Set with outfits and accessories.
  • Sports Packages: Ranging $30-$50, sports fan packages include a stuffed animal in a sports jersey plus sport-themed accessories like helmets or pennants.

Opting for a special pre-designed themed package can offer nice value if you want multiple accessories and outfits. But the fixed bundle options also limit customization.

Factors Influencing Total Price

When budgeting for a trip to Build-A-Bear, the total price per stuffed animal can range quite a bit. Some key factors that influence the final cost include:

  • Type of Stuffed Animal: More basic brown teddy bears start at $15 while popular specialty animals like dogs or unicorns start at $25.
  • Number of Clothing Items or Accessories: $5-$15 per added outfit or accessory like sounds, shoes, scents, etc.
  • Special Packages or Themes: Holiday, birthday, and sports bundles start at $30. More elaborate packages can reach $50.
  • Group Size: Parents creating multiple stuffed animals for siblings should budget $15-$40 per additional child.

With basic options, most single stuffed animals end up $25-$45. Multiple accessories, special themes, and large groups can bring the total up to $70-$100+.

Build-A-Bear for Special Occasions

Build-a-Bear WorkshopPart of Build-A-Bear’s popularity stems from its fun, interactive nature that makes it perfect for kids’ birthdays and special occasions. The hands-on customization and in-store experience feel extra special for celebrations and gifts.

Some popular ways to utilize Build-A-Bear include:

  • Birthday Parties: Build-A-Bear offers birthday party packages starting at $20 per child. This includes stuffed animal, outfit, and activities.
  • Gifts: A trip to Build-A-Bear makes an exciting gift for ages 3-12. Budget $30-$60 per stuffed animal gift, depending on customization.
  • Holiday Presents: Build-A-Bear’s holiday-themed bundles make great Christmas, Easter, or Valentine’s Day gifts.

No matter the occasion, a personalized trip to Build-A-Bear adds a hands-on, interactive element that makes gift-giving more exciting and meaningful.

Comparing Prices with Other Plush Toys

Compared to pre-made plush toys sold in regular retail stores, Build-A-Bears tend to cost noticeably more due to the customization element and interactive experience. For example:

  • Basic 14-inch plush teddy bears from most retailers are $10-$15vs. $15-$25 for basic Build-A-Bear skins.
  • Mass-produced plush dog or cat toys average around $8-12 at regular stores, while Build-A-Bear specialty animal skins start at $25.

However, the higher Build-A-Bear pricing also reflects the unique hands-on experience and ability to customize sounds, scents, accessories, and more. For children’s gifts, the experience and personalization often justify the slightly higher cost compared to generic stuffed animals.

Budgeting for a Build-A-Bear Experience

To make the most of your Build-A-Bear experience without going over budget, keep these tips in mind:

  • For a basic stuffed animal, budget $25-$35 to account for stuffing, dressing, and a small outfit or accessory.
  • Allow $10-$15 extra per additional accessory or outfitting item. Limit to 2-3 additions for budgeting purposes.
  • For birthdays or bigger occasions, budget $50-$75 total to allow for special packages, multiple accessories, etc.
  • Set a firm total budget before your store visit to avoid overspending in the moment. Kids can still have fun picking items even with a spending limit!


Part of the Build-A-Bear Workshop experience is creating a stuffed animal that is perfectly customized just for your child. While the starting animal skins are reasonably priced from $15-$25, multiple clothing items, sounds, accessories and special packages can quickly raise the total cost to $50-$75 or more per stuffed animal.

By budgeting for a few key add-ons instead of unlimited customization, you can balance a fun, interactive bear-building adventure with keeping costs reasonable for a special gift. The hands-on treasured memories built during your store visit will far outlast just the stuffed animal itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is $20 enough for Build-A-Bear?

No, $20 is typically not enough for a customized Build-A-Bear stuffed animal. The base stuffed animal skins start at $15-$25. After stuffing and dressing the bear, most basic Build-A-Bears end up costing $25-$45.

While accessories or outfits can be found for under $5, it’s difficult to fully stuff, dress, and accessorize a Build-A-Bear for only $20. Parents should budget at least $25-$30 for a basic stuffed animal experience.

Is it true you pay your age at Build-A-Bear?

No, you don’t directly pay your age for Build-A-Bear stuffed animals. Build-A-Bear does occasionally offer special “Pay Your Age” promotion events where kids get a discounted stuffed animal priced at their current age, but it’s not an everyday pricing policy.

The regular base prices of $15-$30 apply to most stuffed animal skins. While kids may think it’s fun to pay their age, parents can expect to budget based on the standard pricing rather than their child’s age for most Build-A-Bear purchases.

Is 7 too old for Build-A-Bear?

No, 7 years old is not too old for a child to enjoy the Build-A-Bear experience. While the workshop environment especially appeals to younger kids, children up to age 10 or 12 can still find the hands-on customization process rewarding.

Older kids may gravitate more toward sports mascots or trendy stuffed animals over basic teddy bears. But the ability to add sounds, scents, accessories and outfits allows tweens to still make their Build-A-Bear creations their own.

As long as kids still have interest in stuffed animals, Build-A-Bear can still make a fun gift, party activity or bonding experience with parents.

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