Canoe Brook Country Club Cost

How Much Does a Canoe Brook Country Club Membership Cost?

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Canoe Brook Country Club is a private, family-oriented club located in Summit County that was established over 100 years ago. It offers more than 250 lots to choose from and its location on four golf courses makes it easy for members who love the game or simply wish to play more often.

How Much Does a Canoe Brook Country Club membership cost?

When comparing the initiation fee of most clubs in the area, this club is right there in the middle, with a first-time fee of anywhere around $500,000, but there is no exact sum confirmed by the club. Regarding the cost per year, for full membership, expect to pay around $7,000. As for the monthly dues, these are about $600.

Canoe Brook Country Club is a beautiful, lush green golf club that requires sponsorship before it will consider admitting any members. For this reason alone, you need to be vetted by the membership committee and provide them with letters of recommendation from people who know your worth, as well as an interview regarding the things that make you interesting or valuable in society.

Canoe Brook Country Club membership details

Canoe Brook Golf CourseThe club is home to two 18-hole golf courses, both of them designed by Reese Jones. The North Course was built in 1901 and is considered to be a challenging par 72 masterpiece that requires power, according to the official description from Clubhouse staff members. The 6,691 yards long South Course was opened in 1924 and is considered easier to finish.

The extended amenities of the golf club include eight paddle courts, a pro shop, eight Har-Tru tennis courts, a tennis pros shop, a driving race, a children’s pool, plus a 25-meter swimming pool and locker rooms.

The club has a wide range of events for kids, in golf, tennis, and other sports. These youth activities aren’t made si they can overcome boredom. They are designed to give them the skills necessary to compete professionally. There are also sports clinics where coaches help improve their players’ games with advice tailored specifically towards their individual levels.

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The Clubhouse is a 55,000 square foot building with multiple dining options, including the main room and lounge. It’s open year-round except for January when it closes to prevent damage from cold weather conditions. There are also two halfway houses that offer outdoor seating available on site if you want more space than what’s available inside.

What are the extra costs?

You can take advantage of the clinics and private lessons for tennis, swimming, or golf for an extra fee.

Expect to pay green fees for you and your guests who do not have the necessary privileges. Also, these guests may have to pay other fees as well.

If you want to participate in any social event often organized during the year, be prepared to pay an additional fee.

Important things to consider

The club underwent a big $7 million renovation in 2010, including building improvements and a golf course. The renovation was a massive win for the members of this club. Not only did they gain access to new amenities, but also an improved golf course and building.

The club has a strict dress code and cell phone policy. All members must follow the rules, or they will be asked to leave immediately. It would be wise for you to check their official website before going in.

The number of members at The Club has crossed 1,300 in all its membership categories, as reported by

Canoe Brook has been the home of many significant events. These include hosting multiple USGA and MGA events, including the Metropolitan Golf Association Ike Championship and the 2013 New Jersey State Amateur championship. Other notable championships that were held here are the U.S. Sectional Qualifier for The United States Open, the American Junior Golf Tournament, and the Women’s Amateur Championship.

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