Car Door Repair Cost

Last Updated on December 22, 2022
Written by CPA Alec Pow | Content Reviewed by Certified CFA CFA Alexander Popinker

During its lifetime a car will need some repairs and one of these have to be done to the doors. A car door has to be repaired because of many reasons such as a large scratch, rust damage, malfunctioning closing system, or a dent. All of these repairs come with a cost.

How Much Does Car Door Repair Cost?

The amount of money you will have to pay in order to repair your door car greatly depends on the job that has to be done. For a small dent repair, you will have to pay only around $180, while for an entire door replacement you will have to pay even more than $1,100.

The cost of repairing a car dent depends on the size of the damaged area. If you use the paintless dent removal method then you will have to pay less than $380 for a dent that is smaller than seven inches. Though, the expenses may be higher if the dent has a larger dimension or if it has to be painted and primed.

Expect to pay anywhere between $380 and $570 per door, depending on the mechanic and the make and model of the vehicle for a sprung car door repair. During this operation, the worn-out door hinge bushings will be replaced so the door will shut properly again.

In case you will have to replace the car door with a new one then you will have to pay anywhere between $380 and $1,700, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. If you will go to a reputable mechanic, he will be able to compare the costs involved with repairing and will recommend the best option for you, either to buy a new door or to repair the old one.

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Broken Car DoorThe cost of repairing the scratches on a car door is similar to that of repairing the dents and depends on the depth and the size of the scratch. The majority of the scratches can be painted and sanded for a cost that is anywhere between $170 and $550, but for a deep scratch, you may have to pay around $1,100 or even more. According to the Cars Direct website, the majority of car shops will not charge less than $210 for a simple car door scratch repair.

If you will have to repair the car door handle, be prepared to pay anywhere between $50 and $100 for an OEM handle and another $60 to $100 for the labor. Usually, this type of repair is done to a car door handle that in some situations snaps off or doesn’t work at all.

For a car door lock repair, you should plan on spending anywhere between $60 and $280. This way you will solve any problems regarding the lock and these may include a faulty actuator, a broken switch, or a broken rod.

Often the car doors have to be repaired due to the rust damage found underneath and this costs anywhere between $420 and $900 per door. For example, a member of the Third Gen forum said that he had to pay around $1,300 for a rust repair job that included the painting of both doors, hood, bumper, and panels.

What is going to be included?

When repairing a car door dent the mechanic will have to choose between two options. He or she can use the paintless dent removal method and use specialized equipment in order to sculpt the metal back into its original form, or use the conventional method and fill the dent, paint and let the repaired area dry.

The car door repairing job can be done without worrying about the damaging of the paint as long as the mechanic will be able to access the back of the dent through the panel.

How can I save money?

It is highly recommended to check a junkyard before buying a brand-new car door, especially if you have an older car and want to save money. This way you may be able to save around 70% or even more of the total expenses.

Make sure that you talk with your car insurance company and ask about what kind of repairs do they cover. In most cases, the auto insurance policies will cover the costs of all the repairs we mentioned above as long as you provide them with the proper documentation.

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