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CAVA is an American fast casual restaurant chain specialized in serving Mediterranean cuisine-inspired dishes. Also, this company offers a line of Mediterranean dressings, dips, and spreads, which can be bought from grocery stores across the United States of America.

CAVA’s menu is designed in such as way that customers can create their own dining experience. They can choose a base such as a salad, grain bowl, pita, or other; a hearty protein such as braised lamb, grilled chicken, falafel, etc.; up to three spreads and dips like tzatziki, hummus, or other; and finally add a favorite topping. This meal would not be only delicious, but also healthy and fresh.

In order to get an idea about how much you should budget for dining at CAVA, you should take a look at the table below where you will find their latest menu prices.

Item Price

Build a Meal

Salad (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $12.79
Salad (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $10.78
Salad (Grilled Meatballs) $10.78
Salad (Falafel) $10.78
Salad (Chicken) $10.78
Salad (Braised Lamb) $13.08
Salad (Braised Beef) $13.08
Pita (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $12.08
Pita (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $10.06
Pita (Grilled Meatballs) $10.06
Pita (Falafel) $10.06
Pita (Chicken) $10.06
Pita (Braised Lamb) $12.36
Pita (Braised Beef) $12.36
Mini Pitas (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $12.08
Mini Pitas (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $10.06
Mini Pitas (Grilled Meatballs) $10.06
Mini Pitas (Falafel) $10.06
Mini Pitas (Chicken) $10.06
Mini Pitas (Braised Lamb) $12.36
Mini Pitas (Braised Beef) $12.36
Mini Pita + Soup (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $12.08
Mini Pita + Soup (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $10.06
Mini Pita + Soup (Grilled Meatballs) $10.06
Mini Pita + Soup (Falafel) $10.06
Mini Pita + Soup (Chicken) $10.06
Mini Pita + Soup (Braised Lamb) $12.36
Mini Pita + Soup (Braised Beef) $12.36
Kid’s Mini Pita (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $9.2
Kid’s Mini Pita (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $7.19
Kid’s Mini Pita (Grilled Meatballs) $7.19
Kid’s Mini Pita (Falafel) $7.19
Kid’s Mini Pita (Chicken) $7.19
Kid’s Mini Pita (Braised Lamb) $9.49
Kid’s Mini Pita (Braised Beef) $9.49
Greens + Grains Bowl (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $12.79
Greens + Grains Bowl (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $10.78
Greens + Grains Bowl (Grilled Meatballs) $10.78
Greens + Grains Bowl (Falafel) $10.78
Greens + Grains Bowl (Chicken) $10.78
Greens + Grains Bowl (Braised Lamb) $13.08
Greens + Grains Bowl (Braised Beef) $13.08
Grain Bowl (Spicy Lamb Meatballs) $12.79
Grain Bowl (Seasonal Roasted Vegetables) $10.78
Grain Bowl (Grilled Meatballs) $10.78
Grain Bowl (Falafel) $10.78
Grain Bowl (Chicken) $10.78
Grain Bowl (Braised Lamb) $13.08
Grain Bowl (Braised Beef) $13.08


Chocolate Chip Cookie $3.16
Pick three of your favorite dips + chips $8.63
Pita Chips $1.81
Side Dip $0
Side Pita $1.81
Spicy Lentil Soup $4.57


Sparkling San Pellegrino Water $2.88
Seasonal Juices & Teas (Small) $2.88
Seasonal Juices & Teas (Large) $3.39
Panna Water (Bottle) $2.88
Kid’s Milk (Milk or Chocolate Milk) $2.47
Fountain Soda (Small) $2.88
Fountain Soda (Large) $3.39

Brand history

The history of the CAVA business starts back in 2006 with the first-generation Greek Americans Dimitri Moshovitis, Ike Grigoropoulos, and Ted Xenohristos. That year they founded the full-service Cava Mezze restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. After they opened other four locations, in 2008, they launched a line of spreads and dips to more than 200 stores, including Whole Foods Market.

Brett Schulman joined the team in 2009 as the co-founder and CEO of the fast-casual chain Cava, that in the beginning was named Cava Mezze Grill and later rebranded as Cava Grill, to finally be named just Cava.

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The first Cava restaurant was opened in January 2011, in Bethesda, Maryland.

In 2018 Cava was named by Fast Company as one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies. Also, in 2019 Cava Grill was named by Fishbowl Analytics its top emerging restaurant brand.

Cava Group purchased the restaurant chain Zoe’s Kitchen, in November 2018 for $300 million. This acquisition helped Cava to expand beyond the suburbs.

Also, over time, they invested in new technologies to develop their business. For instance, Cava restaurants offer curbside pickup and delivery services through their website and app, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

Currently, there are 391 Cava restaurants, that are company-owned, and none that are franchised.

Our review

CAVA SaladCAVA restaurants have a limited-service format where the staff line up assembly style to prepare the customer’s orders. You can choose to have your order to-go or to sit at a table and enjoy your meal.

CAVA’s menu includes a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine-inspired dishes such as chicken souvlaki, sausage pita, halloumi, saganaki, Greek salad, baby lamp chops, and more.

Plan on spending anywhere between $8 and $12 for a salad, around $8 for a soup, and almost $12 for a sandwich. The dips are priced at around $8 each and include hummus, taramasalata, eggplant & red pepper dip, crazy feta, tzatziki and cucumber & yogurt dip.

If you are a vegetarian, you can choose between the Spanakopita, White Bean Ragout, Zucchini Fritters, Zucchini and Squash, and Grape Leaves or Dolmades. Each of these dishes costs anywhere between $6.95 and $10.

Some of the customers’ favorites are the spicy lamb meatballs, the hummus and pitta, the falafel, and the CAVA salad.


At what time does CAVA open?

Most CAVA restaurants open at 10:45 a.m. Monday through Saturday. However, it may vary from one location to another. So, you should visit the restaurant’s official website to see which are the opening hours of the location you are interested in.

At what time does CAVA close?

Most CAVA restaurants close every day at 10:00 p.m. But again, it depends on the location and the day of the week. So, you should visit the company’s official website to check which are the closing hours of your nearest location.

When did CAVA open?

The CAVA company was founded in 2006 by three friends, but the first CAVA restaurant was opened in 2011, in Bethesda, Maryland.

Who founded CAVA?

CAVA was founded by Dimitri Moshovitis, Ted Xenohristos, and Ike Grigoropoulos.

Who is the CEO of CAVA?

CAVA’s CEO is Brett Schulman, who is also the co-founder of this restaurant chain.

What should I order when I go to CAVA for the first time?

CAVA offers many delicious options when it comes to Mediterranean food, but some of the customers’ favorites are hummus, tzatziki, falafel, spicy lamb meatball, and the Cava salad.

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