Ceramic Coating Cost

Ceramic Coating Cost

There are a number of contaminants in the air that attack the car’s varnish and paint. Some of these are iron particles that come off the brakes of other vehicles and then settle on and into your paint and can allow moisture to seep around them. Over time, the oxidation process from moisture and sun breaks down around these iron particles and creates microscopic holes in your car paint.

The solution is the ceramic coating, an innovative polymer protection based on nanodiamonds that is manually applied to the exterior of the car and is able to put an end to these contaminations. By creating an additional layer of 9H or 10H protection (9H/10H is the hardness of the ceramic protection) these contaminants don’t reach the paint surface and are easily removed. It offers the most reliable protection of the paint, as well as intense shine, and depth of color, and provides hydrophobic properties for a long period of time due to the SiO2 content.

How Much Does a Ceramic Coating Cost?

Depending on factors such as the years of protection you want, whether any type of paint correction is done before applying the ceramic coating, and the areas you want ceramic coated, the cost of a professional ceramic coating would start at around $270 and go up to more than $3,200.

Combination price range

There are different ceramic coating packages you can choose from, that come at different prices, as you can see below.

1–3-Year Ceramic Coating

  • One Step Paint Correction/1-3 Year Coating: $550 to $850
  • Two Step Paint Correction/1-3 Year Coating: $1,100 to $1,700
  • Three Step Paint Correction/1-3 Year Coating: $1,900 to $2,700

3–5-Year Ceramic Coating

  • One Step Paint Correction/3-5 Year Coating: $750 to $1,100
  • Two Step Paint Correction/3-5 Year Coating: $1,600 to $2,700
  • Three Step Paint Correction/3-5 Year Coating: up to $3,500

Light Ceramic Coating

  • One Step Paint Correction/Light Coating: $450 to $750
  • Two Step Paint Correction/Light Coating: $850 to $1,300
  • Three Step Paint Correction/Light Coating: $1,600 to $2,300

What is included in the cost?

The main factor that will affect the cost of ceramic coating is the amount of labor needed. This work involves many prepping and applying processes.

If performed correctly, a ceramic coating may last for many years.

A professional would need more than twenty hours of work for a ceramic coating at the highest level.

Ceramic coating overview

Ceramic coating is the result of the transition process between natural and less durable protections to synthetic ones, specially designed to save customers’ time and money. Based on nano-technology, this ceramic protection seals in its path, at the nano-molecular level, all the pores of the protective varnish layer.

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Practically, with the application of car ceramic protection, an enameling of the treated surface is made.

Three express specifications of all manufacturers draw our attention in particular when discussing the application of ceramic protection. All manufacturers require a temperature-controlled environment. Also, they all demand a controlled environment from the point of view of the humidity index, and in the same way, absolutely all demand the strict wearing of protective equipment. Don’t forget, therefore, that ceramic protection is one of the most toxic and harmful solutions that car detailing centers use.

Preparing the car for the application of the ceramic coating

If we want to apply ceramic protection on the body car, the process must be preceded by mandatory preliminary operations.

Washing, decontamination, polishing, degreasing in 2 steps, and drying will be done also with the help of a compressed air gun.

What else can I get ceramic coated?

What is great about the ceramic coating is that it can be applied to more surfaces than just the painted areas you want to protect. Also, the leather in your vehicle can be ceramic coated and protected against stains and cracks.

Be prepared to spend anywhere between $280 and $380 for a leather ceramic coating service.

The wheels can be ceramic coated as well and the rims will look brand new throughout the year. Expect to pay around $220 for having the wheels of your car ceramic coated. In order to apply and even coat, the wheel may have to be removed.

Important things to consider

Prices are set on the spot, depending on the complexity of the procedure.

A premium ceramic treatment applied will increase the value of the vehicle, maintaining the “like new” paint condition, year after year.

A ceramic treatment does NOT protect you from large nicks and scratches.

Anywhere between 2 and 12 layers will be applied, according to the client’s requirements.

The guarantee of the quality of the ceramic protection depends on the way the car is maintained.

Why should I choose to protect the car with a car ceramic coating?

There are three elements that attract the attention of customers in the first instance, and each of them adds value to the car and implicitly to the customers.

The first advantage

Ceramic Coating ResultsThe ceramic protection guards the body of the car from fine scratches (the so-called spider webs). Due to the hardness of the matured solution (up to 10H on the hardness scale Mohs), it successfully fights, together with the protective varnish, against abrasion factors. In this way, the “new” appearance of the car will be preserved much longer over time.

And if the scratches still appear, they will be projected more in the ceramic protective layer and less or even not at all in that of the protective varnish. And this translates into the possibility of passing the body through a much larger number of polishes, done under conditions of maximum safety.

The 2nd advantage

A car protected with ceramic protection will go through the washing and drying process much faster and easier. Due to the hydrophobic properties, residues will adhere harder to the treated surfaces. For this reason, even from the pre-wash procedure, much more residue will be removed from the bodywork (e.g. insects collected during long journeys on the contact areas of the body).

With this feature, we also get rid of the stress of going to laundromat “X” and laundromat “Y”, because they are the only ones who do a satisfactory job. Moreover, if the car was not dried well after washing, it is no longer such a big problem because any ceramic protection will also repel water drops left on the body. Even while driving at an average speed of 60-70 km/h, they will slide off the treated surfaces.

The 3rd advantage

Ceramic protection postpones the repainting process. But it’s not the repainting that actually scares us, but the repercussions that most often come with it. Most of the time (in over 90% of cases) at least one of the following 3 big problems (if not all) appears:

  1. lower quality materials (softer protective varnish or with a lower concentration of added hardener);
  2. incorrect preparation of the surfaces to be painted (and subsequent exfoliation);
  3. color differences on the repainted elements.

Ceramic Coating DIY option

You can apply a ceramic coating on your car also by yourself. There are beginner-level entry ceramic coatings and bottles of ceramic sealants on the market that can be easily applied to your car after a wash.

Final words

After applying the nano-ceramic protection, the benefits also become visible: intense gloss, hydrophobic effect (water will no longer stay on the car), resistance to light scratches, chemical resistance to the products/technology of manual car washes, resistance to bird droppings. This translates into the protection it provides to the paint. Ceramic protection can even repair chipped paint in certain locations and conditions.

Expert advice: Ceramic protection is ideal, especially for new cars. It would be good, therefore, for the owner to protect it immediately after purchase.

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